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  1. Seems like it was rebuilt pretty quickly
  2. Sam proposing democracy and slapping down that ASOIAF book felt so incredibly hamfisted. Even in a universe that operates as stupidly as this one. Bronn’s ending here is something that if I read it in a fanfic I was otherwise enjoying, I’d probably have to give it up. Just so blatantly authors pet stuff it’s beyond belief that it’s on screen here in one of the biggest TV shows ever.
  3. Swarthy Guy #1
  4. His story works in the book because Bronn is a simple, coherent character. Book Bronn would never for a second think he could found some great house or rule a kingdom. Nor would he aspire to those needlessly dangerous heights in the first place.
  5. Fat Trell

    Expansion Across the Narrow Sea

    Where is the idea that Essosi armies perform better than Westorosi supported in the text? We have the Sealord in F&B saying that the troops he’d hire to oppose the knights of Westeros would be swept away by a charge. By far the most impressive sellsword company is the one built by and based around Westorosi military organization. Audion vanished while trying to reclaim Valyria from the doom. That doesn’t seem relevant here.
  6. Stannis believes in law. The most popular interpretation of IT inheritance law is that a brother comes before a daughter. As seen with Baelon and Viserys having preference over Rhaenys, and later with Viserys 2 inheriting over Daena and her sisters. Him declaring Renly would be his heir over Shireen is merely that, a statement of law. When that option no longer presents itself later, he flatly tells Justin Massey that Shireen would sit the iron throne should he die. As for a consort, the ideal candidate is a spare son of a great house. So a Bran or Loras or Trystane. Failing those three, similar candidates from a further rung down.
  7. Fat Trell

    The Kingsguard doesn't precisely shine in FaB

    The standoff with Roger is pretty badass. Was pretty disappointed with Ryam Redwyne doing next to nothing though. Guess you can read that as illustrating how empty things like tourney glory are though.
  8. Fat Trell

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    That's fucking Gregor. That's the Mountain that Rides. That's a man who strikes so much fear Tywin Lannister chooses his life over an entire kingdom. That's a man who crushes shield walls and splits people in half. Took them three tries, but HBO finally got it perfect. Jaime and Tyrion wasn't bad. No complaints. Tyrion and Bronn was great. Verbatim from the books is never a bad choice. Tyrion and Oberyn was also good. That's how you adapt a scene. Cut out unnecessary fluff and stick to the main plot points. The Arya and the Hound scene with the dying man was good until the beloved beasts of Saltpans showed up. Rorge and Biter was very stupid. They are incredibly dangerous people in the books. Rorge is able to fight evenly with Brienne for a time(I think, been awhile). Biter is perhaps the most terrifying thing in the books. These guys come off not as unrepentant psychopathic savages, but as drunken bandits blindly chasing a bounty. Also; Arya is on some Wild Bill shit with that draw time. Sheesh Once again, even when engaging with incredibly spontaneous sex with an older man, who happens to be an experienced killer, Dany is totally in control. Even when admitting mistakes, Dany never falters. Daario's small talk with Jorah in the hall was some soul-crushing stuff man. "She's in a good mood" Cold Daario, cold. Second Arya and the Hound scene was good. Would have preferred that discussion on the barely present burns to have taken place in season 1 with a different Stark, but not bad. Their relationship is drifting back into buddy cop territory though. Great to see Hotpie again. His actor does a very good job and I loved the wolf-bread. Brienne is far too mean for me in the show. She belittles nearly everyone she meets. She comes off as more of a snarky, bitter person than someone who is still committed to the ideas of chivalry and honor. Really conflicts with my reading(and the general interpretation) of the character. Jon Snow sucks, again. Not surprising. HBO continues to interpret his character as an immature boy who takes any rebuke with sullen tantrums. Very odd change making him support the sealing of the Wall. I do like how Thorne continues to bring up the fact that Jon is a steward though. With actual time between his return and the battle, it makes sense this would have come up. Always good to see an Othell Yarwyck shout out. Sansa scene was great until Robert shows up. Robert seems pretty genuine in his mistake trying to make a moon door. Sansa has a right to be upset but she seemed only the slightly less childish party here. After that it was all decent, would have preferred "Only Cat" but not a big deal.
  9. You notice that Boros Blount has gone missing? ....yeah.
  10. :commie: :commie: :commie: The Mace Tyrell Apologist Movement Will Never Surrender!!
  11. This is especially interesting given that the showrunners seem to want to keep Bronn on in Ser Illyn's role.
  12. "You want bread Flea Bottom?" "Yes" "No provisions for you!"
  13. Bruhs, no Mace Tyrell slander in here. The man's a saint. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/105690-why-does-mace-tyrell-get-no-respect/?view=findpost&p=5530699
  14. Randyll Tarly held all of the Reach from true pitched combat? Randyll Tarly assured that no matter who won the throne, House Tyrell and its vassals wouldn't be at risk?