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  1. Would have loved to have "Only Cat" but thought the change made sense for the Unsullied. Really happy with the non-book scenes in this one as well as the changes to the LF/Lysa/SR/Sansa scene. And really, any episode with the return of Hot Pie is an automatic 10.
  2. Asha/Yara's side trip to try to rescue Theon was a little pointless but Theon + Ramsey made up for it and brought the score back up to a nine for me. Even though I know what happens with the trial, it was still fantastic.
  3. There was a lot of filler/set up but I spent a lot of the episode with my hand in front of my mouth, nevertheless. +++ bonus points for Lysa and her desserts +++ bonus points for Pod Was this the first episode with no Tyrion?
  4. Peachie


    I do - I started watching the show from the beginning after seeing a few random episodes and then just HAD to read the books. And yeah....I'm not really surprised that there aren't a lot of fans of both Stark sisters.
  5. Peachie


    Hi everyone! My name is Ellie and I'm relatively new to the ASOIAF fandom (and the boards) but I'm now on my first reread of the books and am halfway through COK. As for characters, I'm all in for Arya, Sansa, Littlefinger, Jon, and Brienne. Kind of love Jamie, Twyin, and Tyrion as well but not so consistently. Looking forward to posting rather than lurking and learning from all of the people in the forums!
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