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  1. I like this. I could imagine Sansa telling Daenerys "We've already agreed to bend the knee to the rightful heir to the Targaryen dynasty." Dany smiles. Cut back to Sansa. "Aegon Targaryen." Sansa looks over at Jon. "The legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Targaryen, formerly called Jon Snow. He's already king in the north." The northern lords didn't know so this has led to shouting throughout the room. Jon and Dany exchange looks because Jon didn't know this yet either. Music swells, roll credits.
  2. YoungGriff89

    Characters we will never see again

    Didn’t they determine it was in fact just a coalition of scorned masters from all around Essos?
  3. YoungGriff89

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    Does anyone know if Andrew Lincoln is supposed to be in the whole season or if he's supposed to be departing before the finale? I think a great midseason finale moment would be
  4. YoungGriff89

    [Book spoilers] Plot holes that aren't in the books

    Yeah sorry I didn’t notice you were just quoting the article until after I posted. I actually fixed it on a different point. I’ll have to rewatch season one, I didn’t even remember Cersei and Robert discussing it. Season one, episode five: blink and you miss it line about losing their first boy. I've seen that episode more than once and that line never even registered to me.
  5. Why Jon wouldn't legitimize himself makes perfect sense. Why northern lords would say they only bow to the king in the north whose name is Stark and then immediately after bow to a guy called Snow is the real head scratcher. Although it isn't like the northerners have any real principles or loyalties in the show anyway. An exchange where someone says "The northern lords will recognize you as Jon Stark if you want" makes a lot more sense.
  6. YoungGriff89

    [Book spoilers] Plot holes that aren't in the books

    5. While I do agree that it isn't technically a plot hole, it's definitely information that should have been given where the audience could hear it. Her being barren was going to be important later, of course people were likely to look back at the scene and be confused about where Daenerys got that information since it wasn't explicitly stated. 12. Yeah I don't agree with this being a plot hole either, I'm not sure I understand the article's reasoning for why this would be a plot hole. Osha had no way of knowing that Ramsay tortured Theon and learned about how Osha helped the Starks escape. She really didn't have any way of knowing that Ramsay and Theon even interacted. I disagree wholeheartedly with the decision to bring Osha back after she had been gone for three seasons just to kill her off after a few more minutes of screen time (just have the new Lord Umber bring in Rickon and talk about how they disposed of the wildling off screen), but it is plausible that she would walk into this thinking she had the upper hand and fail miserably. 14. I mean Ser Jorah isn't totally useless in combat and neither are the Dothraki. I think what the OP is saying is that it's unbelievable they got into the guy's bedroom without a commotion loud enough to wake Xaro up. Lax security or not, Dothraki aren't known for their stealth. 15. Yeah I wondered about this too, I would agree though it's a plot hole. Not being able to pass by Moat Cailin was something vital to the plot. 19. Yeah but this is a really amateur mistake that we would expect from anyone besides Littlefinger. Just the fact he would not know that the guys with a flayed man on their banner who just also happened to betray and murder Sansa's older brother, may not be the most hospitable or trustworthy people, it's just an assassination of almost everything we've seen about Littlefinger up to this point. The Littlefinger from seasons 1-4 was arguably the best game player in the show. Seasons 5-7 it's a wonder the guy knew how to spell his name. 20. No, actually it is a pretty big inconsistency. In the commentary track for "The Children" the director, I forget his name, said the Tysha reveal was scripted but they apparently did a few takes it didn't fit so Dan and David recommended him shortening Jaime and Tyrion's final scene. When Tyrion confronted Tywin the script actually called for him to address Tysha but since she was omitted it looks like they compromised by literally keeping the dialogue and just changing Tysha to Shae. Which I could write twenty paragraphs about how stupid that was, but at the very least it did make a lot less sense. 21. I think this is no more complicated than Cersei lying to Catelyn in some attempt at showing empathy. 24. I mean we did just see Myranda fall from this same height and become hamburger meat upon impact immediately prior to this. From a visual storytelling standpoint it's hard to get a sense of how high the snow is. If anything they should have shown the landing and shown Theon and Sansa cushioned by high snow. Leaving it as a cliffhanger makes it much easier to poke at because it doesn't really look like the snow is that high. 29. Yeah I never agreed with calling this one a plot hole. He's technically correct, Dorne's politics seemed kind of irrelevant. I always just assumed Tyrion didn't know how many kids Doran had or their names and just said, the youngest son. If you want to look at a serious Dornish plot hole, let's not forget that a kingsguard was clearly seen accompanying Myrcella to Dorne and then was nowhere to be found after that. 30. It's all just best guess with the Varys retcon. I think one line of dialogue would have fixed this: "King Robert, at the behest of Tywin Lannister had Pycelle read correspondence prepared by myself and Petyr Baelish to ensure our words were true. The message to Jorah was a legitimate pardon on the surface, but a coded message upon further inspection." Clunky, but honestly what in season 7 wasn't? 32. Brienne made a vow to protect Catelyn's children and was ultimately just thinking they were better off with her where ever she happened to be. Not really so much a plot hole or bad writing, just Brienne's character. She didn't think about what the vow might actually entail or how she was going to actually protect Arya. I believe it. 34. Cersei is a competent game player, but she's not an expert on warfare. I agree with you, I don't think it's a plot hole at all, I think she just didn't consider the possibility of Daenerys ever actually getting across the narrow sea. To be honest for about six seasons I was pretty skeptical as to whether or not it was ever going to happen. 36. I can't remember a time where we ever see a wight's body after it's been cut up by Longclaw. I seem to remember in season 7 Jon cutting up wights beyond the wall and them being down for the count without being burned. I'll look out for it next time I rewatch any episodes with wights but I don't think the camera ever shows them after they've been hacked up by Longclaw. It's entirely possible the show actually shows us they are "killed" by Longclaw and I just didn't notice it.
  7. YoungGriff89

