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  1. Is it really necessary that the facelessmen to not know the name of their victims? I am confused because, the Jaqen-Arya exchange is very different from these norms. Jaqen would have killed Joffrey if Arya names him, and apparently Jaqen knew Joffrey's name. In book2, Before naming Jaqen, Arya asks if he will kill anyone she asks, even if his own father. He says his father is long dead, but if he lived and Arya knew his name, he would kill his father.
  2. Thanks. I didn't notice how it affected Stannis. Good to know Melisandre can't just kill anyone she wishes so easily.
  3. Maybe a stupid question, but why doesn't Melisandre send a shadow assassin to kill Ramsay or Roose Bolton? For all we know, she should know that his life is in danger, not just the chance that he might be defeated(which was the case with Renly).
  4. On rewatch, noticed that Jon took a lesson from Khal Turner, fookin legend of gin alley when he spat on the Magnar of Thenn's face. Also, Sam killed a Thenn with a crossbow. A Tarly at last.
  5. Me too. This was the kind of passion and energy I expected from Oberyn during the fight, but didn't get it. Loved Grenn! Had goosebumps when they were reciting the vows.
  6. So Dany could be the Princess that was Promised AND fight Others with never crossing the sea? Not sure I like that, but then I've almost given up on Dany to reach Westeros in time. :(
  7. I kinda liked littlefinger for his talk to Robin. Someone has to put some sense to that boy's head. But I lost half the love for Sansa I grew during AFFC by this single episode. The show also made me feel pity for Jorah and understand his love whereas in books I was thinking "good riddance, he was wrongly possessive of Dany" when she banished him.
  8. I would love someone, anyone to kill Melisandre(destroy her, if she is already dead). But Melisandre's eyes in the books are red. Not sure what color in the show. Mel said Arya will kill someone with blue eyes, brown eyes and green eyes. Blue eyed people: Sansa, Edmure, Blackfish, Gendry, Stannis, Shireen, Harry the Heir, Brienne,.. Brown eyes: fake Arya. I don't remember anyone else Green eyes: Jaime, Cersei (Tyrion has one black eye, so he doesn't have green 'eyes' ), Myrcella,..
  9. No word for cousin killing. Since Tywins death is kinda foreshadowed by LF, anyone thinks someone will kill a cousin? Sansa killing Robin will be symmetrical. At KL, two people talk about killing cousins, and at Vale, two people talk about dying in a privy. Other possibility: Jaime killing Lancel, though I see no point in that.
  10. The lord said Lysa Arryn died two days ago, and then I broke out laughing. What I didn't expect was Arya doing the same. Loved it! Worried about the new Sansa, especially her costume, more like a dominatrix. I really really don't want her sleeping with Baelish.
  11. you missed the one true god, him of many faces.
  12. I wondered that too. A very beautiful girl with blue eyes and who clearly acts like a highborn lady. However, the people she interacted with so far have not met Sansa Stark. If Bronze Yohn didn't identify her, we can't expect others to. If(won't LF do something about it?) Varys had little birds in the Vale, they will tell him and he can easily guess. Why, even without news from the Vale Varys can figure out who shipped out Sansa Stark. But Varys is better off keeping the last known heir to the North safe and alive than throw her to the Lannisters' mouth. If Aegon is going to fight Lannisters, he will need to overthrow the Boltons too. And Sansa Stark alive with LF is better than her having executed in KL.
  13. I wish it happens! I so want to hear Arstan telling Dany how well he cooks. :)
  14. I don't think it matters where Brienne is headed, she gets intercepted by unCat. Maybe they wanted to avoid confusion between both Sandor-Arya and Brienne-Pod heading to the Vale and never meeting. May be some bounty hunters get the hound and Arya escapes, or the hears of Lysa's death and Arya escape and leaves to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea/Braavos.
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