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  1. I've gone from hating Sansas storyline to loving it. It's her and Jon all the way now. Dorne was shit, yes. Too bad, but I never really was a fan of that part of the books either. I was shocked though. I wish Davos could have acted as a grieving person would have, but overall the north is where it's happening. Dany was unconvincing. Sure, her "i'm the queen"-act worked before but it's just weak now. Dany is for sure the most annoying character on the show. Tyrions and Varys scene felt forced, they could have used that screentime elswhere. I guess D&D just loves Tyrion too much.. But oh Sansa. I can't wait for the of this season and Sansas arc. I loved season 2/3 with the Starks at war, can't wait to reignite that.
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