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  1. Savage news for anyone on variables or whose fixed rate is about to end. Wonder if we'll continue to see the housing market stall or even decline as people can no longer afford mortgages for the prices they were once looking at.
  2. Getting back into exercise but in a very different way. I used to do a lot of cardio but have joined a gym and started lifting weights in the last few months. I know it's not a calorie burner (well not *really*) but I'm enjoying it more than I ever enjoyed pounding the pavement for hours on end every week. Plus it's getting my strength up - my all-time PB for press ups was 2 and now I'm up to 9 (as of a couple of weeks ago). But also finding that I'm having to manage some niggles it throws up. I've always had a slightly dodgy lower back so I discovered quickly that barbell squats aren't for me. Not right now anyway - maybe if my mobility was better. More annoyingly I find the back of my left shoulder hurts after doing any front shoulder exercises, or even incline bench pressing. Going to see a physio about that as it could be rotator cuff but I can lift and move my shoulder OK, there's just a dull ache for a little while after I do any pressing movements that hit the front shoulder. Back to the positive I'm finding my favourite exercises are calf raises (both standing and sitting), dumbbell shrugs, and cable bicep curls. Have tried and hated barbell squats, or any shoulder press (stupid left shoulder).
  3. Just popped in to say what a good name "honeyed chicken" was. I must now go and have some honeyed chicken.
  4. I think that it's currently in its worst possible form. I understand people saying that it should/could stay as long as anonymity is removed, and this is a step in the right direction, but I think it needs to be removed completely. All that you get with less anonymity is more animosity. I, for one, know that if I saw someone negging me a few times, I'd start taking shit personal. I shouldn't, and I don't know why I would, I just know I would. I'm pretty sure a lot of other people would react the same way, even if some of them wouldn't admit they would until they were. It causes unnecessary friction.
  5. does not think Westeros should be like Facebook.

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