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  1. Yeah for sure, there are so many hints in the book eg. The old man of the river and moquorros reading from the night fire on the stinky steward. May still be red herrings but the show keeps them coming. Love it
  2. I've always believed R+L= J and have secretly hoped that A+J=T. This season has pretty much convinced me on both. That red priestess looking at tyrion and him watching drogon from the sorrows/Valeria man cmon twow!!
  3. So with Mel leaving the wall, who is there to save Jon? Give theon to the tree, just like the Ravens say in the tent with stannis in the theon sample chapter. The Northmen of old used blood sacrifices to their heart trees as we learned in the wolf den with davos. I believe this is major foreshadowing, with theons kings blood, and the chapters happening basically in unison, theons upcoming execution may have something to do with saving Jon snow? Thoughts
  4. BTW, i hope d&d don't let Jon and Bran meet. That way the unsullied will know how it feels!
  5. the books are harsh regarding rape etc, so is the show. this is westoros being brought alive, if u read the books surely u can stomach the show. its not harry potter
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