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  1. Random, but was Gilly > Molestown just so we could have one more scene where we are reminded that we like Ygritte? Because I don't think we needed that, and that was a whole lot of screentime.
  2. Agreed, but as she said, better the devil you know. I think her actions made sense in the context of the show.
  3. Agree. This was her Sirius Black laughing after Pettigrew blasted apart the street moment.
  4. This is why I haven't gotten work done today. Just amazing. Link to all of them (she did this entire season so far plus Mysha): http://captainofalltheships.tumblr.com/tagged/chrys-watches-got-full
  5. Agreed. He didn't say anything but I read that look it as him thinking about Tysha and almost telling Tyrion. I guess they have to save that for his release to get him very angry?
  6. Ooh, that's interesting! Never considered that. Though Martin's explanation of the scene makes it seem like LF was kind of just being a creep and fulfilling his teenage fantasies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtYhmD2TZs0
  7. There's going to be a lot of nitpicking around the Vale Lords; Sansa's hair is quite red in the promo. I guess the Unsullied won't think about that/care :dunno:
  8. My guess is they'll pretend she slipped. Seems clean and simple.
  9. IMO it'll definitely only be one season. Especially in light of all the "7 season plan" interviews.
  10. Yeah I'm assuming foreshadowing for something to come in TWOW? That seemed odd and pointed.
  11. QFT. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate Hot Pie's bread sculpting abilities?
  12. So I'm confused who's ear Gwendolyn was talking about biting off this season...guess it'll be a random Frey and then we meet LS? Also, Shireen's going to be sacrificed, right? I had this hunch from the books but that scene almost confirmed it for me :(
  13. The Unsullied seem to assume it will be Bronn again. I think Tyrion would be hesitant to choose a man who's learning to swing a sword. But you're right; the order of Oberyn offering is switched in the show.
  14. Thank you. Looks like we're not getting Last of the Giants but I was hoping for Dornishman's wife this season with Oberyn. I thought that would be good end credit music after the Viper vs. The Mountain, but seems a bit late to be introduced.
  15. I'm assuming the scene from this episode is set-up to having a bunch of people demanding payment, and it's going to culminate with a dead child. Dany needs a reason to lock up the dragons.
  16. Kevan was in S1, so I doubt it. I think they just name-dropped Lancel so that Tyrion can tell Jaime Cersei and Lancel slept together. What is going to happen with the "little birds" getting into Mereen? Does that mean the poisoning probably wasn't Hizdahr? Also not sure why people are worried about the goat thing...that dragon is obviously going to snatch up a child at some point. They just wanted to set the repayment for goats as a standards.
  17. I'll submit my own on Aegon's Identity: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/109569-aegon-vis-identity-compiling-the-evidence/ This presents all options for who Aegon VI really is (so it includes the ones listed under "true identities"), explains a few others, and provides in-depth textual evidence for all.
  18. Agreed, and I think it would work well. They're definitely setting it up. They've been really, really upping the mentions of the Seven recently.
  19. Oh agreed. Brandon seems like a giant bro to me. My point was I'm not sure anyone used "cruel" to describe him before, but Lysa is batshit and others didn't exactly think highly of him.
  20. True. Also I suppose Lady Dustin didn't paint him in the best light.
  21. Oh hey, did anyone bring up that "handsome, arrogant, cruel Uncle Brandon" line yet? I know Lysa is nuts, but interesting insight into how some viewed him at least. This exactly. Especially given: http://rockpaperwatch.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/cersei-margaery-strangle.gif
  22. :agree: Except that the Hound was on her list ever since Mycah. Also, they really need to burn time with Ayra before she gets on the ship. Her AFFC/ADWD material is thin. I don't mind her being paired with Sandor for that...they play well off of each other.
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