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  1. For the pig imagery how about the dead sea cow that Tyrion finds lurking in the bowels of Casterly Rock? I also think the decaying manatee is symbolically the exact opposite of Patchface, and that makes me wonder if a meeting between the two (Tyrion and Patchface... snicker) is in the works.
  2. Immediately I am struck by the symmetry of Tyrion uttering the same word, "pretty" when he sees his reflection for the first time after the battle of Blackwater and that he rides this pig, as a pig, before Dany and the Meereenese to be unwittingly eaten by his own House sigil personified and hungry. Afterward he abandons the pig, the identity, and the fetters. He is transformed, although not back to what he was.
  3. I've actually had similar thoughts on pig iron and smelting and refining. I've been thinking a lot about pigs as servants of the Earth Mother archetype (who gore certain heroes to death and scar others for later identification- Odysseus, for example) and it is going to be one of the foci of my next reread project. Pate the Pig Boy, the boar skinchanger, Craster's pigs- it's a lot of pork.
  4. This one is not fully developed but I feel like there is something there: Cersei/Circe and Tyrion being transformed visually into something piggish by losing most of his nose. Having him ride a pig later before a different queen portends a redemption/transformation.
  5. Likewise. I say we dye the oysters a proper braavosi purple, though. Or is the cult blue? Dye them both to be safe.
  6. For the Stark children: The Rolling Stones, "Gimme Shelter"
  7. Quay/key? I seem to remember there being a good one there, but it's slipped its slip and headed out to sea.
  8. Not sure if this qualifies ( a bit tinfoily): In a thread on the origins of "Barratheon" LynnS and I were bandying about the possibility the word "Bar" in Bar Emmon and Barratheon could be a tag (valyrian, likely) indicating bastardy which brought up this passage: A Dance with Dragons - Tyrion IX Might be we'll make Meereen after all, Tyrion thought. But when he clambered up the ladder to the sterncastle and looked off from the stern, his smile faltered. Blue sky and blue sea here, but off west … I have never seen a sky that color. A thick band of clouds ran along the horizon. "A bar sinister," he said to Penny, pointing. "It means some big bastard is creeping up behind us." and the fact that one of Robert's bastards was named "Barra" by her mother to please the king.
  9. Still only on page 3, but what a great thread! Thanks for pointing it out to me in the Nennymoans... thread, Seams.
  10. "Nemesis" by Shriekback. Just in general. The lyrics are so... fitting "Priests and cannibals Prehistoric animals Everybody happy as the dead come home Big black nemesis Parthenogenesis No one move a muscle as the dead come home..."
  11. hiemal

    Howdy! On the topic of the Green Men, the Green Kings, and the CotF:

    Do you have any ideas the incorporation of bats? Their skeletons in BR's hill and living cousins in the ruins of Harrenhall (so close to the Isle of Faces) has had me pondering for a while and I admit I got bupkis.

  12. Did anyone else get the feeling that Sam and Gilly's discussion on the Citadel's boy's only policy was a possibly set-up for a late Sarella Sand insertion -OR- even more outlandishly pasting a disguised and newly gung-ho-for-education Gilly (not sure what they would do with the baby)?
  13. What did Davos see in the snow that I didn't? Whatever it was seems to have changed his disposition towards Melisandre and Jon considerably. Dorne caught me completely off guard. Valar Morghulis, but this seems like D&D either working under constraints we aren't aware of (having to write someone out for some reason or having painted themselves into a corner) or a drunken bet. Sansa and Theon was well done, I thought, and I was duly relieved when they crossed paths with Brienne and Pod. The vanishing hounds puzzle me a bit... Ramsey can die at any time. Varys and Tyrion seemed painfully forced and pointless until the underplayed game-changer that Meereen lost every ship in her harbor. Dany's plight was not heightened by having a great deal of the menace leavened with wisecracks and comedy routines. Not sure what that was all about. I am pleased with Arya's bit. The highlighted sounds of passing conversations was well done- the snatch of conversation about Trant's murder was great. The Mel reveal seems like a ballsy move for the last scene of the season premiere. It had to happen, but it didn't have to involve full frontal. Those boobs will never be clean to me again.
  14. For the Imp: Been in a palace, been in a jail I just don't want to be reborn a snail Just want to spend eternity right where I am On the sunnyside of the street As my mother wept it was then I swore To take my life as I would a whore I know I'm better than before I will not be reconstructed
  15. I literally can't hear this song without thinking about Bran. For the winged wolf: Ice is forming on the tips of my wings Unheeded warnings, I thought, I thought of everything No navigator to find my way home Unladen, empty and turned to stone A soul in tension that's learning to fly Condition grounded but determined to try
  16. For the Many-Faced God: Who by fire? Who by water? Who in the sunshine and who in the nighttime? Who by high ordeal? Who by common trial? This version is a little creepier than Leonard Cohen's...
  17. For Bobby B. and his big ol' boar: TUSK! For the Bloodstone Emperor: Murderer! Man of fire!
  18. Melisandre flits from Stannis to Jon in minutes. Women and fire are both fickle and bad news travels fast, but... Brienne stumbling across Stannis was just stupid. There are no other words. Myrcella was hamhanded. Even unElaria isn't that box-of-hair stupid. The Arya/Meryn stuff was rough- in a way in which show Arya's often aren't but which book Arya's chapters always are. Which leads to Sansa's leap. Again, as different from the book as we get, this feels close in spirit. It's tough on a Stark in winter without the pack, No complaints with Cersei's walk of shame. Shame shame shame (ring). The Mereenese throne room was a bad joke without a punchline. For the watch was good. If it's tough to be a Stark away fron your pack it's just as tough when your adopted pack turn on you. Let's hope the time off gives D&D the clarity to not drop the ball so often next season.
  19. There was a time when this show felt the luxury of subtlety.
  20. The scene in the Mereenese throne room made think they were setting it up for a bad sitcom spinoff- "Three halfmen and a girl try to rule a city on the verge of civil war with hilarious results while essos' own odd couple track the mother of dragons through the dothraki sea while exploring each others' feelings through stinging quips"... I'm not sure even Euron and more of Tyene's tits (seven save me) would make that bearable.
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