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Just got back from watching the movie. A few thoughts, don't read if you don't want spoilers.
  8. YoungGriff89

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I think season 5 should have had a couple characters sit out: Brienne, Podrick, Sansa, maybe Bran, and Sam/ Gilly should have been gone until season six after like episode three of season five. Is it practical to keep starring actors on standby and shelve them for a season? Not really but I would have taken quality iron islands and queenmaker plots if the trade off was we didn’t see Brienne and Podrick wandering around and Sansa’s character being de-developed.
  9. YoungGriff89

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    At the time I subscribed to this theory season five hadn’t aired and the word valonqar hadn’t been formally omitted. Sucks though, the show did set up Littlefinger possibly being the end of Cersei.
  10. YoungGriff89

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I personally loved the theory Cersei got the word that Maggy said slightly wrong and it was valon-kwar instead of valon-car, valon-kwar of course meaning little finger instead of little brother. I was sold on this one when Dany had that line in season two about Kwarth as opposed to Karth, but as season seven would prove I am wrong. I mean I can’t take credit for that theory, but I did believe it had something to it.
  11. YoungGriff89

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I mean pretty much every male character who will be in a position to kill her is a younger brother. It was odd for them to omit that one to two seconds of dialogue from the show but it has a good chance of turning out that way. Jon, Jaime, Tyrion, Euron, etc. With the exception of Qyburn and the Mountain, but I doubt either one of them will be the one to do it.
  12. Exactly. He did everything right and still wound up dead. I don’t see any evidence that arming teachers will accomplish the goal of protecting students. In any anecdote I’ve seen, the person stopping a mass shooting with a gun is an SRO, it’s not even a teacher. Is the inevitability of a student disarming a teacher shooting someone or a teacher shooting a student worth arming all teachers?
  13. YoungGriff89

    What If Tywin Lied About Casterly Rock?

    High Garden was the real disappointment. Not even half the size of Hornhill.
  14. YoungGriff89

    What If Tywin Lied About Casterly Rock?

    I have wondered about this, but with the show oversimplifying everything I can’t see the writers going with anything more complicated than Tywin simply speaking the truth. I think the end of Dany’s story in season two (Qarth’s fortune being a lie) was foreshadowing that the richest people in Westeros might not be as rich anymore as their reputation would lead people to believe. But then again, I could be wrong. I’d just have to wonder with six episodes left what they could possibly be building towards if Casterly Rock’s gold mines are still bountiful.
  15. YoungGriff89

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I like DragonDemands but I get pretty skeptical of his presentation sometimes. The main problem with show Dorne in his assessment is the fact that the whole thing was based on Dan and David wanting Indira Varma acting in this medieval castle because that was a dream of theirs since she was in Rome. I think that's definitely a bonus for them, but I don't think that was the sole motivation for including Dorne, given the fact that Cersei had a daughter there and they couldn't really avoid it. I think they had some obligation to George's endgame to include the Dornish along the way, and within the continuing trend of simplifying the show's storylines to appeal to a broader audience they just didn't know how to condense the complexities of the Queenmaker plot into a few episodes. If I ran the show, my approach would be to just do it, but different artists have different prerogatives, it's important to note that directors, actors, writers, etc at the end of the day are just doing their job regardless of whether or not they are fans of the source material and care about staying true to books enough to take giant risks within an already complicated production. Cutting Dornish laws on succession to disregard the role gender plays in inheritance could definitely implicate some misogynistic views from D & D, and I don't think they hold such views, so it was an interesting choice to cut a smart female empowerment arc when they're literally raping Sansa in the same episode as the Sand Snakes' biggest moment. Yeah No One is a great example of setting up plot twists and abandoning them what looks to me like the sake of getting an episode shot in time to meet a deadline. DragonDemands I think did a great job pointing out all of the indicators that Jaqen was using Arya to set up the Waif and then in the next episode it was just like "nah." Again, could be D & D off screen saying "that's too complicated just make it really Arya and not some set up" or they couldn't get Tom Wlaschiha scheduled every day necessary to film this arc, and just made up a new ending to get it done. As far as Lost goes, different show and different writers. I haven't seen it so I can't really comment much further. If the DragonDemands is 100% right (and I don't know if it is) about the drama behind the scenes on Battle of the Bastards then I'm amazed that Sapochnik is coming back to direct multiple episodes this season. I get that he needs to work and make a living, but if I were him I would want to avoid being under those guys a second time like the plague. Their arrogance and their unwillingness to listen to my experience would put my career at risk too much for me to chance it since I'd be responsible for putting out the finished product. Hopefully the longer wait between seasons stems in some way from them listening to directors and giving them adequate time to shoot the episodes.