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  1. Sophie has beat the rest of the cast when it comes to nabbing a great role. Jean Grey!! Sophie will shine. She'll probably be the next Jennifer Lawrence. Mark my words.
  2. There's a forcefield around the character, book and show, that prevents her from being seriously harmed or exploited. (And, yes, I've read Mercy.) I don't think that forcefield will be breached any time soon.
  3. Pretty much all of the recurring/"notable" female characters have suffered immensely by death or sexual violence or mutilation, or have been sexualized, except for Arya. Correct? I can't think of anyone else.
  4. Book canon doesn't matter here though. I severely doubt that Arya will flirt or proposition Trant.
  5. Anyone else think that Arya WON'T pose as a prostitute next episode? They made it pretty clear in the episode that the woman wanted her away from the brothel, and I don't think she'll magically change her mind.
  6. I don't think they'll have Arya go Mercy at all. It would be too obvious of a direction. Honestly, I think Jaqen will get in the way of Trant being killed. Trant will probably escape alive, having not interacted with Arya whatsoever.
  7. I care less and less about Winterfell. Only positive thing was the lack of Arya.
  8. Arya does a lot of stupid things. It comes with the character.
  9. Washing corpses, sweeping, and stupidly reacting to your mentor = watchable TV?
  10. I'd give the episode a 4. Hated the Winterfell and Braavos scenes. The material for those two locations was absolutely terrible this episode. Everything else was pretty great though.
  11. So no one else was bothered by how Jaqen kept smacking the shit out of Arya?
  12. People probably only focus on the Sansa plot because it's the only interesting one and it has the show's last good actors in them. Why else would there be dozens of Sansa threads each week.
  13. Hasn't that been what it's like all season long? Everyone only cares about Sansa and says pretty much nothing about everything else in comparison.
  14. Sophie? No. Alfie? Yes. Although Sophie is an expert at crying by now.
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