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  1. KellieBom

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I've been listening to Ian Glen read the story of the Targaryen civil war; the Dance of the Dragons on YouTube. Where is he reading it from? Is there a published story somewhere? I can't find it anywhere and I need it for my collection!!
  2. KellieBom

    Errors in the WOIAF

    Oooops. My bad. :blushing:
  3. KellieBom

    Errors in the WOIAF

    This one suprised me: On page 86 the end of King Aegon III, The Broken King, it says he died at 36 years of age from consumption. On the very next page, introducing King Daeron, it says his father Aegon III died at 26. It also says that he seemed much older then he actually was due to his melancholy, I just thought it was strange, the error is literally side by side paragraphs.
  4. KellieBom

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Sorry to swing so far off topic, But what were those giant cookie looking things that were covering Joffreys eyes when he was laying in the Sept? They had eyes painted on them, they seemed like some kind of medieval burial right. The Egyptians did some serious stuff with their dead kings to prepare them for the afterlife, Joffrey is going to need all the help he can get, right? What is the story with this? I've looked everywhere and come up with nothing!