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  1. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    Another testimony to the effectiveness of body cameras. I wonder what the back story is here. Seems like maybe this hospital had issues with the cops before over this, hence the written policy and the lawyer on call. Good for the nurse for standing up for what is right.
  2. Swordfish

    Dunkirk (Spoilers)

    Saw it yesterday. I thought it was just OK, and I really wanted to love it. II'm a little surprised actually to see people characterize it as tense and engaging, because save a few scenes, I think that's my biggest complaint about it. It just didn't ever really grab me.
  3. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    Ha. Uh... No. That isn't how this works. If you're making a claim, it's reasonable to back it up with something. If you're just making those numbers up, that's cool to, but that makes the claim pretty meaningless. It's pretty simple, really. Saying this: 'Your chances of having your rights violated when being stopped by a cop are 1 in 20' is implying a MUCH higher probability than saying: 'Your likelihood of having your rights violated is one in 20 if you are stopped by one of the 5% of police who are bad apples'. I mean, I suppose it's possible that 5% of police violate the rights of EVERY person they interact with, but since these numbers are all made up anyway, we are sort of well into the territory of absurdity anyway.
  4. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    It would be if you provided citations for those numbers. Otherwise no, it isn't. Really, you've just INCREASED the chances here, because you've taken out the '5% of police officers' part.
  5. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    Um. Yes. That's exactly the point I specifically responded to, which you then claimed you didn't make. So maybe there IS a reading comprehension issue here after all? *shrug* Anyway, just for fun, go ahead and site your sources for those numbers.
  6. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    Ha. Ad hominem. Easier than simply admitting you were wrong I gueess. Either way, Your post here contains too high a sodium content for me. Carry on......
  7. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    I didn't say you said it. But you certaibnly implied it. Otherwise, what was the point of your dice analogy? Sure. Never the less, honest discussion requires actual perspective, not exaggeration and hyperbole.
  8. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    The notion that we have a 1 in 20 chance of being killed by a cop is an astonishingly absurd exaggeration.
  9. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    I doubt that very much.
  10. Swordfish

    Reforming police, the Blue Wall of Silence

    It's an issue, but it's pretty easily solved. There are ways to redact video evidence just like there are with other kinds of evidence. I don't find that argument particularly compelling. If the private information gets leaked, then there should be accountability for not protecting that information, just like there is with many other professions.
  11. Good times... http://www.iflscience.com/environment/flatearthers-experiment-goes-viral-just-not-in-the-way-hed-hoped/
  12. Pretty sure he has, actually. Didn't he react negatively to the batteries that were brought 'for the tape recorder'? There's also the fact that he forced people to leave their phones outside, rather than just turn them off. And I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure Jimmy asked him if he'd be able to sense it, and then the way he reacted when he had it in his hand...... he clearly BELIEVES it would affect him. To me it seems pretty cut and dried that he believed that batteries affect him. the science is irrelevant, because there;s no science behind any of it, including the electromagnetic field part. it's completely made up.
  13. the point was that he CLAIMED he would know about it. Debating the technical realities is irrelevant, since it's not a real disease anyway. There are no hard and fast scientific rules except the ones Chuck invents.
  14. yeah. This is my big complaint with the show this season. These guys are able to predict EXACTLY what the other guy will do. Except when the other guy needs to win, then THAT guy can predict what the other guy is going to do exactly. The 'is there something in your pocket? there's no battery in your phone, is there?' is the most recent, but far from only, example. Why was that even in there? it was so contrived and so unnecessary to the plot. People are not robots, and just do not react in ways that are that completely predictable down to the littlest detail. I'm having a really hard time suspending my disbelief.
  15. Swordfish

    American Gods on Starz

    I read the book a long time ago, but I don't really remember much about it. I'm trying to decide when the best time is for a re-read, and I might just watch this til the end and revisit the book in a couple years.