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  1. Classy, I thought posters here respected each other and could express differing opinions on the books and the show. Apparently I was wrong. The poster was just stating a fact. They plan to cover four books in three seasons. Would you rather cover more of AFfC/ADwD or the final two books?
  2. We were discussing why people might think that that GRRM is a good but not great writer. I don't have time to go through every line of your post and show you how I agree or disagree. I don't have an obsession for one type of literature. I pick books based on recommendations. If i like the book, I'll read another. Unfortunately, I don't have time to read for pleasure. I enjoyed ASoIaF, and I want to read TWoW. I just don't think GRRM is a great writer. He's a very good writer, but he seems to have some problems telling the story. GRRM writes good characters, and he develops them well. My central complaint would be that he focuses on the world building aspect to the detriment of his story. That's why I defend the show. It tells the story rather than focusing on details that I don't find all that interesting. I'm honestly not bashing GRRM or his books, even AFfC/ADwD. I think you misunderstand my point. I never said he spends too much time on politics. I said he writes more on politics because he hasn't--possibly can't--find a way to fully explain the Others in the POV format. If you don't think the format limits him, I don't know what to say. I hope this is more responsive.
  3. I think "guards her cunt" was pretty derogatory, but the other poster complained that those words creep into the portions of the books where the reader can't really tell whether the writer slipped into the role of an omniscient narrator.
  4. I meant that and Tyrion's magical boat. I agree that those chapters helped show the effects of the bigger pieces of the story. I disagree that they showed those effects in a good or merely pleasant manner. I think that those decisions show that GRRM is a good but great writer. I think he failed to find a good way to tell the stories about the Others, the dragons, and magic in general. That's why he writes so much about politics. It's easier than putting a POV character in the midst of the Others.
  5. He was being sarcastic. I like GRRM's writing a lot, but he falls into the trap of describing everything. Sometimes he describes literally every item of clothing in the room, and I just zone out. He seems to enjoy writing the sensory detail more than telling the story. AFfC/ADwD was marred by poor editing and some bad characters, who were neither interesting nor likable. The whole queenmaker subplot was ridiculous. Were we honestly supposed to believe that Arianne and her merry band of misfits thought they could bring down the Lannisters and dethrone Tommen? Arys Oakheart would have known better. Don't even get me started on travelogue!
  6. Agreed but this place a record of holding the show to an impossible level of scrutiny while giving every flaw in the books a pass.
  7. Emotions make people do strange things. Who can say what he should or shouldn't feel. They didn't need to justify why he did those things.
  8. How will we ever find out where whores go?
  9. It's not fanfiction when you buy the rights to adapt the books and the characters. GoT is its own beast.
  10. If it keeps Tyrion from moping around Essos for season 5 repeating "where do whores go", it's an improvement. None of us know whether Tysha is important to his end-game, but D&D do know.
  11. No , it shows they don't want Tyrion wandering around asking everyone where whores go. It's part of tightening the story. Yes it will change the story, but the upside is just too great.
  12. There's spittle on my laptop you bastard! Awesome post.
  13. I couldn't agree more. I hate the resurrection plots. GRRM prides himself on killing main characters, but he needs to let them die.
  14. Yesterday was my birthday, and the Stanboys' tears were the best gift imaginable!
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