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    Is it possible that Jaqen H'ghar appears and kills Arya?

    Its hard to pin down their religious ethos. Arya is the chosen of the Red God. They worship the Red God as part of the many faced god. Therefore she is an instrument of the many faced god. Presumably they had an inkling of this and that is why they trained her.
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    Spoilers--Arya's Journey from No One to Someone

    The more I think about the ending the more I love it. - Arya protects Bran just like Catelyn protected him against the same dagger. - Arya was so afraid of not making the Twins in time for Robb and ultimately she didn't. She got there in time for Bran - Arya ran to the Sept of Baelor to get to Ned but was stopped by Yoren, again she is finally able to protect her family. - Her weapon breaks like The Last Hero's did, she in the end is the Last Hero standing to defeat the Night King. - Its a Stark who pulls the plug on the Night King. The Others are a part of the Stark story, wouldn't have been right to be a Targaryen - Her training with Syrio. Every word seemed to mean something. Not just 'not today' but also teaching her to catch her weapon. That all men are made of water and if you prick them the water comes out. She is a water dancer vs a man made of ice - Everything from chasing cats led to that moment, Swift as a deer, Quiet as a shadow. - She has had more interaction with the red priests than Jon or Dany. She's protected by Jaquen who cites the Red God. Then falls into the hands of Thoros of Myr, before going to the Faceless Men. - She has endured death since she was 11 years old. Hopefully now she has killed Death she can start living. At this point I would not be shocked if she got pregnant to really set up the whole life vs death thing
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    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    The Jon parentage thing is on hold. It will be back next week. He needs to tell his sisters
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    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Pride it seems. She's fine letting the Iron Islands go but the North is half the landmass of Westeros. And if there is no more wall needed people can populate further up North now. Beyond the Wall may come under the new Northern Kingdom. As for Arya dying. What is the threat to her now? The mountain? I feel like that is Sandor's fight. Unless the faceless men turn up and decide her time is over then I can't see it. Things are going suspiciously well for her.
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    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    I'm starting to think they aren't appearing again and they appeared to signpost that Arya will be leaving Winterfell to form a pack of her own. Sansa needs her moment. It seems like it will come at the expense of Dany. Sansa wants to fulfil Robb's final campaign for an independent North and for the character to go out on a triumphant note showing all she has learned it has to be achieved.
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    The books are not going to end like this

    How do you even know? Ever thought that its the actions caused by the prophecy existing that matter and not the prophecy itself? See Stannis' whole arc. Lodos said the drowned God would defeat Aegon the Conqueror, never happened. Last season the show even called this out Cersei is bringing about her own demise because of a prophecy she heard as a child. They didn't need the whole prophecy for Jon to save the day
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    The scenes of Arya in E3

    I just realised. She was the Last Hero left to fight the Night King. Everyone else was boned. Not only that, her weapon broke or was lost. Also the framing a few seasons back of Arya in the shadow of the Titan of Braavos adds a little to my book theory that The Titan is a cultural memory of the Last Hero, like all the other names in Essos. Only being so close to the North they are very close with the broken sword, bronze armour and green hair. Those are the colours of the First Men. Rhaegal is also those colours.
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    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Cersei is most definitely going to kill at least one dragon, otherwise what is the point?
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    Best lines of E03

    Not today. Oh I cried. I predicted that years ago.
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    Speculation based on poetry: The Bittersweet Ending

    The dragons will die. We saw the death of ice, we will see the death of fire. Dany will abdicate her claim as has been foreshadowed by the line 'A dragon queen with no dragons is not a queen."
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    The books are not going to end like this

    Which means the Azor Ahai stuff doesn't matter much. If it was plot integral they would have been told and stuck with it
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    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    I wouldn't be surprised if Cersei dies birthing a living child, proving Maggie was fucking with her and she wasted her life in fear of prophecy.
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    Discussing Sansa XXXVI: Long Night

    I'm loving Sansa this season. I wish she had used the dragonglass. I also loved her line about being useless. She was right, this isn't her arena. The Stark sisters are as different as the sun and the moon. Arya ended the night, the fight for the day is Sansa. This next 2 episodes, Sansa is going to own.
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    Who can be gendry's mother? a targaryen?

