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  1. I think some of the complaints (mine) are legit. I have a lot of faith this is going to be good. The team behind this pulled off something special with Chernobyl.
  2. He wants a contract like Deshaun Watson's but bigger. He wants fully guaranteed money. The league is collectively treating that contract like an aberration; the Ravens aren't going to give it to him. He'll either have to accept 150-160m guaranteed or walk (which he can't do as they'll just tag him).
  3. Ok, that Last of Us trailer looked damn good. Tone seems spot on and that clicker man... the sound... I don't miss that (until I replay it...).
  4. It was given as a punt block to Buffalo. It was not.
  5. The butt block has struck again!
  6. https://youtu.be/Na2hOcx4uX8 Comedy gold.
  7. I have to imagine they go through. I doubt they care too much about the Queen.
  8. It's a November World Cup year and they're going to cancel 2 weeks of fixtures? So dumb.
  9. More like Rooster stew given DMC's interpretation of the film.
  10. Jesus man. Literally the movie tells you over and over it's not about his death. Rooster tells the chick that Mav blocked his path and that's his issue with him. Mav tells Penny that he blocked Rooster's path and that's why he dislikes him. Rooster tells Mav that he stood in his way and held back his career. I mean, it's literally said 3 times in 3 different scenes and yet you still keep believing that it's entirely about Mav being in the plane when Goose died. Yes, it's tied to his death ultimately because it was a dying wish of Rooster's mom but come on, it's not about the fact that Mav was there with Goose when he died. Not a clue why you keep telling us it is.
  11. Arsenal played well despite the scoreline. Partey injury is going to hurt them all throughout the season. And now ESR hurt himself during the warm-down. Arsenal's squad is so small (even smaller than last season), it's highly likely they will face a massive injury crisis during the month of October when they have matches every 3 days leading into the World Cup.
  12. Do I need to find 3 clips of Varane throwing Jesus down like a rugby player?
  13. It's so funny how predictable this was going to be. Arsenal were going to have a goal disallowed by VAR, United would throw around their players like rag dolls and Arsenal player would get booked for their first foul. Can't wait for the 2nd half.
  14. Obviously. My point is more that it's bullshit. VAR is built to disallow a goal, not fix clear and obvious errors. Getting down to the millimeter or re-refereeing a decision in slow mo 70x that a ref has perfect view of in real time just wasn't what VAR was pitched as. As for West Ham's goal, that's just flat wrong. Mendy went at his legs, what was the player supposed to do to avoid hitting him? Additionally, it didn't impact the play. Mendy fucked up, pushed the ball into the path of the other players and took himself out of the play. The fact he laid on the ground and cried like a bitch until the VAR decision was over and then got up like nothing happened shouldn't be a factor.
  15. No idea what that's about. Hope it's not as boring as his last one.
  16. I also think that the top teams are playing a style of positional play football that might not be a perfect fit for Zaha. They seem to be recruiting very specific players who can do very specific things to align with their system. Spending that much on Zaha when it's not clear he'll fit is probably a step too far. He will also be 30 this year which doesn't help.
  17. I was 2 years old. I didn’t see it until the 90s and don’t remember enough of the 80s to be nostalgic about it.
  18. If you think Roosters characterization is about his dad dying with Mav being there then I think you purposely chose not to watch the movie given that wasn’t his issue at all.
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