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  1. BlueNightzx

    House Velaryon MIA.

    It makes sense that the Velaryons are not so keen in entering a war for the Houses who destroyed the targaryens, i believe they supported stannis because stannis was the lord of dragonstone, and geographically made sense to defend driftmark.
  2. too small to grow anything in it
  3. BlueNightzx

    Fake Aegon, Real Aegon, and Quentyn Martell

    Mummers dragon he is a Blackfyre, no way the golden company would pledge to some targaryen wanna be princeling, like viserys tried Most likely the descendant of the daughter of Jaeheris who became a lyseni courtesan
  4. BlueNightzx

    Plot line that GRRM avoided

    I think is pretty much confirmed in FaB that Orys is indeed a bastard brother of Aegon, "dragon spawn" with the women of the fishing village in dragonstone. Baratheons actually have a lot of dragon blood when you count that and all the marriages with targaryens, i find it funny that this aspect is not given much importance.
  5. BlueNightzx

    The two big endgame prices

    more people than you would think
  6. Stop drinking and whoring? no, but i believe he would not indulge at those levels, he would be more Like Rogar Baratheon i believe, lyana was strong enough to put him in check, actually if not for Rhaegar i believe she would be a positive influence on him, he would continue to have his side whores, but maybe limit himself to 2, 3 bastards instead of 16, and would not become this fat, which still is not ideal, but better than with Cersei.
  7. i also felt some lesbian vibes from Rhaena, her marriage with the farman boy just a front so she could stay with his sister, and their separation felt more like a breakup if anything else.
  8. Barristan selmy did more impressive feats than Arthur dayne in my opinion, and he survived the battle of the trident, wich not even rhaegar, who bested arthur dayne in some tournaments if i'm not mistaken did, i think arthur dayne was the perfect image of the "true knight in shining armor" noble, martial and honorable, and of course, dawn was a huge plus to his mythos, i also would like to add that i believe arthur fighting style was more "elegant" flashy and unique, for dawn and such, i believe he put more of a show (not that i've any proof, just my belief from what characters said of him) for what we saw of Barristan, he is an EXTREMELY pragmatic fight, he mastered his senses and technique, his fight in dance of dragons remembers me of a Samurai fight, something from a kurosawa movie, a experienced fighter, calmly studying his opponent, waiting for a single chance to end the fight with one blow. put toe to toe, i would put my money on selmy over arthur or Daemon blackfyre. Overall, for what I've seen, i would put Selmy, arthur dayne and Daemon blackfyre as contenders for the title close seconds would be Jaime, the dragon knight, breakspear, the hound (maybe prime Robert? he was a monster in the trident) technically i believe jaime would be equal to selmy and arthur, but jaime has no wisdom in battle, not enough experience and age, he overestimates his prowess and position and downs play his opponents, as seen in his battle as a commander agains robb, and in his fight against brienne, i think he was still some 10 years before his prime, but since he lost his sword hand we will never know. i think all the targaryens were a bit overrated, the small folk saw them as almost gods, with their silvery god hair, anything a targaryen did was seemed as exceptional, Robert baratheon didn't have not even half the fame or status of Rhaegar as a warrior (was robert even knighted? i don't remember) and the killed him all the same. and i think Selmy suffers the same "lack of marketing" he is from a small noble house, he does not carry a legendary sword, his appearance is quite ordinary and he was not a close confidant of dragon princes.
  9. thats huge, now a lot of things make sense why he didn't ravel in his conquest, was reserved and introspective, he didn't see westeros as his personal conquest for his own glory, he was doing his duty to make preparations to the wars to come against an unspeakable evil, that put a lot of pieces together.
  10. BlueNightzx

    [spoiler] The Artwork

    i'm sorry, but i don't particularly like that artwork, is not bad, but i think the fantasy flight games art is way better, but thats just my opinion, the only artwork i did like was the last one from alyssane, showing her in her finals days, i think that was quite good.
  11. BlueNightzx

    Will the Wall Come Down?

    yes i think it will, we saw from FaB that dragons are reluctant to go north the wall, and the wall magic prevents the other from passing over to have a confrontation between fire and ice, the wall must go down
  12. BlueNightzx

    Martins history or Tolkiens?

    Tolkien but this kind of comparison is a bit silly, in the end they have very different styles.