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  1. Yeah, her maidenhead will likely be a plot point...probably next book
  2. I know. I wish we could have seen manipulative Cersei like, try and get in good with the judges for Tyrion's upcoming trial and maybe even promise them things she abhors in an attempt to secure their votes.
  3. She could still be a Stone. I'm sure LF will clarify these details with Sansa in a later episode. For the purposes of the gate, saying that she was his niece and giving a first name was sufficient.
  4. From whom though? I'm so confused how that plot will play out.
  5. And Oberyn was just pensive and poetic, lol. He'll be sorely missed.
  6. Exactly. She also gets more drunk once Tywin dies, which helps deteriorate things a bit more.
  7. Makes me hopeful we may get a good amount of them cast for next season. I assumed they would probably conflate a few, but at least leaves the doors open for all of them if they want
  8. Yeah it reminds me of how it's described in the books where Hodor "curls up and hides" in a corner of his brain when Bran enters
  9. I noticed that too, but I think because in our society we don't necessarily use the term "maiden" to mean that, it was for our clarity. I bet they won't call it a "maidenhead" either
  10. Yeah, I think we were all bracing ourselves for it next season, and then this season started smacking us in the face with stuff. I don't mind myself, but it is interesting they're starting down that path so early. I'm taking this to mean that TWOW definitely won't be published before S5
  11. I want whatever Jojen was on this episode...he seemed in fine form tonight
  12. Ah, I figured this was a nod to him being Satin, but seeing as we never really know who killed Ygritte, these two things aren't mutually exclusive.
  13. Yeah, based on the promo they're heading right towards Lysa. They've got a lot of ground to cover before the Moon Door though, and only 4 episodes left to do it (episode 9 is eaten up by the battle).
  14. :agree: Also, I still maintain we didn't need much help to reach the conclusion that these are men we should hate. They're mutineers. They chained up Ed and Grenn. This was poor writing.
  15. Ah, you're right! It probably was meant to be a dig, so I guess briantw's point about acting LC makes sense.
  16. Thorne still is...Jon even says "someone has to train them," and Thorne replies "...and that someone is me." I think Jon and Grenn just had some down time and were trying to help.
  17. I think the flippant way in which rape was tossed in served to vilify the mutineers more, and raise the stakes for next episode. But it was so absolutely not needed. They so overdid painting these guys as "bad." I mean, seriously, drinking from Old Bear's skull? Tormenting Ghost with water? We already hated these men...they're mutineers after all. It was disgusting and voyeuristic. Maybe they thought they needed to make everything really explicitly terrible (and "realistic" to how the mutineers behaved), but this was so overboard. I defended the show heavily on this subject last week; I was very disappointed by this moment.
  18. I thought the "horns" were supposed to be like a crown?
  19. I heard people saying the White Walker Maul scene was from TWOW...maybe the prologue? I can't find the source that though. And yes, they're definitely following the books. They know how it ends. They know they have to get from point A to point B. The books may be taking the meandering, scenic route, and the show may be taking the highway, but I think where the story ends will be quite similar.
  20. Agreed! I'm already freaking out at the mere possibility of it. Let's just hope the show runners stick to subtle blue flowers, for funsies.
  21. According to GoT wiki, approx 12 in season 4: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Tommen_Baratheon They didn't say anything, but I think we're supposed to conclude he's pre-pubescent (Tywin mentioned something about "when you come of age") in 4x03. Edit: That all being said, back in Season 1 Loras says that he's 8. And we know a couple of years have passed (LF to Sansa in 4x03). So I think the show-runners are hoping we won't notice a 2-year age jump for him.
  22. Fair enough :lol:...the 7 greatest knights in Westeros are quite a joke as of late.
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