    How did you work that out? The Durrandons were First Men/Andal mix by the time of Argella, who knows what Orys was. We know for sure his great grandma was First Men/Valyrian. That said, Cersei is not his mam. However he does look like Robert and that could have an effect on Cersei. Especially as Arya looks like Lyanna. Not sure how the Gendry and Arya thing is going to go though. Got to go somewhere beyond end of the world sex surely?
  15. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Order of deaths to come.

    I'm getting an increasing sinking feeling she's going to die in a bed of blood like Lyanna.
  16. What a leader does. Sansa at the start of this show would never have understood why she needed to befriend people who smelt of the grime and dirt of toil but now she understands they toil for her
  17. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Those kids?

    And Davos, or Dadvos will go like Karsi
  18. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Saying Goodbye

    I loved it, a portrait of what it means to live in the face of death. Love, companionship, loyalty and family. When Bryan Cogman got choked up and said it was a love letter to these characters he wasn't wrong. It was beautiful. Stunning.
  19. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Saying Goodbye

    Well stories aren't like real life. We have to look at the reasons why it would happen. I can think of a few- The Lyanna parallel that is set up with Arya The preamble to the sex scene where Gendry reveals his father's identity and that Mel wanted his blood We also have the whole 'seed is strong' stuff, and Robert having 20 bastard children. In the rules of storytelling that could pay off The 'prophecy' of the two houses coming together was to be 'bound by blood' to rule. His alias, 'Clovis' in real life was the founder of a dynasty Season 2 episode 1 begins with the murder of Robert's bastards. His blood got Ned killed, in a way there were other factors. The discovery of him (and others but he's the one we see mainly) by Jon Arryn started wheels turning. The bastards of Robert, the secret Ned uncovered, it hasn't paid off. His blood that Mel uses, 'will make Kings rise and fall' but it seems to be a light show and nothing more. But maybe Mel is right and as usual in the wrong way. The King that rises could be his son (his blood), the king that falls could be Jon (but he doesn't want it anyway). Its Rhaegar vs Robert 2.0. But this just me spitballing. He may die just to send Arya on a spiral and that is that.
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    Arya Losin' It

    You don't think Arya understands her more now than as the evil queen who killed her sister's pet? Empathy is something a psycho doesn't have. I think Arya has it but like her father, he empathises with the Nights Watch deserter but he still executed him for his crime
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    Ep3 Death Odds

    I worry it will be the characters you least expect. Ones in the crypt as the dead rise. https://pixel.nymag.com/imgs/daily/vulture/2019/03/06/got/06-game-of-thrones-season-8-trailer-02.nocrop.w710.h2147483647.jpg The voice? Also feel like Jorah, Greyworm, Jaime and Theon are marked for death. I'm holding on to the idea that Gendry has had no scenes with anyone except Arya yet and Davos needs a moment with his new sons. Also they set Jon and Gendry up as Ned/Robert 2.0 when Jon just learned he's Rhaegar's son. That twist changes things.
  22. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya Losin' It

    She seemed to soften on Cersei through the play in Braavos. She begins to understand her pain and why she would do what she did.
  23. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya Losin' It

    Exactly https://www.omega-level.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/204AryaList.jpg The Hound also gets annoyed that she lies awake reciting her list when he is trying to sleep.
  24. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya Losin' It

    She is weird and she is twisted but she lives a weird and twisted world. She is too obsessed by her list. Her identity is a key part of her character. Keeping hold of that is important to her story. She keeps hold of it because of her pack, whether that is Gendry/Hot Pie or her family. She was empty when she saw Hot Pie last season and then at the end she finds a bit of herself in him and I think we are seeing that more and more as she is surrounded by the people she loves.
  25. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya Losin' It

    She wants to know about the enemy. You really twist things in an odd way