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  1. 14 minutes ago, dbunting said:

    And again, stop putting words in someone else's mouth. I simply stated I don't compare the two.

    The funny part is you say this, and then immediately after say this

    So, all I am saying is that if you had never read the books, your views on the show may be different. I know plenty of people who have not read the books and they love the show. They aren't mad that Clegane bowl isn't happening, or LSH, or fAegon, or Jaime redemption arc is maybe going differently.

    You are stating that people should not compare the two. Do you need to state that if noone does compare them?

    Youre comment is simply unwarranted and you are baiting the comment.

    In my quote, I did not compare them.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Rhollo said:


    I stopped comparing books and show some while ago and honestly, it didn't do the show any favors either because most plotlines become even duller and more confusing whithout projecting the backstory from the books onto them.

    Agreed. With Book backstory you can kinda get an idea of what theyre TRYING to do.

    Right now, you cant even get that.

  3. 43 minutes ago, dbunting said:

    I went with a 6. I found plenty of things to like about this episode. I think it helps that I don't take book items and try to hold the show to them, separate entities.


    Can people stop peddling this tired line out?

    If you look in this thread you will find it hard to find someone actually comparing them to book details. Many here are criticizing the show plotlines as show plot lines. Separating them does not make them any better.

    Riverrun was still a utter waste of time. Arya was still 2 seasons of "Cool, now im going home" and Brienne just traveled halfway round the world to hear "Nope" and then got in a rowboat.

  4. 25 minutes ago, redtree said:

    I know right, from the last episode where she got stabbed, they showed the bloody knife and it looked pretty deep. It's impossible for 3+ inch deep stab wound in a girl her size not to at least prick an organ. The waif did multiple stabs yet she calmly walked after that, too illogical for me


    She even twisted the knife. The waif stabbed and twist.

    Arya at 10 years old is the most resilient Stark in history.

  5. Terrible episode. I struggle to give it a passing grade.

    The writing this episode is the culmination of 2 seasons of poorly cobbled together plot points.

    Arya - We have wasted two seasons of her in Braavos. The Waif T1000's her through the streets and all of a sudden, nah Im going back to Westeros. Episodes upon episodes of her fighting whilst blind and working up to becomming a Faceless Man. For what purpose? If the budget is so tight, did we really need all of this?

    Riverrun - Siege is introduced this season, we had a total of what two or three episodes on it with the Blackfish making his return to slink off and die off screen in the biggest let down of the season. I have numerous issues with Riverrun.

    Blackfish says Edmure is a marked man last episode, Jamie this episode states his son has been born. Ok, if his son has been born, there is an heir to Riverrun and an heir to the Twins. Why is Edmure still breathing? Theres no way Waldr would allow Jamie to threaten the child. Why on earth would Brienne travel, literally thousands of miles and then accept a simple "Nah" from Blackfish (ignoring the fact that she made it there that damn quick).

    Why would Brienne sneak out the backdoor? She was given free passage she can just wander out. Why is it fine for Brienne to send a Raven from Riverrun to Sansa but not a Raven from Sansa to Riverrun? WUT.

    Blackfish killed off screen. Was credited to budget issues. If the budget is this bad, WHY DID YOU INTRODUCE RIVERRUN?! There was nothing here that could not have advanced Jamie and Briennes plot that could not have been done elsewhere for far less money. Showwatchers have forgotten the Blackfish and Edmure, just write them off. Instead we got a two episode plot that just angered us.

    Before we leave Riverrun - The Hound, him pissing in the river is pretty much D&D at this point trying to be clever by injecting a stab at the book readers by pissing all over LSH. *clap clap* you think youre clever.

    Meereen. Useless dialogue between Grey Worm and Missandei. Oh look Dany is back just in time for the Seige of Meereen. THE SAVIOUR HAS RETURNED *vomit* Oh look at all those ships! As if Urine Greyjoy's 1000 ship fleet wasnt enough we have the Masters!

