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    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

  2. jakmanuk

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Sorry if someone's mentioned these already: Ned - Goldeneye, National Treasure, Fellowship of the Ring, a family guy episode, Troy, Flightplan, The Island, Silent Hill and Percy Jackson Cersei - The Purge, 300 and maybe rise of an empire and Dredd also I think the Terminator TV show Tyrion - Death at a funeral, Ice Age 4 (He's in a upcoming game called Destiny as well) Jaime - Black Hawk Down Jon - How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Pompeii Jorah - Kick-Ass 2 Tywin - Ali G In Da House and Last Action Hero Littlefinger - Dark Knight Rises and Queer as Folk Karl - Dark Knight Rises and Torchwood Varys - Keith Lemon the film Robb - Klondkyke Jeor - Chronicles of Narnia (He's Santa) Gendry - Skins and New Worlds Gilly - Skins Margaery - Tudors Ramsay - Misfits and Vicious King Robert - The Full Monty Theon - I saw him in a trailer for a film called Savages? I'm not sure Hizhdar - Plebs Dagmer - The Office Orell??? - The Office (The one played by Mackenzie crooke) Jojen - Doctor Who Pycelle - Doctor Who and Harry Potter Osha - Harry Potter Catelyn - Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1 (It's only a cameo as Hermione's mum) Mance- Harry Potter and Rome Edmure - Rome Olenna - The Avengers (TV show not film) Shae - You don't want to know
  3. jakmanuk

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I liked Brienne and the Hound, even though I knew who would win I didn't like Arya leaving him. They made them too friendly that it didn't make sense Missed Theon, Sansa and Lady Stoneheart Children of the Forest looked weird, but I'll get used to it Jojen's death was well done Tyrion and Tywin was underwhelming Tyrion and Jaime was underwhelming Arya as the last scene was stupid Chaining the dragons didn't make sense for me, I know it's in the books but they chained them up and sealed them in the room. Why not chain them outside so they have space to grow, why not just seal them in the room and not chain them up! Also why did Daenerys do it? She could have been killed. The dragons have become a bit hostile to her, as seen in episode 1 when they roared at her. Get Grey Worm to do it, nobody likes him anyway Resolution to Jon's story could have been done in episode 9, which annoyed me because they left 9 at a cliffhanger when they could have fitted it in and then used Jon's episode 10 time for Lady Stoneheart Robert Strong is pretty much confirmed Cersei telling Tywin about the twincest was good, but I really wish Tywin had slapped her I wish Tywin wasn't on the toilet when he died, I know it was a book thing but I wish he had been given a more dignifying death Shae being killed by Tyrion was a bit stupid. Why didn't she just throw him off her! I actually liked Bloodraven, but the repeated camera angle was annoying I liked the skeletons I thought Hodor was going to die when he was being smacked across the face The general skeleton that appearead, I thought was going to be Coldhands and I kind of cheered. Then he attacked Hodor :( Not going to see the elections until a year later I gave it a 7
  4. I bet Tywin or Varys, whatever sends a letter to Jorah asking for a report on Daenerys, Daenerys, Grey Worm, Daario or Barristan find it and they think Jorah is a no good liar!