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  1. We'll see how long that bump lasts. From everything I keep seeing, Trump's ratings are going down, first in the way he's handling Covid and then overall approval rating. I highly doubt any of this will translate into votes.
  2. Mexal

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Easter Edition

    It really is a different movie. I hated the theatrical cut because it just jumped from scene to scene without any real character motivation; the director's cut solved that. Cannot recommend it highly enough.
  3. Especially when compared against Trump.
  4. What is backing up this idea? Because I'm not seeing it in any of the data?
  5. Well, part of that was because of the fillibuster and they could only pass some things through reconciliation. Also, if you compromise, you're less likely for them to come in and try to tear it all apart, at least in theory. There is the other aspect that they have to compromise within themselves as well which is because they represent some unique districts. Might be different if they can ever get full ownership over Senate/House and no fillibuster and a willingness to get destroyed in midterms, potentially losing any chance at packing lifetime appointments on the courts. Every action has an implication.
  6. We're through season 4 of Sopranos for the first time. So good. I completely get the hype.
  7. Also for the record, M4A is terrible branding. Should have stuck with Universal Healthcare.
  8. I think it should. Clearly they don't see it that way in today's political moment, at least cross party wise anyway. They do compromise within their party which still doesn't actually help anyone who needs it.
  9. Unfortunately compromise is the essence of our political system and it's how the framers set it up. Bernie would have never gotten a single thing passed, even if his ideas were perfect (which they weren't). I'm all for him pushing the discussion and making a change on legislation, but there was absolutely zero chance, in today's political environment, that he could design, push and sell a piece of legislation that would tear down and rebuild a massive part of society. Personally, as a realist, I'll take some change over no change, losing elections and losing the court system for generations (which we're very very close to doing).
  10. Yea, my point was simply he's not Hillary and doesn't have the same perception that she has (and isn't a woman). That, to me, makes him a fine option against Trump.
  11. Kal's point was why would Biden drop out before his best state and referenced Warren staying in until Mass, her projected best state. You talked about fundraising. I dunno, just seems like two completely different arguments.
  12. You're right. He was polled somewhere in the pack of 4. The largely white moderate population went to Buttegieg instead; caucuses are weird. Still not sure why Biden would ever drop out of the race when his demographics with minorities was so much stronger than everyone else in the moderate lane.
  13. What does fundraising have to do with anything? That wasn't at all what Kal was saying.
  14. Why? It was always projected that Biden would do poorly in Iowa and NH, two states that aren't highly correlated to the Democratic party racial make up. Not sure there was ever a situation, normal year or not, where Biden would drop out before his best state unless he was heavily competing with someone for that same demographic and wasn't the favorite.