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    How would you rate episode 410?

    I went for a six. That might seem harsh but I think I'm just a harsher marker than the 213 of you who gave it a ten. In my opinion it's impossible for anything to be 10/10, as this suggests that there is not one thing wrong with it from script to VFX to acting to sound editing to everything else. For a book to be 10/10 there would have to be not one clumsy metaphor, not one spare word... An album would have to be as good as the best song ever for ten to fourteen songs. This is unreasonable. Six, for me, would be good, seven very good, and eight is a classic. Nine is a masterpiece. Five would be average (as it's the middle point of a nine-point scale, if I'm ruling out 10).
  2. Maybe it's just her delivery, I just think she seems a little unhinged-to-the-point-of-blindness at times. Couldn't help but think of the Mad King during that scene. I'll be re-watching tonight so I'll elaborate more later. I'm not a Dany hater by the way... Just an observation.
  3. Lots of negativity in this thread. It always amuses me when people moan about scenes whilst they're on (i.e. the beetles). You could actually watch them through, listen to the dialogue, and then compose your thoughts, rather than just splurging out 'lol b0ring giv me obryn brain'... I liked the episode overall, lots of strong scenes. The Ramsey/Roose stuff was great, I thought, and the trial itself was fantastic. I enjoyed the Missandei-Grey Worm part, nice to see that they're making some effort to flesh out those two characters along with Daario and I think it's working at the moment. The chemistry is there, and I like the actor playing Grey Worm... he seems very sincere. The Jorah scene - part of me wonders if Clarke is one of the actors who knows some stuff about her character's future and, as a result, is playing up the crazy evil queen stuff more than we see in the books... Perhaps a turn from good to bad for Dany? The stuff with the Stark girls... I'm usually okay with changes from book to screen, because it doesn't (for me, usually) diminish the source material and it's not as if the books will stop existing after the episode. As long as the atmosphere, tone, and the thematic intent stay the same, it doesn't really matter to me the exact date of Ramsey's legitimization or the order of events in Slaver's Bay. I think there might be a problem in the Stark girls outright identifying themselves as such in that it really conflicts with the gritty realism that Martin creates and that the show has tried to emulate. Surely they, or their guardians, see the risk in doing such a thing? It doesn't sit will with the tone of the original, for me. I think it works better for Sansa than with Arya, though... at least she seemed to 'come out' to three nobles bound to her family. The transformation of Sansa is not such a big issue, in my opinion. She has spent a long time watching some of the masters of the Game; Littlefinger, Margary, the Queen of Thorns, Tyrion, Cersei (who, at least in the show, I guess isn't quite as batshit or inept before we get a POV)... It makes sense that she's learn tricks after that much observation, and she wouldn't have the chance to showcase them without letting her shield down, which she obviously was not prepared to do in King's Landing. I think it's interesting that we're getting Sansa progression and in such a rapid manner; she's been static for such a long time.
  4. piles

    [No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    I particularly enjoy its neo-realistic depiction of dragons & white walkers.