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  1. BlueNightzx

    Your Favourite Badass Line from a Non-Badass Character

    the way garlan stood up to jofrey when he poured wine on Tyrion was pretty badass, but on a second thought, garlan is a low-key badass, so i think he does not fit here
  2. BlueNightzx

    Why did Ned allow Benjen to take the black?

    who wants to live under his older brother roof, being bossed around by him and his wife? if the starks were a southen family, they might had a second castle or minor holding for Benjen to inherit, make him a knight or something, but since the starks only asset, as far as i know is winterfell, there were little options other than the NW. Benjen is Basically Blackfish 2.0, but he chose the NW instead of serving as the captain of the Bloody Gate, if rickard didn't die in kings landing, i could see him marrying benjen off to some southen noble lady "southern ambitions", but since ned became the head of house Stark, and Ned political foresight and prowess is on the same level of HotPie (with all due respect to hotPie which actually is still alive in the series), he didn't saw any other options either and found an honorouble position to his younger brother. and the way Benjen casually visits Winterfell on the king's feast shows me that ned and benjen relationship is on good terms, so it seems to me that the choice was voluntary and agreed upon by both sides, unlike the blackfish and his brother. or i don't know, George just wanted an uncle obi wan benjenobi for young jon skytargwalker.
  3. BlueNightzx

    Aegon VI as a ruler

    i think you make a grave error by claiming to know what "got is about", and by projecting your own beliefs of what the story should be about, you put filters that distorts the story as the author puts it to us though his books.
  4. BlueNightzx

    Varys motives to return a Targarian to the Throne

    Varys and Illyrio are most likely BlackFyre supporters, with no fAegon and JonCon, their roles and motivations make no sense.
  5. BlueNightzx

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    if sansa becomes queen, even if she marries her husband would just be a king consort, so she would keep the stark name, and any offspring would be a stark
  6. BlueNightzx

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    let me be more especific then, i don't believe that the physical body that once belonged to Bran will ever leave that cave.
  7. BlueNightzx

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    i doubt very much that asha will end up leading the ironborn, if those islands don't sink after Euron lovecraftian rituals, i see Rodrik the reader as a candidate to lead them, he is the most "green land" and traditional westerosi lord of the ironborn, and i can see him accepting to be ruled by the iron throne(or whatever replaces it),but for asha. as asha said, she was defeated now twice, a prisoner of stannis, and a woman, any claim of hers is over by now.
  8. BlueNightzx

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    i don't think bran is ever leaving that cave.
  9. BlueNightzx

    The characters clothes and costumes[Rant]

    The wigs on Emilia are inded awful, they don't even look like hair, or even fake hair, it looks like cloth, like some childs doll, and why so big and elaborated braids and wigs, jesus how much hair was Dany supposed to have?
  10. BlueNightzx

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    if was book daario, blue hair and golden tooth would be indeed quite amusing!
  11. BlueNightzx

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    no, i'm done with the tv series and HBO.
  12. People keep saying "the production values were very good, just the writing that was bad" i disagree, for example, the costumes of the characters, since when everyone decided to wear black leather around westeros? its not even snowing in kings landing to justify it before, the place of origin of the character, his culture would reflect on his choice of clothes, the lannisters used very elaborated, yes, but still firmly rooted on european like court doublets and dresses, maergery and the tyrells looked like they came from france, the lannisters from england, and so on, you could see the difference between the court in kings landing and in the Vale. Dany that was raised in Essos used very strong colors and different cuts for her dresses, mixed pants with her dresses and so on. and then suddenly, cersei is using metal shoulder pads, and chains around her, WTF? it looks like they're all going to some medieval rock concert. and those costumes look so fantasy-like, like something you expect to see on Narnia, don't get me wrong, i can see that a lot of work was put on them, they're not low quality, but they don't fit, they look boring and cheesy, it makes the world look smalls. it don't fit even if dany wanted to dress like a Targ, where are the reds? dany always flaunted her beauty, why would she stays behind layers and layers of formless black leather with no details? She does not look like a warrior queen or even like a targ princess, she just look like generic fantasy chick #3025 from all people, jon snow costumes were the best ones, because they're just simple stark armors and boiled leather. well, thats it.
  13. BlueNightzx

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    just wanna add that "Red Rahloo" should be the official name for R'hllor from now on
  14. BlueNightzx

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    AFFC is my favorite book of ASOIAF, i very much disagree with you, and the quentyn chapters in ADWD are one of the best in terms of theme and development.
  15. BlueNightzx


    At this point, who cares, really? the writters clearly don't