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  1. I feel like there wasn't this much outright bullying though. It'll be interesting to see how it will affect the forums once more people start returning, once TWOW is released. Will the increased usership be a moderating force or will the bullies radicalized them? Anyway, like I said, I'm mostly using reddit to get my asoiaf fix now.
  2. Well, you're the spammer now. Nobody can say a single slightly negative thing about the Starks or something slightly positive about Dany without you getting all offended. I'd like to see you apply the same ridicule you have towards Dany fans (fervent or no) to some of your own. We all know there's a certain someone who obsessively hates Daenerys - why don't you direct your ire at them for once? I'm guessing, possibly, it's because you haven't yet discovered that they think Jon is a dumb-dumb who's only useful as an extension of their fav character.
  3. The general asoiaf forum has been rather unpleasant lately. Not that it's ever been rainbows and unicorns, but at least real people weren't getting mocked every second post. And all because what... they liked a fictional character you hate or insulted a fictional character you like? I can't believe r/asoiaf is the less toxic part of the fandom now.
  4. Eh, I'm not sure GRRM was thinking about technological development when he created this world. He seems more interested in sociopolitical change.
  5. Dothraki are not Mongols. They are a made up fantasy race. Do they discriminate between conquest and raiding? Seems like it's all kill, plunder, rape, enslave. Obviously, I think it's the opposite. Jon could have doled out non-lethal punishments and Dany could have sacrificed someone else.
  6. A revolt among a group of people. One man does not a rebellion make. Sure, never said it wasn't. In fact, I explicitly said it was justified. My objection was that you chose to leave out some key details in order to paint Jon's actions as objective and fair and Dany's as bloodthirsty. Both acts were performed for many reasons, but they were both primarily vendettas. The Dothraki seem content to receive gifts in place of plundering. And who will be their slaves and make them shit if they kill everyone off? Besides, I'm not sure that it counts as genocide if you kill everybody.
  7. I dunno if Renly needed to do anything any differently, other than not be killed by Stannis. With Tywin being distracted by Robb, he had a good shot at taking KL.
  8. Mutiny? Refusing an order isn't mutiny. Jon was well within his rights to execute Janos but let's not pretend it was an objective action that any NW commander would take. The scene was interspersed with thoughts such as: There is blood between us. This man helped slay my father and did his best to have me killed as well. I am giving you a chance, my lord. It is more than you ever gave my father. If you insist viewing this as objective, you must also apply the standard to Dany and MMD. MMD betrayed Dany and murdered her husband and child. It was an execution as fair and "legal" as Janos'. I didn't realise GRRM wrote real life ethnic groups into his fantasy story. The Sanori are irrelevant to this conversation. Your claim was that the SWMTW was going to commit genocide. Where in the prophecy does it say that?
  9. I wasn't going to jump into this shitstew.... but I have to point out that not all vengeance is equal. Jon executing his father's betrayer is not the same as Dany punishing the GM for stringing up slave children just to taunt her. Justified as it may have been, the former is performed purely to satisfy Jon's hurt and anger. Dany's actions were that too, but it was also done behalf of the slaves i.e. it was driven by empathy. You could make an argument for Jon's vengeful acts being comparable to Dany's burning of MMD. But leaving out that the motivation for MMD's execution was that she had murdered Dany's child and husband is intellectually dishonest. You aren't even accurate; Drogo and the SWMTW were going to conquer the world, not exterminate it.
  10. So it matters to you who she sleeps with and that she's attractive? Also, Drogo was not a choice at all.
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