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    How would you rate episode 404?

    Exactly. They've done a very poor job with matching everyone's journeys to converge at appropriate moments. Now, there's all these convoluted plots being made up in order to give the characters something to do. That's what makes it filler. And filler is never good unless its in a twinkie.
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    How would you rate episode 404?

    ALRIGHT EVERYBODY MY OPINION IS THE BEST BECAUSE I AM ME AND ALSO I'M THE BEST! Caps lock off... Jaime and Brienne- very touching scenes here and there, especially at their departure. I thought some of the dialogue was clunky and missed the mark. Also, I'm pretty sure Jaime names Oathkeeper, but it was sweet coming from Brienne. Sansa and Littlefinger- Not much to say about this scene. It was all exposition. I assume they are revealing the culprits behind Joffrey's assassination so that the viewers can be sure that Tyrion is the good guy. Marg and QoT- This was interesting and important character work. I will miss the Queen of Thorns. Marg and Tommen- Very, very sexy from Marg. They have upped Tommen's age to make Marg's work on him clearly sensual. This is working very well so far and makes for great viewing. The Tommen actor did nice work. Jaime and Tyrion- I can't really think of anything that happened here of import. Character development that hints at future actions from Jaime later. Let's not let there be any surprises for the viewers, now! Viewers are dumb, and must have things spelled out for them. We are smarter because we are from Hollywood and Hollywood is the best and that makes us the best! Oh shit I forgot about Dany- They wanna complain that they need filler to fix their fucked up time gaps, but they rush so many events that I just assume they are dumb and think they can do better than source material. This part was entertaining, but overly simplified and rushed. Dany is starting to suck. Barristan had an epic moment. Where was Daario? Why doesn't Jorah get lines? The hell is going on at the Wall?- So basically everything going on at the Wall is filler because they fucked up the timeline and positively CAN'T have the big epic battle for the Wall happen before episode 9 of the season. NOOOOOO WAY! Not all of it is boring, but it is dumb. Everyone's reason for doing anything is dumb. I don't even want to spell it out. None of it makes any sense and makes all of the NW characters seem like idiots. The clown-ass Other thing- Now, I don't like this scene, and not because it is a "spoiler" (but it isn't really, its just kinda another spelling things out to viewers because they think the audience is dumb and needs to be told this). The reason this is a bad scene is basically the reason that pretty every horror movie falls on its face. Horror comes from a lack of understanding and mystery. The White Walkers are scary in the books because we never see them. Deciding that you have to explain the mystery behind them before they even do anything in the show destroys the mystery behind them. Once we understand the WW, we no longer have any need to fear them. We now know what they do with the babies and it is nowhere near as horrible as what our imaginations predicted. You have now humanized the White Walkers. Good job. They are officially no longer a scary, otherworldly entity. Also, that Other's make-up looked like shit! Freakin' power rangers material there. Who decided that looked appropriate at all for Game of Thrones? I'll rate this episode a 7/10 because everything but the Wall and North was enjoyable and made sense.
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    How would you rate episode 403?

