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  1. BlueNightzx

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    the whole series became a giant fan service
  2. BlueNightzx

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    what? are you drunk?
  3. BlueNightzx

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    well, if you take from the books, they sailed deep into the sunset sea, and then came raining down upon them, thats how they took the reach by surprise but since this is the show, i would say all the fleet defense depended on asha, i mean, yara attention, and she was busy reminding everyone she likes pussy.
  4. BlueNightzx

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    6 minutes of eunuch sex, YES, thats what we need, what would be of us if the series concluded without some grey worm missandei sexy time.
  5. BlueNightzx

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    This preston jacobs speaks a lot of non sense, and a lot of his older videos came out to be wrong. so i would not take him as an authority in anything, best to him to came to forums like this and then explains his position point by point, and be exposed to the scrutiny of the members.
  6. BlueNightzx

    Minor characters you found yourself liking

    Garlan one of the few characters that acknowledge tyrion`s deeds and intelligence,, was gentle and nice with sansa, even after the her usefulness for the tyrell plot expired, and is a very good knight, but since he is so modest and discrete, few people notice his skills and even had the balls to speak against joffrey, directly in his face, when he was rude with tyrion with the wine cup shower. he strikes me as the kind of guy that would not bow down to injustice or cruelty, no matter from where it came, not even from the king. he is a good human being in general, which is very rare in westeros.
  7. BlueNightzx

    References and Homages

    House Swann sigil inspired by Tchaikovsky's ballet, "the swan lake"
  8. its more like they lost it, like the lannisters, and just didn't bother to get another.
  9. BlueNightzx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    seems legit. thanks for sharing
  10. BlueNightzx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    yes, i agree its a possible explanation
  11. BlueNightzx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    but i don't think we had any knowledge that valyrian steel armor even existed prior to this chapter, in essos we have all kinds of weapons of valyrian steel as an arakh and all, but never an armor if that was the case we would had heard before, of some rich triarch, cheesemonger or whatever having one even the forging of normal steel plate armor was expensive and reserved for knights and nobility, its very different having a steel weapon to a steel set of armor, i think this reasons stands for valyrian steel, which, to begin with, is rare and expensive. but i agree that maybe the HotU in quarth could had one as part of their magic artifacts, given that euron had made several contacts with them, its a possibility and explains why we never heard before.
  12. BlueNightzx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    given that we now know that indeed euron has powers, its not so impossible to him having indeed gone to valyria, with the magic knowledge that he has and his priests and wizards, maybe outskirts of valyria at least or some outpost, not necessarily the heart of the smoking sea Euron is defined by his madness, if there is anyone who can pull a quick trip to valyria, its him
  13. BlueNightzx

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    yes, i agree valyria had their own fire mages and such, dragonlords are simply noble families, some had enough wealth to employ such men to their desires. i believe the extent of "magic knowledge" of the noble families was the training, binding and riding of dragons, much as a noble westerosi young man who learns how to fight with the master at arms, riding, reading and such