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  1. LOL, people need to realize there are going to be changes from the book, stop rating a show based on that. It was a great episode. Imagine if you didn't read the book how amazed would you be right now
  2. I'm sad LS wasn't introduced, but if people rate this episode low only because of that would be unfair. I loved the addition of the Brienne/Hound confrontation, sometimes things are so obvious after they happen. Like why didn't I realize that was going to be what was going to happen 7-8...If people ignore leaving LS out they'd realize the end was really well done.
  3. Stannis didn't arrive during this fight, lol... ugh people commmmon.,
  4. This is a show that has dialogue, they had to buildup Sam's feeling of loss before Gilly came back. They also had to make Jon reminisce about Ygritte before tonight's climax of Ygritte dying. It was obvious tonight's episode's climax was going to be Ygritte's death.
  5. Look I'm not here to argue with people's opinions, people have a right to them, and won't change them. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, and can't wait for Stannis to arrive next week.
  6. Lol, people complain there wasn't enough action, how the hell would you have liked them to fit the entire battle, then the delay (Jon goodbyes), treat with Mance, Stannis arriving in one episode. People's expectations are seriously flawed. We'll get that next week, ugh.
  7. Even in the books the battle wasn't just one massive thing, Mance sent multiple small/medium sized forces at the wall. In the books we don't see Stannis until Jon's "treat" with Mance. Seriously, how could the show have done a better job at portraying the battle of castleblack besides a full 2.5 hour motion picture? They did a brilliant job. People are just haters.
  8. its funny, during the first 4 seasons all I ever heard from friends/family/forums was that there wasn't enough fight scenes. We finally had a full episode worth of one giant battle and people are complaining. People have a right to their opinion, but damn, I don't understand how anyone could have disliked this episode. I've read the books twice and watched each episode like 3 times at least, this ranks in the top 5.
  9. As a book reader this was one of my fav episodes of the season, had tremendous dialogue and action. Why are people claiming they are upset that Stannis didn't come? In the books he didn't come until the Mance/Jon meetup anyway. lol, people will complain about anything, even when they're wrong.
  10. Its not fair to judge the show on how close it relates to the book. I have read all the books, and I personally want changes. If the show was 100% like the book it would be really boring for me to watch. The changes make it interesting to watch every week because I am not spoiled. People need to judge the show ON THE SHOW itself. I give this episode an 8, Jon Snow coming in contact with Bran will be very interesting. I kind of like how this is playing out compared to the books.
  11. Loved the episode, I wish people didn't always compare the show to the books. Saying "why didn't this or that happen" ...I've read all the books & I LOVE the show JUST as much. People need to start viewing the show as its own entity. Personally I even wish sometimes that the show would skew even more from the books. If everything was exactly the same it wouldn't be as enjoyable to me because I'd already know what has happened. Great episode, I loved Oberyn.
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