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  1. I haven't posted in this forum in years (although I do come in and read) and I'm so fucking pissed off that I just have to say a few things. Dire Wolves... The stark sigil, they're on their shields, their banners, we've been brainwashed about the unbreakable bonding between each Stark and their wolf. Fuck it! It was a lie. The Nights King and his army of the dead. Fuck them, they mean nothing. Just a fairy tale told by old Nan. R'holler.. "The night is dark and full of terror" Yea, Ok, whatever. Valonquar , Who? Dragons... wimps What is Jon Snow's purpose? Ditto for Bran, Night King, Araya, Dire Wolves, etc. Everyone is bashing the D's and rightly so. But lets not omit the worst butcher of them all... George RR Martin! It was you George who went for the big pay day and allowed these two fuck wads to totally destroy you books. It was you who didn't have a clause in the contract to nix their buffoonery writing. It was you who left your loyal readers waiting and waiting for years for you to finish the next book only to move on to a ton of other projects while we, the fans who have always been there for you, throwing our time and money to you with the expectation that you would continue writing and finish the next book get screwed. Fuck you George! Unfortunately you don't understand the contract you have with your fans/ex fans. Here's how it works. You write a book that attracts our interest and we buy it and patiently wait for the next book in the series. We wait for years for you to finish your work and don't complain because you have us hooked and your a fantastic writer and we understand that quality takes time. You put the second book out and we throw our money at you and eagerly await the next book in the series. You throw in other books like the Dunk and Egg short stories and the Princes and the Queen story and we throw more money and time at you because it's good writing and it's relevant to ASOIAF. But along the way your writing becomes so popular that you get an offer to sell out to HBO and finally get to cash in. We all said "good for George, he deserves to make some money from his years of work". But you then break the contract you have with your loyal fans and let two hacks destroy your story. You let two hacks run roughshod over your loyal fan base. You sold your story telling skills and abilities to corporate America and told your fans... the very people who supported you when you were just another run of the mill writer to FUCK OFF! Well George, Fuck you and your HBO millions, Fuck you and your Winds of Winter book that you have been promising us for years. I hope you fucking die and your lasting legacy is the hack job and destruction of your books that you allowed D&D to shove up our asses. Fuck You George RR Martin! I won't be throwing anymore of my hard earned money or time your way. What a fucking dick you turned out to be!
  2. Dragon Seed

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    Terrible. Very disappointed in the Stannis vs Boltons Over the top with Arya. I mean, how many stab wounds and Trant still lives until she cuts his throat. No I did not see Jon's eyes turn as some are saying. And I watched closely for it. I'll have to watch again. They have the ability to have done it better but failed miserably. Huge waste of time. To think TWOW has been held up for this garbage.