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  1. I went back and listened and he said “go ahead”.
  2. Yes. ETA: I was wrong. He said “go ahead”.
  3. It won’t. No legitimate news source will touch it. Plus, 40M+ have already voted.
  4. He’s been doing well the whole time for the most part.
  5. I've been watching season 6 of The 100 while working... I'm entertained
  6. They expanded as sequels tend to do and it got way too complicated. The first is much better. The fight at the end of Raid 2 in the kitchen though is one of the best fights I've ever seen put in a movie. Watch more. Takes a few episodes to find it's way but it gets very very good and the unlikable assholes become more than they are early on.
  7. Bengals are still the Bengals. Also, Zac Taylor is a problem.
  8. Yup. No pass rush at all, rush 3 and then sit in zone. Easy game for Rivers.
  9. I'd love Arsenal to get away from this 3-4-3 crap, not have Willian through the middle and start running at the goal. Their attack is very one dimensional and slow. Requires precision at all times and not enough scrappiness or variety. Side note, love Leno as a keeper but his habit of blocking shots right into the middle of the box is killing me.
  10. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I think he's great as Patrick and has great chemistry with Daniel Levy.
  11. I think Patrick is great. He's a sweet, genuine dude who puts up with a lot of David's shit. He does some really good stuff in season 5.
  12. Oh I agree - I don't think it will either. I just hate that it's happening. Viewers should get an opportunity to see the contrast.
  13. Issue isn't Trump getting a town hall, it's that he's getting it at the exact same time as a pre-scheduled Biden townhall because Trump backed out of the debate. Why make voters make a choice between watching Trump or Biden? How is that good for democracy? Give Trump all the townhalls he wants, just make it at a different time.
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