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  1. I always wonder, with weaker actors, how much of what we see on screen is the direction/writing and how much is the actor's lack of range. Emilia, Sophie, and Kit have a lot of these deadpan moments. We know they're sometimes directed to be that way (ex: Sansa watching Ramsay's death), but maybe a more experienced actor like Dinklage could have still managed to convey emotion in the same place.
  2. They also revealed in season 2 how they (and the other directors/writers, it seems) interpreted the female characters. D&D, talking about Daenerys in 2.16: "...she's just back to being a frightened little girl". Sapochnik, talking about Cersei in 8.05: In the end she's just a girl and she's just scared".
  3. lol that's one of the most annoying parts of this. "How could you not see these acts that we told you to root for were not supposed to be rooted for, you Nazi enablers!" How dumb we were, to not know a killer when we see one. Don't take it too personally. It's been a year now, so I think people are just over it. It's just us nerds that are still ranting about it. But we're still a sizeable group, and that's reflected in the 10k+ views on your videos.
  4. KL doesn't work as a Shire analogue, anyway. It's not built up as a warm romantic place, either in the books or the show. If there's going to be a "Scouring of the Shire", it'd have to be the destruction of Winterfell. ETA: actually, that's already happened.
  5. I don't think GRRM is nearly as cynical. The people who gamed Ned got/will get their just desserts. To be sure, they did on the show as well, but that theme is undercut by crap like "I'm just a stupid girl..."
  6. lol so Jon was purposely written as a dumb-dumb? I thought that was a side-effect of them trying to keep him good. Like, he can't believe his lover is evil even though he just saw her blazing up the civilians because he's just too pure. Then again, D&D probably thinks morally good people are dumb, and people with power doing good too much will turn evil.
  7. More and more, I think D&D were stealing ideas from internet forums and memes. In fact, we KNOW they took at least one dumb theory from the internet - Cleganebowl. I did see some people speculate they swapped Cersei and Dany's stories. As in, Dany was supposed to be preggers and Cersei the one murdered by her lover.
  8. I think Lindsay Ellis said it best - Daenerys had to be as monstrous as possible so Jon could stay sympathetic when he murdered her. I'm surprised they didn't insist on Jon wearing all white. They showed such restraint!
  9. I think there must be more to it that just blowing it, otherwise anyone could control a dragon by just getting a hold of the horn.
  10. Is anyone signing that petition because they think HBO will actually grant them their wish? Seems to me like most people understand it's more about sending a message, and getting at D&D's egos. They're probably hoping Disney is paying attention, too.
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