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    It is not a pale horse

    Jesus also had a white horse in revelation. That horse seemed heavenly to me. Judgement, wrath and fierceness to follow. All that stuff about names.
  2. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    How will they react to what happened?

    She is going to do what the Mad King did and call Sansa to Kings Landing for her execution. Probably Arya too because she's gone total paranoia
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    On Arya's Arc, and Others'

    Do we think her choice of life means she will go after Daenerys? Have to say, I'm not quite sure what her choice means yet. I'm hoping its where we get the Nymeria allusion fully. That she will finally stop her wandering, burn her ships and find a place to live and die. But the 'what is west of westeros' thing still terrifies me. If she ends up alone in the sunset sea I will be furious and yet I can't see why that would happen when its loving relationships with other people that have reconnected her to her humanity
  4. Its a Sansa thing to do. Very first book Jon and Arya say 'Don't tell Sansa' because they know she can't keep anything to herself
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    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Of course she had a brother who came before her in the line of succession. He is airbrushed out of history now
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    A Rant About Northern Independence

    The North survived thousands of years as an independent kingdom until dragons came 300 years previous and forced them into a union they didn't want to be in. Over the last 3 generations the Iron Throne has seen to the deaths of Rickard, Brandon, Ned, Robb and Cat. Arguably Lyanna too. There is substantial motivation to be away from the whole thing. As for Robb reneging on a marriage alliance. It was not a murderable offence. Prince Duncan did it, apparently Olenna did it too. Joffrey did it with Sansa much to her relief. Lyanna did it, its how Jon exists. You say the North immediately let the Boltons be wardens, this is not shown to be true. The Mormonts didn't want it. All the houses that allied with the Starks in the BOTB didn't want it. They didn't have a figurehead to rally around until Jon and Sansa showed up. The North was also reeling from the aftermath of the red wedding where all the Northern forces were massacred. You say that Daenerys offered to help in exchange for bending the knee. This is not true. When Viserion died she says she will help and Jon bent the knee anyway. The North gave Jon a crown and he threw it away. Its a display of contempt for the judgement and wishes of his people. Missandei says that the slaves chose Daenerys. The North chose Jon. He didn't care. What Daenerys got in return was a chance to take on Cersei without the threat of the extinction of humanity. Had she not fought the North would have been overrun, the Night King would be unstoppable. Westeros would have been doomed. But sure, she got nothing in return. You say that Sansa didn't save the North, the Vale did. The Vale is only there for Sansa. The Wildings aren't even part of the 7 kingdoms. Daenerys most definitely did not save the North. Sansa's sister saved them all, the Princess that was Promised apparently. How can she be a Princess if the North is not its own Kingdom?
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    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    Arya's arc is done. Remember when they had Sansa say 'When Jon sees you his heart will stop'. That seemed ominous. I suspect Arya will now be part of Jon and the Hound's resolutions. Maybe Arya and the Hound do plan on taking out the Mountain and Cersei, they go in the Red Keep, something horrible happens like it blows up. Jon sees Arya's face and just loses it. Whether that face is a living face or dead face I don't know.
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    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    Arya killed the Ice King Jon will kill the Fire Queen Ice and Fire. Jon and Arya are still the mains like the outline suggested only now they aren't kissing. They are two halves of a whole, they finish each other's sentences, they are the only two that look like Starks, they are each others No 1 in the books etc... The ending of the story hasn't changed since 1994.
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    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    There is a prophecy in Harry Potter that could refer to either Harry or Neville and I kind of always wanted it to be Neville. He does end up killing Voldemort's last Horcrux. I'm not one for heroic ego. Its why I've never gotten on board with the Targaryen exceptionalism this fandom has.
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    Not sure that is a comparison this fandom wants to make. Those Star Wars whiners are embarrassing. I am of the Hound school of whinging on this topic.
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    Potential relationship Sansa/Tyrion ?

    Sansa should marry Podrick. She can be dominant, he's become a competent warrior, he can sing her songs and probably bake her lemon cakes. We've had two instances of divided loyalties being foreshadowed. Arya and Jon, remember who your family is. Sansa and Tyrion, in this episode
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    The dagger. Or nothing, its a myth
  13. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    What was the plan before Mel showed up?

