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    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    AFFC is my favorite book of ASOIAF, i very much disagree with you, and the quentyn chapters in ADWD are one of the best in terms of theme and development.
  2. BlueNightzx


    At this point, who cares, really? the writters clearly don't
  4. BlueNightzx

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    i just want an end to this suffering
  5. BlueNightzx

    The real character assassination is that of Tyrion

    He is Saint Tyrion Tyrion the imp died long ago
  6. I don't like show dany, and was never much a fan of book dany, but they made an awful job with her in this season, this was not the way to display her descent into "madness".
  7. the way I see it, she just didn't accept their surrenderThey took a dragon for her, one of her sons, they refused her, as a monarch, as a queenJon Snow refused her romantically, they killed her dearest friend and confidant.she had no love, no friends, no family, but at least she could get revenge, at least she could enjoy a fight against her enemies and they denied that to her as well, after they took all of that from her, they wanted to take her revenge out of her too, for all the years of suffering in essos.And she was just not able to accept it, neither did grey worm so I don't see an insane behavior, it was petty, vindictive, and morally awful and heinous, which tarnished her virtues and good actions to this point.but as they've pointed, at this point, the lives as westerosi people means nothing to her, they're not her children, nor subjects. if she was really insane, she would start attacking even her own troops and supporters, so to me was just a very angry and pissed Targaryen.
  8. BlueNightzx

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I don't even think we're gonna have a "Cleganebowl" in the books, the hound arc in the books is pretty much done as i can see it, and the irony of all is that he's going to be one of the few characters that gonna have any redemption. in a matter of fact, the hound is already dead in the books, just sandor lives now.
  9. BlueNightzx

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    i don't think he was irredeemable, the septon speech about in the books proves that.
  10. I think Missandei saying "Dracarys"as her last words is very fitting, first, Missandei was only of the few people who truly loved Dany, second, she was an early supporter, who believed in her, and during this season was shown very annoyed with the machinations and schemes of Sanaaand others northeners and westerosi who didn't appreciate Dany, and third, she wants Dany to be herself, like the pep talk Daario gives her in the books, she wants Dany to stop trying to rise to the expectations of this strange people in her eyes. and i believe people are minimazing how important Missandei is to dany, on a book perspective.
  11. BlueNightzx

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    If anything, anyone who watched any 80's movies knows that you just don't kill the protagonist black friend, just don't, bloody vengeance is certain.
  12. BlueNightzx

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Mad dany is pretty much crystal clear at the end of ADWD
  13. BlueNightzx

    What if Arya isn't going south to kill Cersei?

    Everybody hates Dany