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  1. keira_targaryen

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    Did the slaves really have a choice? They were extremely vulnerable, they are used to being used for something. At that point, when they "chose" Daenerys they didn't really have the notion of freedom, all they knew it was someone came, killed all the masters, and told them to "choose". What was the alternative? Starve? Well they actually start starving after Daenerys. The liberation of the slaves later bites her in the ass. As for the North, they are poor because they lack resources and they are not that poorer. They have an extreme weather which make difficult for agriculture but still they endure. If they were that unsatisfied with their liege lord they would've deposed the Stark long ago and they didn't(apart from the Boltons because they had an opportunity), the other houses in the North are extremely loyal. I detest Daenerys, I think she is awful and self absorbed but I kept on going, maybe in the next book I will change my mind about her(very unlikely), I don't like Arya and Tyrion but again I kept on going. It's your choice in the end.
  2. keira_targaryen

    Jon Snow

    And honesty it would be too obvious if we had a complete description of the Targaryens , the other characters and the reader could put 2 and 2 together and say " hey Jon Snow has the traditional Targaryen cheek bones, that's suspicious"
  3. keira_targaryen

    Jon Snow

    Yes, I agree with you. Again I'm not saying Jon doesn't have the Stark look he does. What I'm trying to say is people don't know who his mother is, they are not looking for his other physical traits because they don't know where to look. Martin was smart here, he only gives us the colouring of the Targaryens, without giving more details. Just because he doesn't have the Targ colouring doesn't mean he can't have similarities with his biological father.
  4. keira_targaryen

    Jon Snow

    Because he has the colouring of the Stark, black hair grey eyes, and the long face. But there are more to that, the shape of the eyes, Of the nose, the lips... Cat thinks that because she doesn't know where to look a part from his "stark-ness". I'm not trying to say that he doesn't look Stark, he does. It's undeniable. But he can also look like his father without being obvious because we the readers don't know how Rhaegar looked, the shape of his nose and eyes and lips. Was he the slender type? well built? All we know is that Rhaegar had silver hair, indigo eyes and was tall and beautiful.
  5. keira_targaryen

    Jon Snow

    Yes and no. The reader can only assume as you said but we can't be sure. Surely, Jon has the Stark features that no one suspects his mother's origins but how many people does Jon encounters that were close to Rhaegar Targaryen? Alliser Thorn or maybe Stanis Baratheon but we don't know how much this character's interacted with Rhaegar or the Targaryens in general.
  6. I'm pretty sure it was Rhaegar. I'll look for the chapter and post it here
  7. keira_targaryen

    Jon Snow

    We don't know that. It's Tyrion Pov he never saw Rhaegar Targaryen, as far I am aware. We can't be sure that Jon doesn't share any facial features with Rhaegar.
  8. Actually it's about Rhaegar. His eyes were a deep purple, almost black. I think it's in Barristan pov but I'm not sure. It makes sense with Jon's eyes being a deep grey almost black. Maybe he has some of that deep purple but it's difficult to spot because his eyes are very dark.
  9. keira_targaryen

    In your opinion - who are the smart people left?

    I love Jon Snow but show Jon is the dumbest person alive. It hurts my soul.
  10. keira_targaryen

    Do we have concrete proof or confirmation ?

    He doesn't love her. Jon never answered her question. He kisses her and the topic changes after. I don't think he loves her. I think he did for a moment but right now he is in survival mode. Lol
  11. Hmm, I think we might have in hand another plot made by the stark siblings. We didn't see what they talked about after Jon asked Bran to tell Arya and Sansa the truth. Jon never said he loved Daenerys, and when we watch the scene between them, Jon looks at her with eyes wide open, he understands what Daenerys is. A danger to him and to his family. And he made them promise something he was about to tell them, in the end it was Bran who TOLD them. Arya left to Kingslanding after knowing R+L=J. It looks a lot like the Littlefinger plot from season 7. We didn't see how the Stark siblings planned Littlefingers demise but we saw the outcome. I have a feeling this is the same. And all started the moment Sam asked Jon "you gave up your crown for your people, would she do the same?" And the weird looks Bran kept giving Tyrion in every episode(after their reunion in the Goodwood Sansa tells Tyrion about Jon), the face Arya makes when Daenerys talks back to Sansa. To me it seems that maybe Jon isn't as good as everyone think he is, and maybe Sansa didn't betray any promise.