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  1. Drogon decided Dany being murdered was not a reason for him to go ballistic, because... Unsullie d army wait for a decision for what to do with the person who murdered their beloved queen, because... Tyrion also gets a pass. Sam is a grand maester since when. also the huge army of Dothraki and unsullie d who seem to be breeding uncontrollably since being wiped out by the undead. Just left bored by it all.
  2. TimeKills

    Foreshadowing is not character development

    And in her emotional state she very methodically burns streets full of people, back and forth, as if she was mowing the lawn. I agree with everything else you say up to this point. Then I have difficulty with understanding what exactly is happening with Dany. As other posters have said, there is a reason you do not see her face after the initial reaction. Is she screaming with rage.... for the next hour. Maybe, but why burn civilians in your mad sad rage and not go for Cersei?
  3. TimeKills

    I thought Greyworm was justified

    So the argument is that a person raised to be a killing machine and following orders, plus just having experienced death of a loved one is not resposible. If that makes him guiltless, it is as if he no longer carries normal human responsibility for his actions. It therefore also would pardon many other real war and terrorist atrociies. However, it does explain his actions pretty thoroughly, I agree. I would also say it reduces his guilt. But does it put hi m beyond judgement. And I personally would do him the honour of considering that he is not outside the bounds of normal human justice. his actions Also had immediate consequences that led to the death of many other loved ones. Not directly on him, but if I were him I might look to my conscience at the least.I Like many other characters that I very much admired and respected, he has demonstrated a failure to rise above a terrible situation.
  4. TimeKills

    Anyone seen this? (F&B article from EW)

    The original article proposed varying Dragon capabilities and armour to explain the different outcomes between Rhaegal and Drogon. It is reasonable to suggest that surprise ambush (very lax attitude from dragons) and subsequent change in tactics to the initial dive bomb from sun, also overwhelming fear acting on human would all have made a considerable difference. This is not what the article states. so personally I cannot agree with the article's proposition. furthermore it is uncomfortable to think that I have to agree with Cersei on this! it should have just taken a couple of good shots, almost easy, given proximity and predictable and repeated flight patterns, plus amazingly, frankly unbelievable, equipment capabilities. And they already demonstrated it could be done from a moving ship. I love the dragons and can even cope with magic weapons. it is the inconsistencies in the tv show I find difficult.
  5. TimeKills

    Anyone seen this? (F&B article from EW)

    Initially she dived from a steep angle, which I thought was excellent and would work well. But progressively the continual luck accumulated to avoid being hit by these super accurate, long range missiles got a little weird. But the explanation may be that everyone ran away from their post. It looked as if there were no human figures around the scorpions on one impressive burn run along the castle wall. And who could blame them!
  6. TimeKills

    I thought Greyworm was justified

    He deliberately killed a defenceless man as soon as it became apparent that his Queen was ignoring the surrender. If He hadn't taken that action perhaps in that few seconds Jon could have taken some control, maybe of his own men at least and helped evacuate the city rather than be helpless as they go on to rape and murder civilians.
  7. TimeKills

    Anyone seen this? (F&B article from EW)

    I thought that the argument that dragons having different capabilities explained the quick death of Rhagael compared to Drogon's invincibility was very weak. One was hit several times by an oversized crossbow firing from a ship where the parabolic flight mechanics (of lack of ) suggest the unit had the range of miles and the accuracy of the person firing, in ability to predict sea, wind and Dragon movement, was superb. The second encounter with vastly more of the same oversized crossbow resulted in no hits whatsoever. If I had seen bolts bouncing off Drogon whilst watched him glide slowly and steadily on burning runs right in front of the same magical equipment, I would have to agree that some Dragons have superior armour. All I saw was plot armour. Otherwise I really enjoyed the article and other ideas set out. I still feel the girl who wanted to break chains is now suddenly Stalin in a blonde wig.
  8. TimeKills

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    In the same way as the ww can be seen as an allegory climate change, I think of Dany's behaviour as an Allegory for western foreign policy. Democratic, justice loving, emancipated states using Shock and Awe tactics, where children die, even after a war is clearly won (with massive superior firepower) seems unbelievably evil. But there you are.
  9. TimeKills

    Speculation for fun: How will Arya be rewarded?

    I think Arya, if offered a reward, would ask for a Dragon to ride down to King's Landing. I guessing she might put one to slightly more business like use than Jon, going by current show evidence. Also it would clarify if Dragons are House specific.