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  1. It was the author of the Vampire Diaries book series. She got booted from her own book series and replaced with ghost writers. She decided to self publish Vampire Diaries fan fiction on Amazon to continue her version of the series.
  2. To me, Kearney is like David Gemmell 2.0, which is just about the best thing I could possibly think about a fantasy author.
  3. Not being a dick.  I just hate it when people feel the need to correct shit that's already right - It's not necessary.  Sorry if you take that as me being a dick.

  4. This thread is better than the grimdark thread that got locked down.
  5. mgambino


    I can speak very highly of the thundershirt. My one dog is a rescue, former bait dog, and gets crazy when anyone outside of my immediate family walks through the door. She would jump at people, nip at then, bark like crazy, pee on the floor... We used to have to put her in our basement when guests were over. We started using the thundershirt after our vet used one at his office to keep her calm during an examination. She still gets visibly anxious when new people come over, but she is very calm about it when she has the shirt on... no jumping, no peeing, no nipping. Now we hear little soft moaning when people come in, but that's it.
  6.   I liked the Scavenger trilogy best. Also, I really enjoyed "A Song for Nero" which  he wrote as Thomas Holt.
  7. Doesn't playing video games kind of disqualify you from "snob" status? ... unless you play them ironically.
  8. Yep, the fan translations are all excellent. The copyright holders appear to be cool with them as long as the forum removes any book that has an official release date... at least that's what the host site was informed of.
  9. Well, if you skip a book in almost any series, you'll eventually get caught up to speed on what you missed... that doesn't mean it's supposed to be read that way.
  10. Correct... which is terrible, because the 2nd book is absolutely critical to the overall story and introduces a very important character.
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