    Kings Landing - Trial By Combat now banned?! The Faith Militant - whos very role is to enforce the Sevens rule by military might doesnt want combat because its violent? WUT. In other news, Cleganebowl, hold the hype. Cersei must be convicted now, does Tommen really believe he is a Baratheon? Where does this go? It doesnt make sense because the High Septon has invested so much into Maergary and Tommen. Tommen will be chucked off the throne as soon as Cersei goes to trial. Unless the Throne then goes to the Faith *shrug*



  6. I think she gets out of it easily. If the dothraki know about the dragon, they have come to see it. The rider of a dragon is by any definition the most badass warrior imaginable. Even if the dragon is wounded it may be expected to recover.

    Danny is still a Khalessi and entitled to deference and respect as such even without a dragon. So they are not going to kill her on sight.

    All she needs to do is to ask the khal to provide food for her dragon and he is putty in her hands.

    Shes entitled to live out her years with the rest of the used up Khalessi's back in Vaes Dothrak. It is well known she killed her Khal with Blood Magic which is highly forbidden by the Dothraki.

    She might be looked upon more favorably because she was the great Khal Drogo's wife in which case she becomes a trophy. But her status as Khalessi is moot. They arent going to bow down in front of her.

  7. Funny thing is that "book purists" have stopped making comparisons between show and books like four episodes ago and only focussed on the show's own inconsistencies and it's still lacking.


    I dont care anymore that the show isnt in line with the books (hell I only recently found the books). I care the the TV show this season was 8 Episodes of Round-a-bout story lines with no pay off. Inconsistencies within their own story telling, plot points that make no sense and terrible dialogue; "Bad Pussy". When Dorne couldnt get any more ridiculous, Bad Pussy. Then we get to the GoT Episode 9 Hype Fest. 2 episodes of "Lets shoe horn as much book content in no matter how much if doesnt fit at this point".

    Even my Unsullied friends and family are picking up errors and pointing out dialogue and plots that arent in line with the universe.

  8. Why do people insist they show pointless travelogues?

    Varys traveled to Mereen. He got there after Tyrion did. NO teleportation required, just a ship or carriage, but WHO CARES.

    Mel rode a horse to Castle Black. Did it take one-two-three days? A week? We don't know, but I DON'T CARE.

    Assume that lots of boring stuff happens off-screen, including people going to the toilet, riding horses between places, walking, blowing their noses, and *gasp* counting the larder's food stores. They have 55 minutes to tell a story.

    Nit pickers gonna pick.

    Because then the entire premise of burning Shireen due to the harsh snow on the arduous, lengthy journey from Castle Black to Winterfell (harder when you lose all your horses oh wait Mel found one) that has taken 9 episodes turns into "Just coz".

    I am happy to accept things need to change for show situations. But they need to make sense.

    Varys, yeah look I dont want to see Varys treking around Essos. Or Gendry rowing his damn boat. But if youre going to make out that the Baratheon army had to sacrifice the Kings daughter in order to make the trek from A to B due to how long the ride is/how much snow there is/how harsh the terrain is/how there are no horses DONT SHOW ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE ARMY MAKE THE TRIP IN 30 SECONDS ON A FUCKING HORSE.

  9. For those who keep harping on this being the worst show in this season or the worst season, it really is not at all. It has some great points. Was this the best show of all season? No. But is it the worst? No. This season is one of the best for several reasons, one including dragon riding.

    If you don't like the show let's see you do better with the limitations of the budget. I can tell you that they worked their butts off and they did a good job. Let's see you create something as good onscreen.

    So your argument is "This is one of the best seasons because Dragon riding". I suspect you think it was also the best season because "WHITE WULKERS BATTLE!".

    Budget affects things like casting, CGI usage, locations etc.

    Budget doesnt affect poor dialogue that contradicts itself two episodes later (or seasons earlier for that matter). Budget doesnt dictate pure and simple charachter butchering. Budget doesnt affect writing, unless your budget can only afford high school graduate level story writers.

    This season was poor because the timing of it was incredibly rushed. The pacing was off from the very start. Ratings were plumeting up till Episode 8 because they spent all their time in Dorne with horrible dialogue then Episode 8 came and HOLY SHIT GOTTA CRAM 2 BOOKS WORTH INTO 3 EPISODES!!