    She didn't need to. She'd seen everything. She knew everything. They had already won
  14. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya to become the "Night Queen"?

    The conversion of the baby was ritualistic. Like the Night King's own creation.
  15. Robin is backwards. He is probably pre occupied in the Runestone. He doesn't care.
  16. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya's Weapon

    I'm feeling optimistic about Arya and Gendry. Maybe I shouldn't. the pain will hurt that much more. Season 7 and 8 are really one season. They clearly worked out both at the same time. The Wight Hunt was purely to give the end of 7 something of a send off with some action. But it was only half there. With that in mind, Gendry must be back for a reason. He seems to have a sense of destiny with Davos but so far he's run a marathon beyond the wall, made some weapons, had 90 seconds of combat time and slept with Arya. They've reminded us of his bloodline too. So what is his purpose? Its clearly not done because he would be an easy episode 3 kill. He must be tied in to Arya's final fate.
  17. Lord Royce has clearly taken over command from Baelish. Sansa is Robin's cousin, Royce was Ned's childhood buddy. He likely won't leave until the kids are secure.
  18. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Sansa will get the North's freedom. She has to. What else has she been learning this game for?
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    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    Would Arya have gone North for Sansa? Hot Pie tells her that Jon Snow is there. She wanted to get to Jon at the end of Season 4 too. Jon was the only character who could have pulled her in that direction
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    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Desparate times, desparate measures. Also Stannis' army were crownlands soldiers not a lot of Stormlanders. The Stormlanders seemed to go away after Renly died.
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    Arya and Gendry, why?

    Well she's currently in an identity stripping cult in the books so its not farfetched she's not thinking about him. Its Jon that is keeping her together. We do know that Gendry is with Stoneheart at the inn. There is even a little Arya-alike there. One of many characters who supplant her identity as Arya loses hers. The others being Jeyne Poole as Lady Arya and Alys Karstark in Mel's mistaken vision to Jon. Arya has to reclaim her identity. Then there is this from Jaime He thinks Arya has been wed and Sansa is on the run but Sansa is the one wed and Arya who knows the blacksmith and the fat faced inkeep. So we can't say the clues aren't there if it happens
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    History was made.

    Theon turned up for Sansa. Brienne was there for Sansa and Arya, Jaime and Pod were there for Brienne. Sandor, Melisandre and Beric were there for Arya.
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    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    End of Season 4, when she gets on the boat at the saltpans, they are shovelling salt. She looks back at the smoking riverlands. Runs down the ship to the prow where we see its a woman warrior. Now I'm not saying that is intentional on D&Ds part. That is what happens in the books too. The ship is The Titan's Daughter. But the books allow us to see Azor Ahai in many characters. Like the dream of Brienne and Jaime with flaming swords. Arya wishes she has a flaming sword in the books too. In visions I'd assume all Valyrian steel appear to be on fire. As for under a red star, everyone sees the comet. It appears after Arya's first 'rebirth' as Arry. Waking dragons from stone, Jon is resurrected for her? He was stone cold dead. She did receive 3 weapons- Needle- from Jon Snow (water) The Dagger- which led to the arrest of the Lion and the start of the war Her staff- from Gendry, presumably Nissa Nissa. My point isn't that she was always meant to be this. They decided it in the writing for 7. My point being that prophecy can be deciphered in many abstract ways. The only hard proof we have for TPTWP is the woods witch who says that he would come from the line of Aerys and Rhaella. Last season they specifically had Jon say that maybe witches are not reliable sources of information. The prophecies shape our characters and that is how they have an affect. If it had been nearly any main character I probably could have done what I did above too.
  24. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    Beric died the last time for her. Sandor combated his PTSD for her. Melisandre inspired her to her conclusion with the words of her dancing master. She was taught by Syrio, Tywin, Jaquen, The Waif and The Hound. Jon gave her her first sword. Ned helped her start to learn and supported her every step. But she did it all by herself?
  25. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Spoilers--Arya's Journey from No One to Someone

    Look at the way Summer leaps to kill Bran's assassin in that episode too. He appears from nowhere to maul him. Arya's movements around Gendry in episode 2 were very wolf like, she's been prowling.