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  1. I never understood the either/or approach to teaching reading. Children need both phonics and whole language. Research shows programs that include phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency have the best results for children (I know....there are various studies...but I am talking the well designed studies in the literature). Phonics involves being able to interpret symbols. It starts at "Level1 of Blooms Taxonomy" (knowledge - memorization - rote learning) but eventually does involve at least some reasoning as to how letters can work together, albeit not at a higher level. Reading without thinking about/imagining what is being said (i.e., thinking at higher levels) is just sad and boring. But can you read at all if you cannot phonetically decode the symbols? Pretty tough.
  2. Just an idea you might consider: Check out "Air B and B Experiences Prague". You might want to go with one of them. Even if you don't, you might get an idea of something to do. Their Prague experiences include both things in Prague and some in the countryside around Prague. I did several Air B and B experiences in London and they were gems! Not highly touristy, limited to a small group (1, 3 or 5 people were in my various groups), centered on all kinds of different interests. I learned a lot and got to know a local with each experience.
  3. LindaElane

    Use the Oxford comma. It provides clarity and avoids confusion

    Israel's President not the star of Wonder Woman? Why...that would have like saying the American President was not the star of Bedtime for Bonzo :)
  4. Education - with mathematics education as the main subject.
  5. Ormond! How wonderful to see you still here. And still writing your wonderful column on names. I've been gone for literally years - quite busy on the tenure track at Monmouth University. I've go more time to do fun things now like read your column.
  6. LindaElane

    References and Homages

    Erm..I didn't read them all, just the first 20 or so. Has anyone mentioned the rather obvious one. Stark = York, Lannister = Lancaster. (And other WotR stuff.)