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  1. Dawn of Fyre

    Critical Reviews of ASOIAF

    There is no story? Come now... are you being serious? Although there isn't one main protagonist, there are multiple key figures in the narrative who are trying to achieve their own missions and goals. Perhaps the most important plot line is the looming threat of the White Walkers. The war for the Iron Throne is another plot line, while Daenerys trying to get back 'home' is another. The accumulation of these separate storylines will occur in Westeros once the White Walker threat becomes more known. And that will ignite the climax of the story.
  2. Dawn of Fyre

    Why did GRRM make Griffin POV character instead of Rhaegar's son Aegon?

    Should Aegon be a pretender, how will we get this information? It would make no sense for Varys to tell anyone about his true parentage, aside from the idea that he is Rhaegar's son. There is no reason to tell Illyrio, as well. I think Varys is too smart for that. Even if Aegon dies from dragon-fire, that doesn't mean much. Targaryens have died from dragons before in the novels, in the Dance of Dragons, etc. Aegon growing up to believe he is Rhaegar's son is the logical conclusion. Jon believing Aegon is who Varys said he is, also makes sense in a logical way. :/ Perhaps Bran can figure this shit out, or perhaps Bloodraven already knows.
  3. Dawn of Fyre

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    Needle was Jon Snow's Smile. Nuff said.
  4. The sibling bond these two characters share is awe-inspiring - the one thing I want in the novels is for them to reunite and regain that special bond they once had. While reading the books, the different paths they've taken are almost parallel - parallel in the way they've experienced tragedies of their own, and how they've dealt with lose and war. I view them being like two sides of the same coin; where Jon Snow has suffered in a physical sense, Arya Stark has been suffering in a psychological sense - suppression of her identity and emotions, etc. We know that she still retains that small piece of Arya Stark in the form of Needle. So that gives me hope about the future. "Different roads can lead to the same castle." I think, when Jon Snow is resurrected and Arya Stark returns to Westeros, they will be able to help each other heal. Sansa, Bran, and Rickon would be vital to this, too. A big Stark reunion would be ideal.... so ideal, but I can't help but dread the future. I don't want Arya to die, nor Jon, not before they reclaim what was stolen from their family. I think most people are seemingly thinking that just because Jon Snow will be resurrected, that he must die fighting the White Walkers. But that is such a cliche trope that I would be surprised if that happens. "Resurrected hero dies fighting an enemy he was resurrected to fight." We've seen this trope a hundred times. I think George will change it up, give us something different. Jon could die, but I still want a reunion between him and his beloved little sister before that I mean, come on. He died trying to protect her from Ramsay, even though she was a fake. I think news of Jon Snow's murder will be the straw that breaks the dragon's back, and forces Arya to return to Westeros to get revenge against her enemies. Do you guys think Jon Snow and Arya Stark are tragedy personified in the novels? Will they get a sweet ending as apposed to bitter? Or will it be bittersweet for both of them.
  5. Dawn of Fyre

    Where was Gendry?

    I just want Arya to be whole again, to be loved and to know what loved feels like once more. Lol, I feel like an overprotective brother when it comes to Arya. I scrutinised the hell out of Gendry and Arya's relationship in Book two and three - when first reading, I felt a platonic bond rather than romantic / or potentially romantic. I can see both sides of the arguments, though, for and against. A third argumant that no romantic relationship is necessary to end her final arc, too, makes sense - she is an unconventional heroine. Either way, George will write her narrative in a convincing and natural way. If romantic love can save her, then I hope she finds that special guy. What scares me is the fact that there is a real possibility that she'll never truly heal. That she'll never truly love someone in a healthy way. Will she become the tragic hero figure, who dies for her vengeance? Mayhap, but that would break my fragile heart into a thousand pieces. on a side note, I was basing the whole pre-pubescenct argumant in my own experience. I remember having crushes before I experienced puberty at 12, I remember innocently "exploring" the human body with a female friend my age (this was when I was 5 or 6). This was all curiosity, nothing sexual. I never had sexual thoughts or feelings until puberty hit me like a truck. Unless you've had a different experience than me? I'm curious to know. I don't think normal bodies experience sexual desire before puberty, not unless there is an abnormality. I could be wrong, but I don't think it's common at all. With Arya, when she was observing Gendry, there was no sexual undertones in the writing. I could find none through a textual analysis. This is why I said subjective interpretation.
  6. I agree, I just think it will take time. And with six episodes left, the only logical outcome is for them (Daenerys/Jon) to lay the foundation for a better, more democratic future. This could be the bittersweet ending. Bitter in that the war against the Night King devested the North and her people, and sweet in that there is hope for the future. Jon and Daenerys do not need to die for a bittersweet ending.
  7. Dawn of Fyre

    Where was Gendry?

