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  1. I dunno about that. Braavos maintained a diplomatic relationship with the Targs, even with the dragons around. It went as far a betrothal. The betrothal didn't end well, but still... And, as you say, the Sealord had a hand in the pact between the Martells and Viserys. If Braavos were so prejudiced against anyone of Valyrian descent, they could have easily ended the Targ line in the five years child Viserys and baby Dany were residing there, or in the many times they visited Braavos in the years following. There are probably a few Braavosi who are nervous about dragons - I speculate that Jaqen H'ghar could be in Oldtown for this reason - but I don't think Braavos as a whole have such huge hate-boners for Targs and dragons that they'd become slavery apologists.
  2. Roslin Frey, the only looker of the Frey clan.
  3. You think that's a barrier? Let me introduce you to the harem fic...
  4. I would hope George is not so petty as to do that. And if he is, then he deserves to be cancelled. Whatever your opinion of the incident, people have a right to criticise him when they genuinely believe he's acted inappropriately. Nerd worship can't be all he gets.
  5. I don't know how true this is. New Ghis, Volantis, the Dothraki, etc are not in SB (or heading there) to support their bros. They're there to sack Meereen and remove Dany. Astapor is now controlled by Yunkai.
  6. Loras killed two of his fellow knights in blind fury and no one's said a peep about it. FM assassinations seem to be considered okay (or at least amoral) in Braavos. Note that Arya still has to emphasize what an awful person the insurance man was to justify killing him.
  7. Lysa has auburn hair, not ginger. It's not at all impossible for an auburn haired person and a blond to produce a brown haired child. Plus, this is fantasy genetics we're talking about.
  8. Yeah, people forget this, especially the bolded. Tyrion may not have entered into the marriage for entirely noble reasons, but he was still manipulated into it. He shouldn't be lumped in with LF and Marillion, men who acted on their lust.
  9. She's mentioned in the main series like, once. If you want to complain about tropey characters, there are far more egregious offenders, like Darkstar and Val.
  10. Tbf, he thought the realm would rise up for him. I guess the Dothraki were just supposed to get the ball rolling. Though was anyone under the impression that Viserys was smart and rational (except Viserys)? ETA: btw he thought he'd only need 10,000 men lololol
  11. I wonder if it really was normal for grown men (or even young adults) to find 13 year olds attractive "back then", or if we're just used to this trope. I mean, being attracted to a 16 year old, I kinda get. Most teens are well into their sexual development at that age. But at Sansa's age? Have a look at Sophie Turner in the first ep of GOT. That's what a 13 year old looks like. I don't care what time period it is, I refuse to believe even most 18/19 year olds are lusting after that. As for the story, GRRM is inconstant on how this stuff is supposed to be viewed in-universe. So while I think it's gross that all these dudes are lusting after barely teens, it's not something I can project onto the characters.
  12. One thing I don't think has been brought up yet is, where will the new King be seated? That's what I'm saying. Religion isn't a deal breaker by itself, but it can be used to stoke existing tensions. Like if the Vale decides they'd be better off ruling themselves (or everyone), they can point to the Northerners being savages, with their scary gods. That said, I wouldn't dismiss religious wars outright. More and more people are becoming exceedingly pious. An ambitious HS might use this opportunity to expand their following.
  13. How is that Jon being gullible? Mel didn't lie; she thought it was Arya.
  14. I'm so glad you agree that unification is great! Indeed, only the regions directly impacted by the Greyjoy Rebellion (Westerlands and Riverlands) would have given a shit about it. But thanks to unification, the King was able to assemble a host from the North, the Westerlands, the Stormlands, and the Reach to overwhelm the Ironborn before they could do anymore damage. And it was smart of the Starks to finally branch out and arrange marriages with other regions, instead of sticking with only Northern families. They should have copied the Targs, who've mixed with families of every region except the North and the Iron Islands, ages ago. Although, I suppose you're right about the Night's Watch. It's very sad that Targ rule was so peaceful that so few quality men were being sent to the watch. Fuckin' selfish smallfolk and their not wanting wars! Fuckin' Targs and their not being dictators and forcing noblemen to join the NW!
  15. While there haven't really been conflicts between the Old Gods and the Faith in thousands of years, the difference in religion does point to cultural differences, which makes it easier to justify seeking independence. Also, who knows what the growing power of the Faith especially in the Riverlands, could turn into. How so? The formation of Westeros ended the constant squabbling among the petty kingdoms and offered protection from Ironborn raids, as well as potential attacks from foreign powers. If one region is under attack, the King can summon all the other regions to help defend it.
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