    Sansa's escape = 8 Along with picking up at the Purple Wedding and Joffrey's little lifeless corpse. Again, the lack of panic and disorder, mainly due to lack of shots of the wedding party, made everything feel off. Tywin shouted at no one, as if the orders of 'no one leaves' at this point could be followed. The awkwardness of Kingsguard extras standing stupidly in the background, Tyrion being carted away awkwardly at the behest of an obviously deranged Cersei felt stupid. Sansa and Dontos' escape was rushed, but I enjoyed it. People complain about LF's voice. Yea, its annoying. I don't know why he's talking like that. But w/e, I'm glad to see him back. Margaery & Olenna = 4 I honestly pretty much forgot this scene already. The Sept of Baelor = 7The Tywin/Tommen bit had a point but it went on too long and was boring. Jaime didn't rape Cersei, she went along with it, but also was conflicted because of the locale. Yea, she was saying "not here" but she didn't quite fight him with determination. She was conflicted. I think they should have kept it more clearly by the book. How strong this scene would have been if they hadn't made Jaime arrive three episodes early. Arya & The Hound = 5 I'm not enjoying Arya this season. I'm seeing the actress coming through the acting and it takes me out. She's made herself too much of a joke with the audience outside of the show and its bleeding into her performance. 'She's the cute little girl who is also a badass.' The Hound's Winter lesson was a good darkening of the character, but somewhat out of character, unless he is beginning to despair for some reason, but they haven't set anything up for that so it just appears like sloppy writing. Sam & Gilly = 2 Boring as seven hells. Should have stopped with the "and what about you" line. Sam is a very annoying character when he is being wimpy and since he's back basically a season too early at the wall they have to give his character filler crap to do, which hurts the character. Was a big waste of uninteresting time for this not too exciting episode. It drug. Dragonstone = 2 I honestly forgot most of this already. Why isn't he at the wall? Even my Unsullied family members were like "what's he doing?" The poor choices the writers have made with the timeline is basically turning the rest of this season into a damn spoiler fest until the stupid attack on the wall can finally happen, which just has to wait until episode 9 for some dumb reason when it could have happened this episode. (The first attack from the south, but again they've brought Alister and Janos back too early so now they have to do some stupid crap with them. Ugh filler fest). The Brothel = 4 I'm a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR fan of the Viper. First, they've cut the nickname and his affinity for poisons and made it into a stupid exposition line for Tywin to bring up. That cuts like half the character. Too much "hey we like sex" as people have already said. The point of him coming to KL was to be on the Small Council, but they changed it in the show to just attending the wedding, which seems a little stupid. Why would Tywin bribe him with basically nothing that the Viper cares about excluding Gregor. Why would the Viper want a seat on the stupid small council? That would be the most boring thing to him. Why would he want to help the Lannisters at all? Gahh just so much dumb. I'm waiting to see where they are taking this arc before I judge it too harshly. Having Tywin promise Gregor takes away so much of the character's drive and motivation. Tyrion & Pod = 4 Stupid whitewashing of Tyrion and Bronn. Now Pod has a more graceful exit from his service so that is ok. I forgot most everything else that happened in this scene as well. The Wildling Attack = 1 "The Horselords took your land. Burn every village!" Are teh wildlings bad guys mum? I'm not sure. Oh, cannibalism is bad, so yes tehy are bad too. Yayyyyy Castle Black = 2 What happened? Oh, filler attack Craster's camp. WHat? Aren't the wildlings like just about to attack your damn wall with 100k men? Didn't you just say being drawn out was a stupid idea? Now you want to march TOWARDS the main host to kill a bunch of people who have useless information? Such poorly contrived filler. And why is everyone listening to Jon now? I figured since Thorne hates him he would, like, NOT listen to him. But yea something happened let's ask Snow's advice he probably knows what's best he's like 20 years old now. Daenerys = 4 Yeaaa, again just a bit wut. March that close up to the enemy gates. Why would the Meereneese allow you to do that? That's a pretty tight little pass you just marched your army through. Woulda been a great place for an ambush or for, say, 300 uber warriors to make a stand so that the overwhelming numbers of your army are nullified. Glad to get some more of Captain Expo (Ser Jorah) spouting off amazing lines like "He is a Hero of Meereen." Oh, ok, I would never have gotten that. Poor man's Daario is poor man's Daario. Its like his understudy is playing him. The placement of the fight was just awkward as hell and its obvious the Daario actor has no physical training. The whole chains thing would have been cool if Dany didn't have a cool switcheroo move to pull every single time she ran into an enemy ever. Its predictable and expected at this point. I don't have a calculator, so overall, like, a 5? I guess? Still gonna watch it again just cause I love GoT so much.
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    How would you rate episode 401?

    They are really sharp, but armor exists for a reason. Swords are not as sharp as movies would have you believe, and they were not used to deflect other blades. That is the point of a shield. People block with blades in movies because the clanging sound is cool for the audience to hear. Swords would break if they were swung against each other like that all the time. You can love the fight scene if you want. I don't. Broadswords are heavy for 10 year old girls and it does take muscle to push through leather and mail and steel (though leather is not real armor, it just looks cool in shows).
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    How would you rate episode 401?

    Which happened over a year ago and she has no real practice with. You don't know this, but swords are heavy, and little Arya has not had any practice with real blades.
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    How would you rate episode 401?

    I'm going to give it a 9 due to some discrepancies. The Oberyn scene was a little over the top, but his character is over the top. That's why he only lasts a short time in the books. He has to be established quickly and in an interesting way. We got everything we need to know about the Viper and the Dornish from that one scene. Arya and the Hound, humorous. I am interested to see where they are taking their storyline, since I am assuming that inn was where he is originally wounded in the books. Jon finally became an interesting character. In the show, he's always come across as an entitled butthole with no real personality. Maybe the actor took some classes or this scene just struck him right, because I was finally rooting for him. The dragons looked good, and I don't think dragons are cool, haha, so props to the CGI team. The new Daario is not Daario Naharis. I don't know why they refuse to work his character similar to the book Daario. This one is goofy and lighthearted. The flower thing was comical and not right for the character, but it is establishing his and Dany's relationship. Arya's fighting was a little ridiculous at moments. There was no buildup to her being a competent fighter. She just suddenly was and it looked like a comic book adaptation. My favorite season premier of all. SO happy my man Oberyn is in town. Looking forward to next week's episode =)