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  1. is absolutely awesomer than you.

  2. Best first post ever, Peaches. Welcome to the board.
  3. I can bitch about any casting I want. "Horseman #5 looked like crap on that horse! What the fuck sort of casting allowed such an incompetent rider act in this series! And he looks wrong! Horseman #5 was 6 feet tall in the book, that guy's clearly 5'9" Good luck D&D. You're gonna need it.
  4. GRRM never fit my view of Jon Arryn. I imagined a tall, thin, Jeremy Irons-like figure.
  5. I like the suggestion there was for having him a head on a pike, and having Joffrey (or Tywin) explaining different people he put on the pikes, with it ending on GRRM and saying "And this one wrote lies about me!" You should use that. Also, it's not a Stan Lee moment. A Stan Lee moment would be if Ned was having a hard time, and GRRM appeared next to him and offered him some help as a kindly old man. I'd think it would be more of a Terry Pratchett moment, where he acts as someone either self centered or idiotic.
  6. Thank you for your comments on AFFC, as well as the Watchmen movie. I was convinced I was the only one who thought like that until you arrived. I hereby bestow upon thee a title.

  7. ... But Sandor is huge and brutal looking. You're not supposed to feel much sympathy for him. And GRRM has admitted that his fantasy-inducing-ness was a mistake, or at least unintended, from what I've heard. Parris or Ran may correct me on this. Willig, however, is my favorite choice for the role. If he doesn't have a British accent, I think they should work with him to get one, because you're not going to get closer to the description than him. I remember hearing a while ago about the idea of him as Sandor, and Dalip Singh as Gregor, which would be excellent. If not for my complete inability to understand a word Singh says. Willig was excellent in Dexter, and I think he'll be good in this. As I've said before, he's an actor with his eye on awards. Those actors generally tend to be serious about trying their hardest with a role. I say generally because Lindsay Lohan also said those things.
  8. I'll sacrifice a cat to the Dark One if Ray Stevenson is the Hound.
  9. Pita here. I will occasionally change my nickname (Although I am really happy with this one), but the Pita stays.
  10. Best Avatar Ever.

    'nuff said.

  11. Or, like me, just hate the Yeard himself and continue to enjoy his works because you're a moronic teenager! Or something else!
  14. Actually, no, he doesn't since we're on thread 27 instead of thread 2.
  15. He doesn't need it... he's brain wiped anyway. WHY DON'T PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME? except on the TG.net boards where Mystar is hating me and the rest is just disliking and reading.
  16. He obviously does not have brain cells if he can emulate the Yeard so perfectly. Don't choose death, whelp.
  17. Well, it's your fault for choosing Death and abandoning us. And if I helped somebody not-drown does that count as an almost-rape?
  18. ... People there think I'm Myshkin. And it's scaring me. Anyway, I'm beginning to get the feeling that some of the people there can actually have reasoned and intellegent debates... Do I need to kick a girl in the jaw now? Kill peace protestors? Something?
  19. Are you calling His Great Yeardliness gay? Anyway, I don't read Terry for escapism. I read it to imagine a world that is how this world should be, how this world should work. Escapism sucks, dude.
  20. Actually, I think lemmings fall because they ignore the cliff. And I choose life by ignoring that last point you said. Because I'm lazy. And a death chooser.
  21. I said that Mystar could be the uberlemming if he wasn't a douche. I see certain lemmingish aspects in his writing, especially when he talks about celery. However, he is a douche. So he can't be an uberlemming. I was speaking in Bizarro world, where Richard is a good person and Tairy writes fantasy. Anyway, in reading Naked Empire, I noticed a gem, but I forgot which page it was on. How about we dismantle some of Richard's speeches, due to Tairy's lack of appearance anywhere.
  22. I like Jean Grey... JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING don't hurt me...
  23. ... Isn't this a Tairy thread? BTW, Myshkin, are you really all of those dostoyevski names in TG.net? Because they're analyzing you. Mystar should be a lemming. If he lets go of the fact that he's a douche and decides to join us, I suggest making him the uberlemming. I mean, I enjoy reading Tairy (now you people hate me) but it does not mean that I don't enjoy making fun of the moron for what he says outside of the books. Or just choose life and ignore what I'm typing and continue serving comic book guys. And not the Simpsons kind.
  24. This article is obviously a lie. Terry does not write fantasy. He is not a fantasy author. He is a novelist. And as such, he is infinitely better than the number one fantasy author in america. Who copied off him. Screw Robert Jordan, and Christopher Tolkein. And that George guy sucks, who does he think he is? All they are doing is wierdo cultural diversity. As such, the writer of that interview is just a commie from the Westeros boards.
  25. I post on the TG.net boards, and every post I make about Tairy I have to edit as to not invoke the wrath of Mystar for naming his idol a little gay pixie. And I keep finding myself misspelling Mystar as Myshkin.
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