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  1. 6/10. Most of it fell pretty flat in my opinion. Though a lot of it was, again, more buildup stuff. Kevan Lannister was bright spot of the episode. Fantastic performance from Ian Gelder.
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    I love this site, but the banner issue on the left side is forcing me to refresh the page every time and sometimes as many as three times to get the actual content to load. It's really frustrating.
  3. I gave the episode an 8 out of 10, mostly due to the Bolton scenes and how great the final scene was. The other scenes were somewhat of a disappointment, I felt like everyone was entirely too calm for a wedding of that proportion. I also feel like the Brienne scene was pretty strange and didn't really need to be there. 2 things, Was there any mention of Joffrey having "experience with Valryian steel?" I feel like that's an important revelation and ties up a mini mystery from early on in the series. Perhaps Tyrion will make mention of it in the dungeon? Also, Shae is not gone for good, take a look at this trailer at 1:05... It looks like a scene that book readers should be familiar with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUOdwZhWnLA
  4. 9/10 I thought that this was clearly the most impressive season premiere of the series. Tywin's scene with Jaime had the potential to be fantastic, but it fell a little flat. (In comparison to my rather lofty expectations, anyway)New Daario was pretty disappointing, I agree that Old Daario had a much better grasp of the character thus far. Hopefully Huisman will improve throughout the season.The Thenns were VASTLY different than how I pictured them in the books. (Granted, I'm only halfway through AFFC) I'm not quite sure how I feel about them yet.Didn't really expect to see Ser Dontos back in the story at all, but I'm glad he seems to be following the storyline in some ways.Oberyn was phenomenal. Sure, the introduction scene was different, but it kind of had to be. You don't get to have Tyrion thought's tell you about Oberyn's personality, you have to see it firsthand. This scene allowed us to do that.Lastly, the Hound was amazing. Oh my word, the lines he was giving had me on the floor. His fighting scene was also exactly how I pictured it though.(For those who haven't read the books, there is a spoiler ahead)... Here's a question though, since this Arya/Hound scene happened SO early, could we see Arya in Braavos in Season 4?
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