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    Aaaand 120 odd posts later I finally realised there's an introduction thread :) I'm Sam and I'm from England. I'm a part time novelist (hopefully full time one day!) and I've been in love with the fantasy genre since I was a kid. I somehow managed to miss the hype of the books and started reading after watching season 1 of the show, been hooked ever since :D So, hello!
  2. Skythe1

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I went for a solid 8, probably the best episode of the season IMO.
  3. I expected it to look pretty real, yeah. Plenty of films with smaller budgets that GoT have made a pretty good go of it.
  4. Anybody else think that the eye gouging and head popping looked pretty fake? Emilia Clarke's acting was a bit wooden too... Good job Iain Glen saved the scene. Apart from that I thought it was a good episode, bit of an anti-climax with the fight though, I thought it would get more screen time.