    Whilst AFFC and ADWD should have been one book and condensed down a bit, the TV show shouldnt have been and didnt need to be. We WASTED so much time on plots that didnt go anywhere and had zero pay off. Thats not good use of your 10 hours a year.

  10. Wait wait, werent they saying that ratings were down from last seasons? I stopped reading the ratings around EP6, but they were dropping hard based on previous seasons, but still their highest rating show.

    Even as a TV show, ignoring the books, this season was fairly poor.

    I atleast like my stories to make sense. They contradicted themselves so many times this season. The dorne plot was ridiculous. Winterfell was a joke.

    It was 8 episodes of rubbish and two episodes of "lets cram as much shit from the books in as we can!"

  11. [email protected] Sam with his little cart off to Oldtown, some 1500 miles away? Have a nice trip! Ta!

    Will use the LittleFinger and Melisandre developed Teleporter. Old Town is but a kick of the heels away!

    You know, in the episode, Jon gets killed because he favoured the wildlings. Just like in the books.

    Yet, it feels so so so so so so so so so so so so different.

    This is what happens when you change EVERYTHING preceding the scenes and insist on make the book scenes.

    This is for those who keep saying "you book readers just are pissed they make everything different!"

    Every scene of this episode WAS FROM THE BOOKS.

    But they simply tossed them in the episode without any context or motivation.

    I'll say it again

    People jump from their seats when the player runs through the goal to score, because they don't know whether he might or might not do it. That's what moves them. Not the score itself. They celebrate or rage about the resolution of the play, but it's the play what gives them feelings.

    Yeah I...it was the journey to get there. Its really frustrating that we went this whole season, stumbling from plot to plot to wind up at Episode 10 where there was 50 minutes of crammed in conclusions.

    I agree that it felt very messy and just all tossed in for the sake of it at the end.

  12. I dont think theyre leading to a Brienne killing. I mean apart from the feel good "You kill Renly YYARRRGHHH" scene theres no furtherment to the story there.

    Surely theres a payoff here and I think its it Littlefinger. We think that Littlefinger is going to come in with the Vale and mop up whos left after Stannis v Bolton.

    Littlefinger is a rat but hes better liked than Bolton and now Stannis.

  13. But how is a battle between two sides, where we care about neither side (anymore), good writing? Or even remotely interesting? If we don't care about the characters on either side, what investment do we have in the outcome?

    D&D could be banking on us supporting Littlefinger and the Vale when he gallops in, making sure we forget that for the past 5 seasons hes been nothing but a treacherous rat.

  14. This one too. I could see an endgame scenario where everyone in contention for the throne is sidelined one way or another, and somebody points out that this Gendry kid is technically the last living Baratheon and he get it by default. Admittedly, a lot would have to happen between there and here.

    Surely the original god of Tits and Wine has a few more bastards out there older than Gendry.

    The Stannatics should give it up.

    Stan had to burn Shireen now because it was his only option left. There was nothing to be gained from waiting apart from losing more men to desertion and starvation.

    Stann has food left for a few weeks at most. It is now or never if he is going to take Winterfell.

    Stannaticism was always odious. Mel's means have always been pure evil and we have only her word that her objectives are noble.

    His only option left. Yet you say he has food left for a few weeks. So his other options are a) wait for a few weeks for when Davos returns b) wait for a few weeks and see if the snow lifts c) attack Winterfell now before a "few weeks". How does burning Shireen ensure his victory at Winterfell, nothing was mentioned there by Mel.

    "Give it up" should be the phrase used to people defending such ill thought out storyline.

  15. I think the queen agrees to do it and yes I'm aware that she loves her daughter more than Stannis even but she's fallen for Mel's religion too hard and fully has faith that she agrees to do it. Stannis maybe present but I doubt it.

    I dont think she loves her daughter more than Stannis. Everything shes done in both books and shows has pointed to her not really feeling much affection or compassion for her. More so when Melisandre came onto the scene. She speaks of Shireen as a heathen and suggests she should be punished many times.

    Stannis has shown nothing but commitment to Shireen, as a baby with Greyscale and now as a young girl. He is a prickly man at the best of times and for him to show so much affection, breaking through his stern iron demeanor, really speaks volumes about how much he loves her and cares for her.

