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  1. if sansa becomes queen, even if she marries her husband would just be a king consort, so she would keep the stark name, and any offspring would be a stark
  2. let me be more especific then, i don't believe that the physical body that once belonged to Bran will ever leave that cave.
  3. just wanna add that "Red Rahloo" should be the official name for R'hllor from now on
  4. If anything, anyone who watched any 80's movies knows that you just don't kill the protagonist black friend, just don't, bloody vengeance is certain.
  5. on a side note, i found really stunning how much more beautiful Missandei looked, and maybe even more regal, than both cersei and Dany.
  6. I fully agree, they only needed to say "dorne have a new ruler" and that would be the end of it, but when they say "Prince" they're implying that there is a possibilty of martells remaining there, or some other house claiming the title of prince, and woul the dornish people accept it? without any kind of unrest? do you see, its a statement that only breeds more questions, and without any groundwork laid before on the show, i suspect that will be the end for "dorne" "they got a new prince -The end"
  7. i don't even think they HAVE to do CGI wolves, watching a documentary about the production of LOTR, they did a lot of force perspective and camera "tricks" with angles to give the impression that the hobbit actors were smaller, or the humans bigger. some clever perspective shots with a big wolfdog would do the trick really, i call that laziness and incompetence.
  8. I don't see varys betraying Dany in the show as a indication that he will betray fAegon in the books, just they course correcting, varys should NEVER supported Dany to begin with, but since they left out the whole fAegon plot from the books, and since Varys had to stay alive to the end game, they did some filler with him the same way with bron really, from comedic duo to slapping dwarfs in the face, the 180"s those characters go is just ludicrous.
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