    When you say Arya is already physically attracted to Gendry, do you mean in a sexual way? Because she is still pre-pubescenct, so she would not be feeling sexual urges at this point in the novel. Once she gets her first period, those sexual feelings might arise. However, we must also consider her state of mind and psychological condition. (In the show its different, since they aged her up, and had Gendry taken from her rather than him staying behind out of his own free will - this why they might very will end up together in the show. But, it could be different in the books since there is alot different in their characterisations. Also, we should not expect every endgame relationship in the shows to be the same endgame relationship on the novels) In Winds of Winter, before reuniting with her family, I don't think Arya knows what love feels like anymore. Her memories of the emotion are most likely fading the more she stays in Braavos, like a ghost she just can't grasp. I can verify this statement through her interaction and assassination of Raff the Sweetling. She crossed a name off her list, but showed no emotion save mild annoyance at the fact that she now had to carry the body down four flight of stairs. She should have been happy, vindicated, even angry. But nothing. That broke my heart. This is the reason why I wrote that her emotions were "dying". She's losing her natural emotive reactions in favour of artificial emotions that she can manipulate at will. What worries me is her state of mind when she returns To Westeros. What will trigger this event? I think news of Jon Snow's assassination will push her over the edge, force her to leave the Faceless Men and return to murder her enemies in Westeros. Would her meeting Gendry in Westeros rrally stop her from taking revenge? Would Gendry drop everything and just accompany her on her murderous mission? Doubtful. Perhaps she returns to Westeros and heads North first, taking care of Walder Fray. And when she reaches Winterfell or Castle Black, she learns that Jon Snow is alive. I think this would shock her to the core. Her need for vengeance would rage against feelings of Hope? Love? Unease? I think these surging feelings will confuse her, and this is the point where familial love could turn romantic. Not that she wanted it to, mind you. This is the only real logical way I could see Starkcest occurring. I do like Gendry in the show, but I don't see how his character in the books could save Arya from her darkness alone. I just don't see it. She would need to be already healing psychologically for them to begin a proper relationship. I've read posts about how Arya already "loves" Gendry, or will fall in love with hI'm, etc. They cite scenes from the books, but it is all subjective interpretation. A pre-pubescenct girl may "have childish crushes" - many do in real life, but rarely does that crush remain once they may reach into their teenage years - especially when they've been separated for so long and grown into different people. I think the main reason people ship her with Gendry is because he is the only other "attractive" male character that she's meet on her journey that isn't her relative and older than her by five years. Whether romantic or platonic, I firmly believe - with what evidence I have from the books - that Jon is the one character that can save Arya from the abyss consuming her soul. This is my opinion.
  8. Dawn of Fyre

    Where was Gendry?

    I actually like Show Gendry more than Book Gendry after this season. He seems more assertive, more grounded in what he wants and what he wants to do in life. I loved his banter to Jon. They could be awesome friends, like Ned and Robert style bromance
  9. That will not happen. George wrote the novels based on historical events. And the dissolving of monarchy into democracy - or constitutional monarchy took centuries. The Enlightenment period needed to occur for thinkers and philosophers to realise that they needed to choose their own rulers, and that that was what was best for the nation. In Westeros, there is no such movement; there are no peasant revolts against the monarchy, none that are based on democratic ideals. There needs to be a foundation for democracy to occur. The best case scenario is Westeros is one where the nation is unified under one rule again - A Targaryen rule. And through that rule, changes will occur to the political system that will favor the lower classes more. And once generations pass, and there is a pseudo-Enlightenment period, people will then go for a more democratic system. I think Daenerys will set the stage, this democratic foundation, for future generation. Democracy in Westeros will take centuries. They cannot just force this into the nation and expect there to be no political chaos. Sure, you can introduce a system where people elect the rulers. But you don't actually think the peasants would get a proper voice? Lords with money will bride the lower classes, and there would be corruption. - Research the Roman Republic. I've done some uni course on the period. Those who gained power were always from the elite class, the high-born with deep pockets. They bribed the people with festivals and food hand-outs. The same would occur here. Don't expect there to be a democracy in Westeros akin to the democracy we have around the world right now. it took over two thousand years for democratic ideals to become the democracy we know today. So, you can't expect Daenerys Targaryen to introduce democracy into Westeros within a few years of taking power. Jesus, that would be so unrealistic that the show would be criticized hard for such an implausibility.
  10. Dawn of Fyre

    Where was Gendry?

