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  1. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Wow, fans on this board are really nitpicky. I loved this season, love this show, and can't wait for next year. As I posted before I gave this episode a 10. What other TV show gets the scrutiny this one does? If you picked each episode of each TV show you watch apart as so many do with this show nothing would hold up. I absolutlely loved the ending with the fantastic music and Arya off to her Braavos adventure. This is excellent television, and that is just what it is. Television. Taking a very complex set of books (all of which I have read three times) and making it into Television. D&D and HBO have done a tremendous job. Can't wait for season 5.
  2. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Ok, I was disappointed that there was no Lady Stoneheart, more disappointed than I thought I would be because it makes sense to introduce her next season in Brienne's story line...although I love the hanging of the Freys at the end of Book 3 when LS is introduced. I hope they keep that. If there is no LS next season I will be very disappointed.....I am willing to give it 9 months to see. I loved the ending with Arya on the boat headed east to her new adventure. I thought it was a great way to end it. I also loved the Tyrion, Shae, Tywin scenes...very well done and am interested that Varys got on the boat with him. In the books he just disappears for a long time. I thought all of the Wall scenes, Stannis and all were very well done. I loved Bloodraven with his 1,000 eyes and one (ok Unsullied, at least read Dunk and Egg so you know who Bloodraven is.....) and I liked Jojen's quick death over the drawn out demise in the books. It broke my heart to see Dany chain her dragons. I didn't like the Cersei/Tywin and Cersei/Jamie scenes, seemed like a waste of time and I loathe Cersei because she will always be the book Cersei to me even though HBO has white washed her. In the book she is as loathsome as Joffrey was and I cringe whenever I see her on screen. I gave it a 10. Why? Because this is television folks, not academy award winning cinema, and D&D have done an excellent job. There is nothing better on television - never has been and I think it will be a long time before there will be anyting to equal it. I think people are overly critical, expecting an exceptional TV series to be perfect each and every week (according to each individual's idea of perfection). I will miss it, waiting for season 5 to begin next April....
  3. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 409?

    Wow.....wow.....gave it a solid 10. Yes, I was waiting for Stannis but I am patient and can wait till next week. I agree that it was too short. I thought is was a WONDERFUL episode and am so glad they stayed at the Wall through the whole thing. 10....10....10.....10....all the way. It looked to me like there was a quick shot in the scenes from next week of the Tyrion arc....can't wait to see that too. TEN!!!!! (Ran I would not tally the votes so soon if I were you, it looks like there is a group of posters who vote with low marks just for the heck of it)
  4. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 408?

    I gave it a 9, I thought it was an excellent episode except for the beetle bit that went on too long. Not sure what that was about. I loved the Sansa scene at the "trial" and how they changed that from the book - so Royce and the others know she is Sansa Stark already, in the books they do not. Also, that she and Robin are going to go out into the Vale which should be interesting. Her interaction with Littlefinger was just excellent. I like where they are going with the Sansa character, I think she will be Queen one day and a darn good one. She is learning the Game of Thrones. I was wondering how we would see the spying of the Bear revealed, it made me sad as it did in the books. Mormont is a sad figure, poor Jorah. So it looks like they will keep to his story arc as it is in the books, which means Tyrion's will follow. I liked Ygritte seeing Gilly and the baby and letting them live. Oberyn's death was too gruesome for me. I wish he had just killed that Mountain instead of insisting he admit to Elia's rape and murder, and the children's murder. Reading it is one thing, seeing him squeeze his head was too much. Will we fiind out his spear was tipped with poison I hope? The Mountain has to become Robert Strong. I love this show and think D&D are doing a great job with the series!
  5. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 407?

    Hot Pie! I thought this was a great espisode and really loved seeing Hot Pie, and then seeing Arya kill Rorge. Tyrion with Jamie, then Bronn and then the magnificent performance by Pedro Pascal .....all were great. And the scene at the end, I was so hoping we would see Lysa thrown through the Moon Door, I was really hoping they would follow the books. I wonder what they will to with no Marillion....and how Littlefinger will get out of this. I think it was very well done. Maybe we see he change in Sansa starting earlier than in the books. And the Biter got the Hound instead of who he gets in the books..... A week break, then 3 more episodes. I am really enjoying this season. And just what is Mel planning for Shireen? She better leave that little girl alone...... :worried:
  6. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 406?

