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  1. I've been playing a lot of Last Epoch lately while I wait for Diablo IV to release. Really good game. It's nice balance between PoE and Diablo without being a direct copy of either. It's still early access and they just released multiplayer this month so a bit of a ways to go but for an early access game, it's incredibly polished.
  2. Back to 8 pts heading into the international break. Will be a long 2 weeks.
  3. Holding has been good today which isn’t a surprise. You either get a MOTM performance or the worst, there is no in between. For a game or two here or there, it’s fine, the issue will be if we play Holding at Anfield or any serious run of games. In current game news, the Arsenal kids are good.
  4. I think they're going to trade him. Reality is that Jonah doesn't want to be a RT. The money differential is fairly large and he's spent his entire career in NFL at LT. For the Bengals, best case scenario is to trade him for a mid round pick, get the $12m off the books for his 5th year option and draft Dawand Jones, Darnell Wright or Anton Harrison at #28. All three would elevate our OL.
  5. Proper Arsenal game there. No more thursdays.
  6. Brown is a great signing for Bengals. He’s not the best LT in the league but he significantly elevates the floor and ceiling of the OL. Surprised Bengals did this with Jonah at LT but get it given his injury issues. If they move him to RT, that might work out better than what they have. Still need to draft someone.
  7. Think this is the right call. There is a lot there and one season wouldn't work. This will allow them to flesh it out and fix some of the narrative issues I had with the game.
  8. Maybe. It’s been an ending that’s been talked about since it came out and I’m not sure it’s as cut and dry. Maybe in the gaming world, it skews but saving Ellie and dooming the entire human race to what it has become was definitely a back and forth discussion on choices. Additionally, doing this when you were fairly sure that she would want to save the human race is even more selfish. I’m not sure the vast majority would agree with Joel.
  9. Thought they nailed the complexity of the ending. Show surpassed my expectations.
  10. I love the committee. Getting some dangerous mid-majors to knock each other out round 1. Fucking hate how hard it is for mid-majors to make the tournament these days.
  11. Arsenal are getting healthy at the right time. This is going to be one exciting run in with Arsenal's being harder than City's. We're starting to catch up on goal difference though.
  12. Seemed harsh. Would have hated it if it was Xhaka but wouldn’t have been surprised if it was given. On other side, Trossard is signing of January. He’s been so good. And to think we almost ended up with Murdryk.
  13. Ah VAR, my favorite topic... it's shit, the people watching it are shit and they should just use it for offsides and move on. Everything else is way too subjective and inconsistent from game to game. If that's the case, just let the ref on the field be the only subjective judge.
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