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  1. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Lords Paramount in Small Council

    I knew Robert and Ned were close, but I didn't think they were that close
  2. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Name the Parents

    I don't know who the father is, but I like the idea that he is a Blackfyre through his mothers side. Aerys II. Almost certainly Tywin. There is a small possibility that it was Aerys II, but anyhow I don't think we will ever know for sure. Rhaegar. No idea. I think it might be a Blackfyre decendent, but we just don't have enough information to say if it is someone we have seen in the books or an unknown female descedent. Rhaella. I don't see a way in which it couldn't be him. If anything Viserys would have known that his mother was pregnant and died in childbirth, and from what we know of him I see no way in which he would ever acknowledge Daenerys as his sister if he knew she wasnt. Joanna. She died giving birth to him. How, and more importantly why, do would she fake that ? Lyanna.
  3. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    What would Ned have done if Jon had white hair and purple eyes?

    Why do people assume that anyone put so much thinking into who the mother was ? They had just finished a big war and now had to figure out how to rule a whole continent. Investigating the mother of a bastard was probably the last thing on peoples mind. Ned never told who the mother was and most people would have accepted that and quickly forgotten about Jon. Outside of Winterfell and a few Dornish people no one would even have known what he looked like. The only person who might have had a reason to look into it was Catelyn and she quickly realised that it was not something she should ever ask again. Everyone else had no reason to care about the mother of yet another bastard boy.
  4. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    Probably dead. Varys or Littlefinger could have him, but the whole situation behind his disappearance seems to be too random to have been planned. He is an ex-maester who became involved with some very questionable "research" and as a result thrown out. He is obsessed with the idea of reviving the dead. I think his backstory is exactly as we get it from the books. To see Lady Stonehart. This is one of the story archs I am looking forwards to the most. Dead. It's probaly a good thing that tyrion didn't go with Gerion. I'm afraid he is dead. I really hope he is alive, but he have been gone for a few years by now, so if he was alive he most likely would have shown up at the Wall. What would he gain by hiding for so long ?
  5. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    I don't think we will ever know. She might be the sailor's wife in Braavos, but I think her role is mostly as an unobtainable ideal for Tyrion, so we probably never gets an answer........ or she is wherever whores go. Almost certainly Lyanna. Don't know, don't really care that much about that story line. Lyanna. The clues are just to big and convincing for it to be anyone else. In addition this makes Jon a Targaryan and that might well be very important for the end game. I like the Blackfyre angle, although I don't think Aegon knows about that and he thinks he is Rhaegars son. Big Walder. One less Frey to stand in his way of becomming Lord of the Crossing. That one I am still stumped on. One of the Raven's Teeths that went to the wall with Bloodraven. Most likely Harwin. Not sure there really is one. He is probably a legendary figure, like King Arthur (Magic sword and all).
  6. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Did Renly plan to make Stannis his heir?

    I don't remember any indications of that. As The Sunland Lord just said, gay people are perfectly capable of procreation. Even if he was unable to father children, he would be more likely to legitimise Edric Storm. Actually that strenghtens Stannis' claim to the throne. Even if Cersei's kids were proven to be bastards Renly would still be behind Stannis and probably Shireen aswell. Nope. Stannis knew he was the heir. Stannis saw the throne as his duty and he was all about duty. As long as Stannis was alive he would be a threat to Renly's position. He had to get rid of Stannis one way or the other.
  7. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    Cersei isn't exactly a very smart person, so it is quite possible that she simply never considered the idea.
  8. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Percentage Poll of Possible Future Events

    No idea and I don't really care that much. 50. It will most likely work, but I'm not sure if it will be as Euron thinks. Never was very good at remembering who is who among the Mereenese. 25. 100. This is probably wishfull thinking. I dont remember them going to Mereen ? 100. Maybe she won't win all of them, but some surely will. 0. As neither are lords, they are in no position to bind their houses to anything. 100. Again wishfull thinking. 90 0. Not enough time. 25 25. 100. He will not be quite the same person though. 10. If she was infectious shouldn't she have spread greyscale long ago ? 0. Bran is not the betraying kinda guy. Bloodraven on the other hand........ 25. Never liked that idea, but it is certainly possible. 0. Ice wights are made by the Others, while Jon will most likely be brought back by Melisandre. 25. If the election is fair I don't see people voting for the man who killed the last Lord Commander. If there is no fair election it could happen. 50. I'm sure it a boy, but I'm not sure if she lives long enough to birth him. 75. There must be more to Theons arc. 25. I don't think she is nearly as much of a Stark hater as she says. 10. 50. No idea really. 0. They don't have him anymore, he is on the way to Casterly Rock. 0. 10. Never really liked that idea. 100. I mean who is gonna beat Franken Gregor ? (Atleast not yet) 100. Cersei surely will find a way to blame him. 75. Most likely. 0. NO WAY ! 1. I don't really see that happen. 10. I don't see any indications that this is something they are likely to do. 10. Don't remember any indication that he does. 1. I think Jaquen is long gone with whatever it is he came for. 25. He will probably try to take Oldtown, but why would he burn the Citadel ? 90. I think that is very likely. I don't know why all the numbers changed to 1 when I wrote a new paragraph ?
  9. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Craster is a Stark

    You would be surprised how often people comes up with theories that are logically impossible. Glad to see that wasn't the case here. Thats why we have spoilers, isn't it ?
  10. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Craster is a Stark

    There couldn't really have been someone betraying the Nightswatch to become the first other. The Nightswatch was formed to fight the others, so must have been formed after the Others came into existence.
  11. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    You are right that Myrcella wasn't born until the year after Balons rebellion. There are so many dates to keep track off.
  12. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

  13. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    Maybe he saw Cersei with Myrcella, but after 9 years he didn't really remember which kid it was ? I think that would fit well agewise ? In the real world friends and family members often mix up siblings. I think we have all seen that happen.
  14. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Is it just me, or did the whole scene with Dany and co. surrounded in the arena, not look a lot like a scene from Star Wars Attack of the clones ? :eek:
  15. TheHodorThatWasPromised

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Now that Davos is going to Winterfell with Stannis, does that mean that Rickon is completely gone from the show ? I don't remember any mention of him since season 2.