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  1. In other news, this blows. Playing Red Dead online as a black character means enduring racist garbage.
  2. You just have to crouch, go really slow and get behind them with a shiv. You'll get an option when you get close enough to use it.
  3. I'm the opposite. I much prefer a more linear, story driven game because I enjoy the story aspect of it. I lose a ton of momentum in open games because there is so much to do. It's why I never finished Fallout IV or played Skyrim. I'm doing well in RDR2 though. That was my thought. I found it to be a bitch the first time I was there.
  4. Yea but it'll set precedent that if you want to avoid written statues, just say you're trying to "cut through the red tape" see State of NY et al vs US Department of Commerce. I think that would create a problem.
  5. We will see. If they do overrule it, they're massively hypocritical given they constantly say that statues should be followed.
  6. Anyone post about 277 page Judge Furman ruling that said adding the citizenship question to the 2020 census was illegal? If not, that's a pretty big win.
  7. Trump went beyond leadership to try to pick off a bunch of rank and file Dems. If they went for lunch, all the reporting would be about how Pelosi can't control her caucus which she very clearly can. It was the right move.
  8. Mexal

    Football: the winter break

    All is well in Arsenal world.
  9. You get better as you go. It's not an open world so the story is streamlined. It won't take that long.
  10. Having played both God of War and Red Dead, I think they're really different tonally. God of War is a bit more linear, some room for deviation but it follows a set of events you need to do to push the story along and felt roughly 30-50 hours of game play. There was a significant focus on the father/son relationship and that drives the action whereas Red Dead was much slower, more open and more deliberate with a lot more varied characters and backstories. I like both but I preferred the drive of God of War so far.
  11. Mexal

    Football: the winter break

    Yup. That’s pretty accurate. Arsenals conversion rate seemed pretty high too as our average shots per game is down quite a bit this season. Think they also have the least amount of clean sheets (bottom 5 at least) in the league. Bad combo.
  12. Mexal

    Football: the winter break

    If I had any idea what Emery was doing, sure. But I don’t so instead it’s just painful football.
  13. Mexal

    Football: the winter break

    That will be one terrible game to watch.