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  1. Andrew Gilfellon

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    A big hamfisted speech about how a man who becomes a woman is still a man and a woman with a manly jaw, followed by confusion as to why people might be offended or annoyed. .
  2. Andrew Gilfellon

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    But that was before the current climate and now he is unsure whether or not to continue with Kvothe's sex change in order to further conceal his identity. In all seriousness. I couldn't get past chapter 5 in book 1. That was when it first came out and when I disliked 1st person narrative. I no longer dislike first person now, but I don't want to try this series.
  3. Andrew Gilfellon

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    No, there were 3 books originally, but he came out either this year or last year and said this is actually a prologue to the true story and that he has more books planned. It was on Tor's facebook feed
  4. Andrew Gilfellon

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Oh I didn't mean to insinuate that he should be blamed for depressed. I'm depressed at times but it doesn't effect my writing. The OCD does. I just meant that if you pushed those issues aside, his big mistake was saying the trilogy was completed and then not producing the last volume, and being an ass about it, or not understanding that the majority of people, are more interested in his writing and his stories than him, if you get what I mean? Like, I enjoy R Scott Bakker, but I have no interest in his philosophical ramblings on his website or twitter. I just want to read what he publishes. Those are the people getting angry, and Rothfuss should have handled things better in regards to people asking about book 3. Not announcing that he's suddenly decided its a prologue to the real story or whatever. Personally, I just hope he finishes the book because then it is like a weight off his shoulders.
  5. Andrew Gilfellon

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Writing is hard. Personally, personal issues aside with him being depressed or an ass or whatever. I think the biggest mistake he made was to say Book 3 was written already. But at the same time, a book does not automatically come out the finished article. I don't know anyone who has published a first draft which is awesome. For all we know, a written book 3 was a rough draft or an outline
  6. Andrew Gilfellon

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    My friend and I were talking about novels and novel writing and together we came up with some points that decide on if your project isn't going to work. I just thought I would share them here for people interested. 1. You've lived with the characters too long. You've been writing this dream project for 12+ years and haven't gotten to the end of it yet. It's bordering on OCD. Finish this and you'll start a new project. But it isn't that easy. You've dreamed these characters, you've thought about them, you're TOO connected to them. Every idea you now have is an idea that is so awesome for these characters even though it works better in a different setting. Every idea is a (insert character name here) idea. You want to be known for THESE characters even though that side character is probably going to be the one who gets a fan club because everyone reads differently. 2. Planning is bad and also not planning is bad. You don't like planning, or outlining because it stifles your creativity and you feel like the story is already written because its an outline. You decide not to plan and just wing it, because you're a pantser. You have the idea in your head, you know where everyone is going and how they get there. You're onto book 2 but wait....you've spent so much time on the first's plot that everything fizzles out come book two. You also don't have a clear enough image of how to get to the end and you're determined to make everyone's motivations make sense even though they don't have to because people make sense. Sometimes a character doesn't need more motivation than wanting to kill that guy for insulting him, he doesn't need to have a justifiable reason. 3. The world isn't really a world. Yes you may have a clear image of main dude number one and love interest number 3000, and yes you have the world image in your head, but as soon as you write past what you know, the world suddenly becomes barren and uninteresting. You really haven't thought about this country or that country even though you mention and feature certain people from them. Your world is ideas rather than a world. It doesn't have to be super detailed like Prince of Nothing or Malazan, but you should have more than a mish mash of ideas. 4. You're too influenced by others. Yes you have a story and yes you have a world and characters and 1000 years of history, but you've been influenced too much by other people. You've got a desert city because you've read Twelve Kings. You've got gunpowder and tricorn hats. You've got African type tribes because you don't wanna be called a racist for not having black people in your world, but you don't know enough about them and they could still easily pass as white that you probably will be called a racist. Also, having them call years summers is not authentication but silliness. Changing the names of two characters in one storyline and it's a LOST fanfiction. Imitation is a form of flattery, but not when you yourself can clearly see the parallels between the two medias. One character is a copy of someone elses character and storyline even though he was a boy and yours is a girl. The fact is, the reason she seems lost come book 2 is because her storyline is copied from anothers and doesn't fit in with your own story. She's not a nail to be forced into a hole. You're also influenced to make your world seem realistic and in keeping with 19th century time periods even though your original story wasn't based on any time period, and THAT'S WHY it seems so odd that people have early forms of automobiles but your mercenary guys are still travelling with horses and swords while everyone else has guns. 5. You're trying too hard. You've given your character too much motivation. Yes, having lost a sister is sad and all, but you don't then need to add on several layers of motivation on top of that. Looking for sister because she feels guilty over abandoning her and seeks forgiveness is enough. If a character has a lot of reasons to being involved in the story, or there is a lot going on that it seems those other ideas and motivations would be enough for another story then you need to reivaluate. Also, throwing everything but the kitchen sink into a story is not maing the world detailed and complex. It's probably the reason you're never going to write another book.
  7. Andrew Gilfellon

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    I got a rejection letter off an agent, who I won't name drop here. But it was a personal rejection letter rather than a uniform one. Should I reply to it? Even if it is to say thanks for your consideration?
  8. Andrew Gilfellon

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Wondering if woman starts a rebellion because her sister won't save her child, after using the supposed banned technique to save another child is too similar to woman turning everyone against her brothers and sisters because they took her to a far away land away from her children? That's where I'm currently at.
  9. Andrew Gilfellon

    NK Jemisin - any good?

    She has rather strong views that some people do not agree with, but they can be ignored, mostly. She's the only writer who writes in first person I have ever been able to read. I like her books, all of them. The first trilogy she published but not the first one she wrote was the Inheritance trilogy. 10k Kingdoms, The Broken Kingdoms, the Kingdom of the Gods are a trilogy in the loosest sense. As in each book can stand on its own.
  10. Andrew Gilfellon

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Ah...It's been a busy year. Got so sick and tired of what I was writing I redesigned the maps and made some new ones. Still want to kill everybody. Made mistake of letting my dad reading manuscript. Only got two to three chapters in and he said the story was jumping around a lot and it doesn't appear to be coherent...... In the chapters he's read I've only introduced two characters who briefly encounter each other in the second chapter. Realised my Asperger's may prevent me from ever finishing the book or any book, then realised if Anna Smith Spark could do it so can I. Diagnosed myself as having a grasshopper mind, and nearly wrote an entire plot line based on the fact I saw how the Missy and Master arc was finished in season 10 of NEW WHO and thought wouldn't that suit these two characters of mine, and so had to stop myself. And I currently debate whether or not to split half my characters and plot line from one story into another one and have two completely unrelated world and story. It's been a busy year.
  11. I think you will find that the whole paragraph about Jezal admiring himself in the mirror is foreshadowing for something in book 2
  12. Bethod manipulating Logen with sex is not an image I was expecting today....but it happened.
  13. Ah. I must've missed that bit. I read the series when it first came out. I got the LAOK with the missing pages. Recently listened to them on Audible again and I still missed that. Hah. Thanks.
  14. Wait. Ferro was mentioned in BSC? Where? When? How?
  15. Andrew Gilfellon

    Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    David Keck, author of in the eye of heaven and in a time of treason. Vanished after book two in his series. Don't know what happened. David Bilsbourough, the Wanderer's tale. This guy didn't come off well in interviews. Who knows what happened to him.