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  1. chasing the dragons

    Varys a man of the people???

    I think book Varys is a Targaryen (Blackfyre) and his book goals are to see the Targs back on the throne. Show Varys is never mentioned as a Targ (would've fit in nicely as a scene in Season 6 ep 10) This whole "I just want a just ruler, not ME of course, someone else could do it, I just need to approve them" is kinda whack. Especially since Varys knows all the tunnels in KL but they mentioned in the show how all the builders were put to the sword to keep the secret passages safe.
  2. chasing the dragons

    Title revealed 'Spoils of War'

    So 4 episodes in and no WW, or NK? Will this be the season of "Jon and Samwell try to tell everyone the army of the dead is coming and no one listens until the final episode of this season when they arrive at kings landing while everyone is out fighting wars in Dorne and Highgarden?"
  3. chasing the dragons

    Iron Bank of Braavos (IBB)

    yeah but the plot lines, many of which are based in a political or economic motive, work better when the story is coherent and without obvious holes. Having the bank, then not having the bank return impedes the flow of the story (Imho) Although the plot now contains many holes and I'd like to see a "Good v Evil" thread: Who is good and who is evil? The CoF once thought WW were good, the first of the FM thought he was good.
  4. chasing the dragons

    Iron Bank of Braavos (IBB)

    So the IBB was backing the crown (Lannisters) and when Baelish was master of coin it was mentioned that they were in debt to the IBB for I believe 4 million dragons which is one of the reasons for the IBB backing Stannis. The Lannisters couldn't have paid this debt because Tywin says to Cersi in one episode that Casterly Rock's gold mines are dry. Now the Iron bank, isn't getting paid and we don't know if they know Stannis is dead. Isn't it about time they reappear? (I don't think we'll hear from them again)
  5. chasing the dragons


    Especially since they gave Grey Worm his Pinochio scene (look i'm a real person, with feelings, c'mon people grow attached to me! i'm going to die soon)
  6. chasing the dragons


    Queens Justice: So who are the queens of this episode? Safe to say they will contrast the actions of Cersi (who will have someone killed) and Dany (who will not kill Jon for refusing to bend the knee) Then throw in Sansa for a twist (she is in charge of the north so she's kinda a queen. OH maybe a cameo from the nights queen? (I know she's book only at this point but why not?)
  7. chasing the dragons

    Why bother with Theon?

    In High Valyerian, the noun for cockles is the same as the noun for those who have cocks, so the prophesy could read "The prince or princess with or without a cock, that was promised"
  8. chasing the dragons

    Why bother with Theon?

    Ships burning all around him, he runs from heroism and jumps into the sea. He finally realizes that he needs to change and is then "reborn" amongst smoke and salt. Theon Greyjoy, the unlikeliest of princes that were promised.
  9. chasing the dragons

    EPISODE 2 Predictions

    PLEASE NO RAVEN ISSUES! so Sam finds out where dragonglass can be found and says "I gotta send a Raven to Jon" Now in every other instance, Ravens fly and deliver messages without any problem. Why then do I have the feeling that this raven will either "just miss" Jon, or get sidetracked, or the message will be delivered to someone who is anti-snow. I really don't want to see this cheap, time wasting ploy used. please no.
  10. chasing the dragons

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave without Repercussion

    Samwell Tarley, why haven't you lost any weight? I can understand why he arrived at the wall a bit overweight. Family had the means to serve second and third helpings to a book loving, chair sitting son. However, not soon after he arrived at the wall the pounds should've been melting off.Then at the citadel, they make it a point to show the slop food and Sam gagging at the small of chamber pots. What human wouldn't have dropped 20-30 lbs in that time?
  11. chasing the dragons

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave without Repercussion

    Did I miss something? How did Jorah, vanquished by Dany, without money but with greyscale make it on to a ship back to westeros and to the citadel. I didn't think greyscale was so rare the citadel would use resources to house greyscale patients. (is it Grayscale in America lol)
  12. chasing the dragons

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    As Jon is leaving Hardhome, he has the interaction with the NK, raiseshis arms, yadda yadda. He's in the boat (with a hooded rower) and when they pan back to end the scene (3 minutes later) the Boat's gone about 50 feet. Unacceptable! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N3lFie7KNM
  13. chasing the dragons

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    2 weeks in a row where they show a boat scene only to have the overhead shot show the boat has gone about 100 feet. Very weak. In the hardhome scene, the walkers could've waded to Jon's boat and Jamie could've been back on land in 30 seconds to confront the Dornish. Otherwise, I don't have high expectations for television so I rarely get disappointed.