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  1. Note: I haven't finished ASOS yet: Jaime: Before, I thought he was just Cersei with a cock. Now, I kind of like him, or at least respect him. We see his reasons for the things he does (I never had a problem with the Kingslaying, but I doubt I'll ever forgive pushing Bran off a window). The dynamic he had with Brienne was fun. his chapters prior to his arrival on King's Landing were BORING. but after that I really warmed to him. The journey with Brienne has changed him, he's a more honorable man now and tries to make ameds for his past deeds, what seems to be distancing him from Cersei. Jon: His chapters were also boring prior to this book, but in ASOS he truly shines. Bran: Also a previously boring character, he finally controls his warg powers, that's awesome. Also his companions Jojen, Meera and of course HODOR =) Sansa: In GoT I hated her, she was boring, and then she betrayed her family to Queen C*nt and Prince [email protected] In ACoK I liked her a little more, and in this book she's a way better character. Jorah: He was awesome. A great advisor to Dany, and her most loyal servant.. then he kissed her, and his character's the less for it. He was given the opportunity to be forgiven, he only had to beg, but instead the lovefool moron acted as if Dany OWED him an apology. that's no way to treat your queen/khaleesi. Aemon: I already liked him, but now I really like him. Arstan: I thought he was an odd squire with an interesting past before, but now.. on his way to my list of favorite characters. Stannis and Davos: I already loved them from day one, but in this book they're at their best. My two favorite chaacters. Sandor Clegane: I disliked him at first, just like all the other Joffrey servants (Ser Gregor, Illyn Payne, Janos Slynt..) but since ACoK and especially this book I kinda like him and I think he deserved a second chance. Arya: I liked her in the first book, but I hated all her stupid adventures since her dad died. -except for the ghost in harrenhal, that was good- but now that she's free of the burden of trying to find her living relatives, she can finally start developing as a more interesting character. Catelyn: Her chapters started decaying in quality after ACoK, but in this book I hated every single Catelyn chapter. The Red Wedding was actually a relief for me. Robb: He was awesome in ACoK, but he had to threw it all away and marry the first pussy that found it's way into his bed, betraying the Freys, losing important allies, and finally getting his @ss murdered. It was dishonorable of him to break his promise to the Freys, and stupid to marry a girl he just knew only because of a misguided sense of duty, giving up all of the advantages of the Frey marriage. EDIT: I forgot: The execution of Rickard Karstark, that was unfair AND stupid.