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    How would you rate episode 401?

    The scenes themselves are not the issue. In the books the rumours of Renly is done by whispers. I wasn't even sure it was true until Martin himself confirmed it. I might not be the most attentive reader, but even still. That's quite a leap to where he almost openly flaunts his desires. Taking Jon Connington's admiration for Rhaegar for anything more than that, admiration, is quite a leap as well, and the first time I've heard of this mentioned.
  2. Normannen

    How would you rate episode 401?

    The lack of subtlety, same as with Loras and Renly, was what peeved me.
  3. Normannen

    How would you rate episode 401?

    7.5, so rounded to 8. I liked most of the King's Landing plot. Lena Hedley is just incredible as Cersei, as good as Joffrey, so good that I'm not sure who I dislike more. The Ser Boros, Brienne and Margaery parts were OK, and I absolutely loathe Shae. The forging of the swords were done overly theatrical for my taste. The Oberyn Martell cast was brilliant. He's just as "suave" as I found him to be in the book (although a bit too muscly, but that is just nit-picking). The Thenn introduction I did not like (and the "I fucking hate Thenns" I particularly didn't like), but I can see why they chose to merge the people og Skagos and Thenns (although not sure how this eventually will influence Rickon's storyline, if there ever is one). The rest of the Wall storyline were enjoyable. The Daenerys in Mereen I quite liked, although not much happened. Watching the first dead child wearing a collar pointing towards excited me more than I thought it would, especially when she commented "remove their collars, and bury them" (I can't remember if the collars were mentioned in the book, but that was a nice touch). Should not be long until they arrive at Mereen then, with only 163 miles to go. Judging for the episode titles, it would seem that in episode 3 Mereen will be smashed. The Arya and the Hound part was the best. I did remember missing The Tickler there, but having read here on the forums, apparently he died in series 2 (although I can't remember that particular scene). The fight was good, and Arya yelling at Polliver rather than The Tickler more than made up for it.