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  1. 3rd Gregor was in the front audiance of Jeff Dunham recent round the world stand up special on Comedy Central. He was in the Icelandic part of the special.


    There is a picture of him with Dunham in Iceland on facebook.Dunham more than likely gave him a ticket to the show.

    that same Gregor was in a video on youtube visting kids at a hospital and he was painted and dress as The Hulk.

  2. Peter Dinklage was in a Nardia movie with Warwick Davis

    Lena and Peter were in pete smalls is dead

    Dinklage was on Family guy as Mr. stone(ep secondhand spoke)

    Broon was in soldier soldier

    Conan Steven was in a predator movie

    Conan was also in the Hobbit as Bolg

    Rory Mcann was in some scotish coffree commercials( the commercial are funny)

  3. LF in dark night. Tywin in Aliens 3. Stannis a John Adam . Ned and Jon snow in Silent Hill 2 film. The actress that play Shireen was part of the Doctor Who prom. Selyse plays the king's estrange mom the the 3 musketeers BBC Show.

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