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    Thankyou :D and I guess I just go with whatever might hold my interests at the time haha :)
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    I know there's probably not many who love House Bolton on here haha, mainly it's only the masochists. I seem to be thoroughly creeped out by any of the mentions of Ramsay in the books, but it's because of that that I like his character so much. I love Roose, and his relationship with Walda, and I am very interested in who Domeric was also. The Dreadfort sounds like such a fluffy place!! :) And ooh, indepth Sansa discussion, I will have a read of that, thankyou!
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    Me and a friend were discussing this the other day, and we both came to the conclusion that they are two characters who just dreamed of something that little more, expected better from people.. yet, sadly, they both ended up in horrible situations for it.
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    Hello, I am Shelley.. Four and Twenty, from the UK ^__^.. I was lurking for a while before joining.... I've watched all three seasons, now almost finished the second half of aSoS, and have spoiled myself absolutely ROTTEN with everything... that's fine with me though, it just means I pick out more things as I'm reading which I may have overlooked without knowing certain things. I love reading discussions about the books, particularly on how character's work, their dynamics, and of course - the gods, the children of the forest, etc! I am a little more than obsessed with House Bolton. As for the 'lighter' characters (and the light/dark of most of GRRM's characters can heavily argued, all except Ramsay - most likely), my favourites would be Arya, Brienne, and Davos. I really enjoy reading Bran's chapters in the books, but haven't enjoyed him so much in the show - but I guess that could be because it's his internal monologue which makes him interesting, as well as his dreams and experiences of such. I also really enjoy reading Theon and Sansa, and see them and their storylines thus far as being two sides of a very similar coin. Aside from that, I enjoy music, film, mythology & folklore, horror & macabre, wasting time on Tumblr, and loving all the villainous types from most things. Yep, yep, hello. ^_^