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  1. Screenshot of Olenna touching the jewel: http://i.imgur.com/bOZ4izP.jpg?1 This happens in between her touching her hair, so it's definitely subtle
  2. Screenshot of Sansa's missing jewel: http://i.imgur.com/sJEZUqf.jpg?1
  3. I thought here never saw the one with the wolf's head ("Robb")'s face. And the voice sounded like it could have been a girl lowering her voice. Could be wrong though
  4. I think they wanted it to be ambiguous, but is bet next episode Sansa is going to comment on a missing jewel
  5. Pretty sure the Oberyn/Cersei exchange was my favorite part when he talks about why Myrcella is better off in Dorne
  6. Number 1 who knows, but number 2 she does. Just rewatch...the far right jewel is missing and you can see Olenna briefly touch it
  7. It was, but I'm confused about Myranda. She was one of the girls from Theon's castration scene last year, but she can't be the same Myranda who's friends with Mya Stone, right?
  8. This would make sense if Varys really did plant her in Tywin's tower like some people suspect.
  9. Also can we please talk about that awkward moment with Cersei and Brienne??
  10. That plus the preview showed a scene between Margery and Olenna clearly discussing the poisoning. I'm guessing they might just be explicit about it there so the audience knows Tyrion is innocent
  11. I can't decide. Obviously she didn't get on the boat, so has Bronn turned at this point?
  12. I was trying to watch QoT in the background after that happened but she wasn't in all the frames. I mean obviously she did it, but I'm wondering how kong they're going to keep the unsullied guessing. Also that Jaime/Loras scene was glorious.
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