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  1. As a book reader, I didn't like the hurried scene between Jamie and Tyrion, the lack of Tysha explanation, or the how the Tyrion/Tyron scene didn't reach the magnificent heights I was expecting. I was also hoping for LS, but, so be it .... she'll come eventually. I was most disappointed with the lack of "Where Whore's go". I wanted that more than anything. As a tv show viewer, it brought tears to my eyes 3 times and had me engrossed from start to finish. I am not a Stannis fan, but the whole NW, Stannis/Davos andJon Snow/Mance scenes were brilliant. Jon Snow burning and saying goodbye to Ygritte in his own way, was powerful. Cersei had Tywin speechless (not a reality - do we really believe Tywin didn't already know). Dany usually bores me to tears, but half of what she did was worthy and moving. Brienne/ The Hound/Arya .... Wow, just Wow! Fierce and heart wrenching! The final scene of Arya producing the iron coin, the reaction of the sea captain and then her heading off into the unknown .... also powerful. Yeah, there was missed opportunities and it could have had the most jaw dropping 'omfg what did I just see happen ending', but this episode was still compelling from start to finish for me. For the first time, i'm getting over my book prejudices and scoring the final of tv show season 4 ........ a 10. Oh .... and as Gravyon said .... "masterful trolling by Lena" And how could I forget the brief return of Jaqen in the preview.
  2. I'm surprised to see that 248 people gave this episode a score of 10. Meaning they thought every aspect of ep9 was perfect in every way. Also, about half of the people dropped their 10 vote to a 9, because Stannis didn't arrive in this episode .... which also means they thought everything this episode actually contained, was perfect. So roughly 320 voters thought episode 9 was perfect in every single way. Really?!! 320 people thought the contents of this episode was perfection :wacko: :huh:
  3. I wasn't looking forward to this episode for 2 reasons. I didn't want a whole episode filled with one storyline, especially a continuing battle throughout. With only one episode left to go in the series, there's lots more going on throughout the realm that I wanted to get into. My guts and heart were torn out last week after Oberyn's fight and death. I need to mourn with Ellaria and I need to share the shock and consequences of this tragedy with Tyrion. I don't want an interlude battle episode as a commercial break. Jeeeezus, they may as well give me a 10 minute beetle speech before the Mountain/Oberyn fight :rolleyes: In saying that, I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I didn't mind the character interactions before the fight, or the vocal exchanges during it. There was some touching moments pre and during the fight, but I thought some of the actual fight sequences cheesey and didn't wince once at any of the gore. Who the hell thought it feasible for Alliser Thorne to do a little sword jab around a pole?! Samwell Tarley was the stand out character in this episode for me. Maester Aemon shone in his scene (as he always does),Ygritte's death was also moving. One thing I was really grateful for, was no Stannis marching in to be the hero of this episode. This one was about the Wall, the Nights Watch, let them shine. Stannis will come to the rescue in due time, as he did in the book. I usually rewatch the episodes at least 4 or 5 times, this one i've watched twice and won't bother again (until i'm going through withdrawals in the off season) Better than I was expecting, but far from loving this episode. I gave it a 6
  4. My daughter sent me a text about this episode ....... "Major traumatism'ised'fuck'omg'nooooo'no'noooooo!!!!!" I completely agree with her. If ever the show deviated from the books, this is when I wanted it to happen. Pedral Pascal nailed the role of Oberyn. I can't even comment on the rest of the episode, or the other book deviations of the storylines. I'm still traumatised'fuck'omg'noooooo!!!!!
  5. As every single person who viewed this episode has said, Tyrion's trial was perfection. Totally engrossing in every way. Loved every character present at the trial and on this alone I would have scored it a 10. Add Oberyn, Tywin, Varys, Davos, the sadististly demented Ramsey Snow and mind numbingly, tortured Reek and and i'm still voting a 10. However, Ashe/Yarra's attempted rescue of Theon/Reek was laughable in so many ways and Dany continues to bore me, although I did enjoy that little bitch slap she received I gave it a 9
  6. Disappointed in this episode! 60 Seconds after Joffrey dies, Cersei and Tywin are wondering where Sansa is. Littlefinger now has an Irish accent to go with his creepy sleeziness. Jamie is a rapist! Sam and Gilly, could that have dragged that boring scene out any longer?! Stannis ... ho hum boring! Tywin and Tommen's exchange over Joffrey's body. I normally like everything Charles Dance/Tywin does, but I found that scene also dragged on too long. I can see the importance of this conversation, but I lost interest. As soon as I saw Daenerys strutting on her horse again, I thought oh no, not more. A cheesey wink and would she realistically be standing that close to a charging horse?! I never thought i'd say this, but i'm also over Oberyn and his naked romp sex scenes. Ok, we get it, he's bi .... move on. Highlights for me ..... Tyrion and Pod, I know it's not the same as the book, but it was a touching scene and appropriate for their relationship in the tv show. Tywin and Oberyn discussing and revealing more history. Arya and the Hound, there was some aspects I didn't quite like, but once again, some funny exchanges. "Just point out the next map shop and i'll buy you one"
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