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  1. Isak isn’t a coach. Howe said ref was under extreme pressure and then the commentator interviewing him said “it was a horrible decision, you were robbed, it’s a disgrace, etc” and Howe went “I can’t say all of that because I’ll get in trouble but I agree with every word and you’re saying my inner feelings. This, a week after praising the refs. So yea, it suck’s for everyone when shit happens. They all feel it. Gary O’Neill went off on state of reffing and how it’s costing his team, Dr Zerbi said he hates 80% of the English refs because they aren’t good at their jobs. This shit needs to be raised, the state of reffing and VAR is massively impacting games when it was supposed to improve it and it’s up to the managers to start speaking up and put pressure on PGMOL and UEFA to sort their shit out. I get Arteta is a wanker for defending his team but he ain’t wrong about the state of officiating and that it needs to be sorted out. Won’t happen if everyone buries their head in the sand and praises them or ignores their heavy impact on the game with such thin margins. Wolves have essentially dropped 6 pts from really really dodgy decisions. Last season, Arsenal lost the league title by 5 pts and they had 6 pts worth of apologies from the PGMOL for blatantly wrong decisions. This shit ain’t fun mate.
  2. Arsenals attack is mediocre this season but the defensive solidity will keep them near the top. Great 3 pts from an otherwise shit game.
  3. We are. While I haven't seen it, I've read from a fair few people that he was miscast.
  4. Makes no sense to me. Denzel is 68. Hannibal was 30-45 when leading his war. He died from suicide at 64. Just seems... off.
  5. I get it. That's why they need to draft well. If they don't, then yea, it'll be hard. God I hope so. Issue is we just spent all that money on Orlando Brown but I'll take a can't miss RT, especially given Jonah Williams is gone. We also need a new LG fairly badly.
  6. Nah. If Burrow is as good as most of us think, the window is as long as he's playing. They need to hit on some picks, make smart FA decisions and rely on young players, but that's nothing new. I don't think Burrow's window was literally his rookie contract because if it was, they should have traded him and tanked for #1 pick. I hope they lose every game they have left to do just that.
  7. Burrow out for rest of season. Torn ligament in wrist caused by Clowney hit on play pre-TD. Needs surgery. Another year, another offseason lost.
  8. You make preseason assumptions based on health. Injuries can derail the biggest favorites.
  9. Defense is bad. Bengals still have to play Pittsburgh defense twice, Browns once, Chiefs and not a single team the rest of the way on their schedule has a losing record. They aren't winning those games with Browning, who has no arm strength. At 5-5, they basically need to go 5-2 the rest of the way to have a chance (and it's just a chance with their terrible division and AFC record). I don't see 5 wins with Browning at QB and how the defense is playing. Just a lost season, that started the 2nd day of training camp. Waste of Year 4 from Burrow.
  10. Nothing. About as much as Chelsea will get.
  11. Clowney tackled him and he used his hand to brace it. Unclear what kind of injury he had, just a ton of speculation based on a picture of him with something on hand. Either way, that tackle would do it. Anyway, doesn't matter. Season is basically over. We can't win this game with Jake Browning and refs who call phantom DPIs.
  12. That and their defense is legitimately good.
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