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    Aftermath of Daenerys Campaign

    Yep its amazing she never thought of the obvious ...ie pay the slaves for their former free work and their spending would be the start of a new trading based economy! Also keeping the fight pits open is important as meeren seems to rely on it
  2. hodorisfaclessman

    How would a marriage between Jaime and Lysa look?

    Lysa will still secretly see lf Jamie will still secretly see cersei....so probably quite well
  3. hodorisfaclessman

    Is the Reach that powerfull?

    For sheer power they are unrivaled as a region with no even close 2nd so id count em as westeros superpower As for bannermen other than florents we have no hints they arent respected ,tarly we know is loyal ...the man would rather eat glass than break an oath hes the man they send to rescue margey from the faith. The queen of thorns seems to have arranged a patchwork of seemingly happy marriages to their bannermen to seal their overlordship (hightowers,fossaways redwyenes etc) but wel see what soo many exiled sons comming back do to that stability
  4. hodorisfaclessman

    Is the Reach that powerfull?

    They are unquestionably the superpower of westeros ,no natural defences agreed but thats not a massive factor . The current tyrell marriages should have sealed up the regions house loyalty to its overlords allowing (if wot5k hadnt happened) it to rise to dominate westeros They have the largest force and thanks to redwynes also the largest navy. Their vast food green areas and wealth mean cavalry of all kinds should be abundant and troops well fed. High food production means they should have generaly bigger stronger people than those of underfed areas and wealth means well equipped and trained men. Leadership wise they have lord tarly ,garlan ,loras and willas isn said to be highly intellegent with high ladies seemingly very capable of playing the game! Mace is a liability but seems malliable to others wills and in battle semi competent if very very lazy (stormsend siege) For elite fighters we have of course renly ,garlan who seems like a bamf and maybe lord tarly with that sword
  5. hodorisfaclessman

    Is the Reach that powerfull?

    Nope strong well fed fighting men are better then underfed ones ,plus the vikings also had abundant food. A region with abundant food will generaly grow bigger healthier men for a better quality pool of fighters and of course more food =more of them I dont feel thatsbas much a weakness anymore the current tyrells seem orettybwell intermarried withall the main players in the reach
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    Was Robert too lenient with Ned over Tyrion's abduction?

    This Robert even goes away on that insanely long hunt to avoid choosing between ned and cersei back in the capital...hes a head in the sand kinda dude
  7. hodorisfaclessman

    Iron Islanders or the Ibbenese?

    Very much doubt the ibbense could be anexed Hostile population of unknown size and military strength , what we know of its warriors they use heavy shields and axes and are a described as pbysicaly strong/doughy warriors so will be no pushovers Their island is large and most importantly in a unforgiving sea for fleets to sail to (entire westeros fleet would have to sail past white harbour etc ) getting there by sea would be dangerous to invade let alone resupplying the occupation force ,if the ibbenes can build huge whaling ships to traverse these rough seas then they prob make or already have something resembling a navy too! The iron islands has been crushed before but with difficulty...pesonaly id annex the steptones and summer isles
  8. hodorisfaclessman

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    This^ Hes a highly skilled fighter roughly linked to a powerful house but its more about him being politicaly a loose cannon ...he is intellegent, immoral ,desperate for fame and power and following no ones lead which all means hes dangerous in that hes unpredictable and dorans doesnt need that in his carefully laid plans In short grmm was doing the old troupe of making doran the old police chief complaining about that damn maverick cop who plays by his own rules ...all to make the lil emo seem badass! Hes basicaly red viper lite/diet
  9. hodorisfaclessman

    Explaining Jaime and Aunt Genna's quote about Jaime

    Yep jamies character development is amazing Hes repeatedly humbled and actualy grows from it At the start hes kinda an arrogant manchild ! He loves cersei and all je wants to do is be a knight and bed his sis....he acts like tywin will live forever so is unambitious enjoying life , hes supremely confident because of his fathers rep,money and his own status as an alpha predator among other knights When his hand and father are robbed from him,when hes been humbled in battle repeatedly he starts to become what his father wanted and not what he wanted himself to be(a paragon knight),he relies more and more on problem solving ,diplomacy and peoples outright fear that nothing is beneath him....just like tywin!!
  10. He didnt though thats the thing..he thought he did ,he rejected lfs actual offer and assumed lf would just assist him anyway Well yeah we see that in her pov...shes not the player she imagines she is but as varys says to ned lancel was always gonna get him as ' accidents happen' on hunts and he hunts often
  11. hodorisfaclessman

    A Bolton-ruled North

    I doubt they last ten years the manderlys with their hostages back will stomp them esp given the groundswell of lesser lords etc will be anti bolton
  12. hodorisfaclessman

    Why was Jamie still a Kingsguard for Robert

    Bear in mind at the time he was at least jamies equal in physical combat so prob didnt fear him
  13. hodorisfaclessman

