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  1. I give it an 8. We had a few plotmoving developments, like Marge's arrest, Bronn getting sliced by a [probably] poisoned knife, and everyone getting taken into custody in Dorne. As well as Sansa's marriage. Although I am a bit disappointed in the Dorne arc overall, particularly the portrayal of the Sand Snakes.
  2. I gave it a 9. Best of the season so far. I'm disillusioned and frustrated by the watering down of many of the plotlines [Tyrion's trip to Maureen is only a shadow of the novel version], yet I understand that this is a necessary evil in order to wrap this up in 7 to 8 seasons.
  3. It was so bad on my end that I had to stop watching about 25 minutes into it and DVR the 11:30 p.m. airing.
  4. Is anyone else's cable constantly pixelating and freezing during this episode?
  5. wow, almost 2 weeks since I started the 'best lines of' thread, and it still hasn't shown up......poor...poor...moderation...
  6. If they had devoted a bit more time to Tyrion and a bit less time to Jon Snow and his heroism and love story, I would have given it a solid 10. But 9.5 is pretty good.
  7. Solid episode. I think this is the best finale so far. I give it a 9.5
  8. Well, the show depicts a lot of people grasping for power and wealth, but I'm not sure we are led to one conclusion or another yet about how senseless it is. Countless thousands have died fighting for power and wealth for a small minority, and over half of those small minorities have been defeated. But the god aspect may play a part in the metaphor too.
  9. It was a metaphor for all the senseless acts of mass atrocity that humans commit. Wars and murder. What is it all for, in the end?
  10. You could be right, depending on what we see in the 6th novel. If Victarion takes on a main role in the future of the novels, then I think the Greyjoy storyline will still happen.
  11. The beetles were a metaphor for human self destruction. Wars and murder. We are the 'moron' who can't stop destroying ourselves. I thought it was apt at this point in the show. I give this episode an 8 overall. We moved the plot forward nicely with Jorah's excommunication and Oberyn's death. I agree I am a bit confused about why we are spending so much time on Greyworm, but there may be a justified reason, I'm not counting that as a negative yet.
  12. I'm not sure about that. I think the direction they are going with Sansa is that she is going to take on a cunning, conniving personality. Littlefinger is rubbing off on her. The look on her face when Robin talked about getting rid of anybody that Sansa hated was one of intrigue, not repulsion, lol. She said she would like that very much. But yeah, she's been through a lot.
  13. They further attempted to build Robin up as a spoiled brat during his scene with Sansa and snow castle, but to be honest, I felt like Sansa was just as big a brat in that scene, if not worse. It was her that got all bent out of shape when Robin accidentally knocked the tower over, and it seemed like Robin's initial response was just to defend himself. They both behaved like rotten children, but really I felt that Sansa came across as the more unreasonable one.
  14. I agree, but it seemed like Bronn was much nicer and more sympathetic with Tyrion in the show. I seem to remember him being more of a douche in the novels. Basically telling him to f off, its not his problem anymore. Of course I could be wrong.
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