    Just had to add - if they follow the books for the next four episodes we are in for some amazing television. I think this season will end up being epic, just like Book 3 (Storm of Swords) is.
  7. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 406?

    I thought Tyrion's trial was GREAT, gave the episode a 9 instead of a 10 because the Yara/Asha sequence was such a disappointment. I hope that is not the last we see of her. I would have loved to have seen her kick Ramsey's arse. The Titan of Bravos was great and I always love Davos. I think the Mereen portion was slow but in the books it is too....Dany spends way too much time in Mereen but I thought Hizdar was good and liked the twist that his father was one of the crucified men. That sets up what happens later pretty well and gives him a motive.
  8. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Maybe because I have read all of the books multiple times this episode was the one I enjoyed the most this season (well, after seeing Joffrey die). Maybe for non-book readers it was harder to follow. I already posted my vote (a 10) and cannot believe all of the negative reviews here. This episode moved things along nicely and the Iron Bank is going to play a major role in the future so they have to keep mentioning it so people know the power it holds. I am reading these reviews and shaking my head; I think this has been the best season of the show so far. I wonder if the difference it that it is harder for unsullied to follow since they have not read the books. Whatever, I guess we all have our own opinons.........
  9. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I loved this episode and gave it a 10. I thought it was fabulous that Locke got what was coming to him, Jon and the NW got rid of those vipers at Crasters, Bran/Hodor/Summer/Meera and Jojen were on their way.....and the "good guys" finally won something. It was nice to finally see the good guys win at Crasters. HODOR!!! That was a great scene with him killing Locke. I get so tired of evil winning over good in this series. I really liked this episode. HODOR!!!
  10. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 404?

    Great except for Crasters and the story line deviating to poor Hodor being chained up, the Reeds and Bran imprisoned and what happened to Summer? Also why did Jon Snow not know about Ghost being imprisoned there. I did not like the bit at Crasters at all. Loved the ending with the introduction of what lies further north....and loved all of the rest of the espisode. Ser Pounce!!! Love that cat! I also really like the new Tommen and them setting the stage early for the Cersei Margaery rivalry. I think he will be a great Tommen. Sorry to see the Queen of Thorns leaving...hope she is back again. I gave it a 7 because I disliked the Bran/Reeds/Hodor/Direwolves at Crasters so much.
  11. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 403?

    I also gave it an unreserved 10. I thought the episode was fantastic except for portraying Oberyn and Eleria Sand as sex maniacs. I think that has gone too far and certainly way beyond anything the books give us. The Sansa/Littlefinger section was great and I am glad to see that they are sticking to the book. I am curious to see how things play out and if the ending of the season is the same as the end of book 3, SOS. Actually I thought the whole episode was great and love how they end with strong Dany scenes more often than not. I think Emilia Clark is doing a great job as Dany. This forum seems to have very harsh critics. I think this is the best show on television and really look forward to the episodes all week.
  12. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 402?

    I loved it. I have been waiting to watch the end of the Purple Wedding on the screen since I first read it. 1) Loved Bran and the tree. 2) Not sure where they are going with Mel and Shireen....I hope she does not do anyting to that wonderful little girl (kings blood and all.....) unless she "cures' the gray scale. 3) Theon/Reek is so sad to see. I hope Yara/Asha gets to him soon 4) Liked the necklace replacing the hair net for Sansa. The Queen of Thornes was fussing with it and the goblet was in front of her later.....we know the rest. 5) Oberyn staring down Tywin was fabulous. 6) That awful, disgusting Joffrey is GONE!!!!! Give me more!!!!! Sunday can't come soon enough.... PS: Wow, Fat Walda is REALLY fat! She seems sweet, like in the book. Felt sorry for the horse.
  13. Fevre River Warrior

    How would you rate episode 401?

    It think this episode was great, and like it more each time I view it. I love the Hound, Bronn continues to have great lines, and am glad to see the Dontos story line reintroduced. The dragons were fantastic! I don't think the new Dario is as good as the old. I can't see why Dany would be drawn to him, the old Dario I could see. The Thenns were scary and so unlike the book - I guess the wedding with Alyce is out of the HBO story. Too bad, I like that part of the book. Great job once again, I am glued for the next nine weeks....and longer.