    Why was Jamie still a Kingsguard for Robert

    Actualy tywin is in a good spot to secure a deal ,bear in kind even by first novel decades later robert is afraid of his position esp the elephants in the room (dorne,the reach and targs) jon arryn is wise enough to know sealing an alliance with the lannisters secures the realm both ecomomicaly and militarily...both sides wanted it equally jon arryn knew the imprtance of securing a lannister alliance sealed in marriage so there was no chance of humilitating such a prideful and vengeful lord and making demands all for the sake of trying 2 of his bannermen one of whom will prob kill anyone who tries to face him down anyway
  14. Cersei isnt the smartest player in the game but she knows she has this won, the stark forces at kl are much smaller and she has correctly read ned as too honourable to cut the kind of deal needed to win power i3f it comes to violence Ned threatens to tell robert when he comes back from the hunt but we know shes already arranged through lancel that hes not comming back ! She is already moving and ned like a fool has just laid all his cards out on the table
  15. hodorisfaclessman

    Why was Jamie still a Kingsguard for Robert

    Yeah id doubt tywin would allow it ,the new regime wanted the lannisters on board and he knew it so he holds all the cards
  16. hodorisfaclessman

    Why was Jamie still a Kingsguard for Robert

    Jamie staying was probably a mix of roberts lack of fear in his physical prime (ie he better not try that backstab shit with me or its hammer time) and jon arryns desire to unite the lannisters into the new regime...killing or nightswatch exile for jamie probably wouldnt have made tywin too keen to hand over cersei as a bride!!
  17. hodorisfaclessman

    Why was Jamie still a Kingsguard for Robert

    Robert has no grounds too as he openly celebrated the targ kids murder
  18. hodorisfaclessman

    How much could Dorne influence in the war of the 5 kings?

    Again his schemes could have gone the other way ....circumstance and luck (for exp the viper was soo close to victory ) plus we must remember he has a deeply held belief in war being evil and children always suffering hence he and his brothers intial moves at personal revenge are a surgical strike He did make a huge mistake keeping his daughter and the highly capable sand snakes out of it true but the rest of his plans were solid and could easily have panned out and paid off huge Now he didnt make many alliances 9ver the years true but bear in mind his position after the war ....for former allies the targs are gone and crownlands now infested by 3 groups of spies(varys,lf and cersei) ,the tryells are ancient enemies and willas maiming seems to have stirred up old hatreds (olenas and ellia almost starting mini war in kl) His enemies the lannisters are now married to a king famed for his temper and love of battle and many of the rebels are now all tied by bonds of marriage and kin! His other allies in the rebellion were loyalist houses in regions now controled by his former enemies ,many of the riverlords brutaly punished for their treachery by tullys.
  19. hodorisfaclessman

    What is the Martells' opinion on the Starks?

    Probably a lot smarter and more nuanced than viserys to be fair, They prob dislike rhaeghar for publicly leaving elia and kids but prob dont have not that much hatred for the young gal he left her for ,the general feeling i have is fidelity in marriage isnt as big a thing in dorne anyway (very french i reckon ie mistresses are semi acceptable) so itd be more the public rejection that would sting and that would be largely aimed at rhaeghar Prob feel neds anger and needing vengence both honourable and totaly understandable (esp given their culture) His respect for the dead kids and how he risked life to return the dayne family sword prob won him a lot of respect down south
  20. hodorisfaclessman

    How was the 5 year gap ever going to work?

    Yeah read somewhere jon and ayra were to be paired up in original draft....yuk
  21. hodorisfaclessman

    How was the 5 year gap ever going to work?

    It would bave been differrnt to the booke we know and love .......wish hed rememberer to readjust the ages though drogo and dany is just creepy on reread without adding 3-4 years to her age in your head
  22. hodorisfaclessman

    Rhaegar's strategic gaffe

    He clearly spent only the extra needed for putting forces in the field for the short length of the war no reason to assume the treasury would be badly hit esp as aerys wasnt the type to be generous and let the treasury empty (having tywin as hand probably have meant all loans repayed to state promptly and no one skimping or sliding on taxes owed!) Its assumed it was full then robert emptied it prob due to a mix of things -his need to be personaly liked and make the realm stable probably had him.hand out tax breaks/reductions that would make even the most right wing person blush....shit i wouldnt be suprised if he told his bestie ned that the north could forget taxes while hes alive -spending like a drunken sailor on huge costly tourneys and his own personal daily binges of women ,fine food and wine etc -a drawn out naval war (far far more expensive than a land one) with greyjoys -wife and kids with expensive tastes and frequent huge tourneys drawing all the rich lords all the time may also have inflated prices of the very luxury goods at kl they splurged on all the time.
  23. hodorisfaclessman

    Rhaegar's strategic gaffe

    To be fair it prov woulda went the other way if hed left a few less kingsguard with his stark wife
  24. hodorisfaclessman

    Why no stark spies

    True but to be fair ned and the starks prob felt they didnt require to play the game or want to We forget how seemingly powerful and intimidating ned stark is at the novels beggining as we mainly have stark povs, hes a battle hardened lord of one of the 7 realms with ties to 2 others and is the kings best friend + knows his brothers well too. A man some believe personaly slew the greatest knight ever and now has 5-6 kids to marry off (a huge frey like brood when u think if it) to further cemement more alliances and thus power ...on top of the seeming heir to the iron isles as a hostage and ward A man from a dark mysterious and rarely ventured to realm by southerners who comes south with his daughter now bethrothed to the future king and has 2 monsters of myth in his entourage! A man who prays to strange old and gods rumour has it carries out his own executions ...the bloodthirsty savage!!!
  25. hodorisfaclessman

    Why hasn't there been a new Maestor at Castle black yet?

    No He was still alive and most of the realm look at the nw with scorn so id doubt they were too concerned with them