    I could see a possible love triangle between Jon, Arya, And Gendry. Symbolically, this could mirror the whole Rhaegar, Lyanna, and Robert love triangle. However, the ending could be different since Gendry does not resemble his father in terms of his character. Gendry does not whore and get drunk, so far as I know. Why this could work is that, for Arya, the tension would be realistic and possible. For her, Gendry would be logical choice, especially if he becomes Lord of the Stormlands - this could help cement an alliance between the Starks and Baratheons. I presume she would be physically attracted to him once she hits puberty. Who wouldn't? Lol. With Jon, I think the attraction would be on a more more emotional and deeper level, something she would not be able to articulate. They both mirror each other in terms of narrative. Where Jon has died in a physical sense, Arya has almost died in a psychological sense (her identity is on the verge if death). I've always thought of them as different sides of the same coin. Perhaps, since she has this fractured identity, that when she reunites with him, her familial love would be corrupted, into something more romantic, or somewhere in-between. So, while a relationship with Gendry would be healthy and normal, a transgressive relationship between her and Jon would be unhealthy and frowned upon, one born from tragedy and shared loss. So, in Jon, she could see a way to heal emotionally, get back her Arya identity - while with Gendry, she could see a way to heal in an outward sense in how she perceives the world - if that makes sense. At this point, I'm not sure how Gendry would be able to understand her in the same way Jon could. Although, he too could help her heal her psychological wounds. I just can't help but see how symbolic such a love triangle would be. Perhaps, this time, the wolf will choose the stag instead of the dragon? If George has not scrapped the whole Starkcest plot, I could see him have Jon and Arya developing these forbidden feelings, only to have Jon die in the war against the White Walkers. Would you mind reading these kind of scenarios involving Arya's romantic future?
  11. Dawn of Fyre

    Where was Gendry?

    I see a potential for him to fall in love, not that he is actually already in love. Depending on where she ends up, and who she meets, she could meet someone else, fall in love, etc. She could fall in love with Gendry. Hell, she could even fall in love with Jon (in the books, although the chance is small). Don't mind my dislike for Gendry, I just don't care whether he dies or survives. I'm sure George will write Arya's journey in a way that we will all love where she ends up at.
  12. Dawn of Fyre

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen will rule Westeros

    Would the show be able to pull it off in one or two episodes? This won't even be discussed that much before the Night King is dead. What I imagined is that whatever new world they want to build, the final product won't be shown on screen, only the beginning of this better world. And if Daenerys has gotten pregnant on that boat, won't she try her hardest to give that child his or her birthright? Fyi, these ideas of Western universal human rights, the democracy we know today, etc. Developed out of the Enlightenmnt period. So, arguably Westeros would also need these movements before considering a democratic state that would not be corrupt like the "Republic" that was in the Ancient Roman Republic. Or perhaps, we will get a democracy similar to the Republic that developed in the Roman Empire around 60 Bc. The rich and those of noble birth were the ones who could get into power. The poor never had a chance.
  13. Dawn of Fyre

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen will rule Westeros

    You don't understand. Literally most of Westeros have no concept of democracy. You can't just force democracy without the people wanting it, fighting for it - this is what happened in France when the monarchy fell. Westeros is centuries away from democracy, because that is realistic. How long did it take England and France to get a democracy - and with England it is a constitutional monarchy. And Daenerys wants to break the wheel... if she dies, other rules would revert back to what they've always known.
  14. Was the rape itself the problem? Or that it was Sansa who was raped? Had the writers stuck with the Jeyne Poole story-line, she would have been raped, because she was raped in the books, and had worse stuff done to her, e.g. bestiality, etc.. Either way, this despicable act by Ramsay was going to happen / that it happens to one of the more central characters does not mean it is any less horrendous than if it had happened to Jeyne. I felt bad for both Sansa and Jeyne
  15. Dawn of Fyre

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen will rule Westeros

    Not in one year, they have not. The republic that have emerged from monarchies and Empires have taken centuries to transition. So, it is unreasonable to think that Daenerys can just change the monarchy to a republic in a few years without causing civil chaos. And Daenerys wants to be queen, you understand this, yes? She won't give up her birthright for democracy, lol.