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  1. I've seen nearly nothing on any predictions outside of Melisandre to be the one to resurrect Jon Snow. So ... hear me out... In the books, it is made clear that Melisandra does not know how to resurrect the dead and has never succeeded in doing that. We know only one Red priest that has done that. He is now with Lady Stoneheart... who is about to cause the death of Jamie L and Brienne... But what if what Jamie is walking into right now is his dream from AFFC. He is with Brienne. Headed to a dark cave where death awaits him. What if "Rhaegars" ghost does appear.... in the form of Howland Reed. What if Howland Reed is the one to stop Caitlyn by telling her the TRUTH about Jon Snow. Jamie idolized Rhaegar... loved him as a brother... He finds out that the heir to the throne he swore an oath to lives... Or, well.. kinda as I doubt they would know that Jon has been killed. I always wondered if GRRM helped HBO write the scene in S3 where Caitlyn S discusses Jon as a baby and how "everything that has happened up to this point is because she couldn't love a motherless child." At this point she believes that Bran and Rickon were left to die in Winterfell by Theon because she had never accepted Jon... Theon would not have been at Robb's side had she accepted Jon. Bran would not have been alone, had she accepted Jon... At this point I believe that Howland will demand they go "retrieve" Jon, as he is the Targaryen Heir to Westeros and Robb's heir apparent according to the letter Robb sent out that showed his "will".. which Howland will have gotten ahold of. At this point I believe Jamie will be offered the Night's Watch... they will travel there... with Lady Stoneheart who will then give Jon the Kiss of life... or Lady Stone heart will stay in the Riverlands hunting the Freys and the Red Priest will travel North with Jamie and resurrect Jon.... If Lady Stoneheart does not go... I believe that her fate will lie in Arya's hands.... That Arya will return to Westeros and be the one to stop her mother's vengeful ways.... I've always thought that there are Three Princes that were Promised... Three Azor Ahais.... What if The whole point of all this is Dany... Jamie... and Jon..... The most complex characters... 2 of which are doomed by their past to eventual failure... and one who must "kill the boy"... what if when Jon is resurrected... the Jon we know is dead... This Jon is an actual leader... a strong one... because maybe... this Jon is a Dragon..
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