  16. They have hundreds of dead horses now though.

    If thats the case (I thought they were simply freed) then theres hundreds of horses ready for BBQing tonight.

    This whole plot stinks. Its absolutely lousy, lazy writing. Stannis, hardened battle commander. Couldnt defend his lines against 20 men. They simply wanted a reason to shock (and possibly take Stannis down a peg or three) people in Episode 9.

    Havent we used up the "shocking scenes" budget for one season?

  17. I thought it was because without better conditions they would not survive the march. Or that they couldn't march at all.

    Basically, it was his life or hers.

    It really wasnt explained why in the show. I gathered it was because the food supplies were burned.

    In the books, they want to have more sacrifices for better weather and Stannis tells them to pray harder (note: Shireen isnt even with them at this point).

    In the show, this is really what, the second hurdle hes endured on this march? I can accept that in dire situations people do what they have to, but the show didnt present the current situation as life or death. It didnt feel as if it was dire. It really felt like Stannis woke up and felt like burning someone which is totally out of charachter seeing as he is moving away from burning people as a punishment (hell he even said hang the guards instead of the traditional burning that Mel would relish in).

  18. I find it hilarious that all of the Stannis fanboys keep saying 'never in a million years would he do this' and others who think differently 'clearly don't understand him and haven't paid attention to him while reading the books'.

    LOL just stop. He killed his brother, other family members, and wanted to kill his nephew. D&D literally said GRRM told us this was going to happen in the book so we put it in. How you can still blindly make these claims is perplexing. There is so much pointing at this happening in TWOW it's silly.

    D&D Said. Thats fantastic, youre playing Carrier Pigeon Whispers, relying on a conveyed message from D&D from GRRM. Did GRRM say Stannis burns her or did he say she is burnt? Two very different things. Yes she will burn. But she wont burn because Stannis has ordered it. Stannis is leagues away, caught in a blizzard. Possibly dead at very least cut off from all communication. How is he going to order the burning of his daughter? If it happens this way, its slopping writing from George and I will stand by my criticism in the unlikely event it does happen this way. But she wont be burned BY Stannis.

    Book readers have thought that Shireen dies so Melisandre can rectify the events of "For the Watch". Many suspect that, that will take place next episode.

    I wonder how the show watchers will feel if that is the case.

  19. I think Shireen is likely to burn in the books. However, the circumstances are going to be much different and they situation has been set up a lot more desperately in the books.

    I dont hate Stannis for doing it. End of day, his made the greatest sacrifice in order to save his army. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. He showed that he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the realm.

    I hated the way the show handled it.

    Firstly, the circumstances werent dire enough. Just two episodes ago we saw how much Stannis cares for his daughter. How much he went through to save her and what he is willing to do for her.

    I find it hard to believe, a man as stern as Stannis would burn his daughter for Lord of Light just like that. Stannis, the ultimate stubborn ass, burnt his daughter just cause.

    Why was Selsye crying? Why did she need to be restrained? She has been saying she needs to be burned since Season 2, theyve shown how heartless she is and how she thinks her daughter is a heathen. She has no compassion, she is a lot worse than Stannis. Dont make her out to be the poor mother.

    They didnt show Mel's manipulation at all this episode which is a HUGE part of why Selsye wants to burn her.

    They made this Stannis' decision. They made Stannis the criminal. They made Stannis into the most hated man in Westeros. When in reality, he is a desperate man with an army dieing like ice cubes around him with his evil wife and mistress shaking their fists yelling BURN THE GIRL! All this, exactly 10 episodes after he was the greatest man in the realm.

    Well it was good while it lasted. Heres a shot of Dany riding off like the conquering hero. The conqueror of jack and shit whilst Aegon Targaryen is battering down the doors to Storm's End.


  20. Right then.

    Does anyone know why the Sand Snakes had to go in secret-ninja-style? They're Trystane's cousins-getting into the Water Gardens should have been easy.

    My only assumption was that because Doran had that argument earlier concerning Myrcella that they were under some sort of suspicion.

    But then I said to myself, they live there, that doesnt make any sense.

    I just chalked it up to being one more portion of the Sand Snakes story that is utterly dumb.