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  1. I am assuming all discussion here includes the Theon chapter from Winds. Writing a letter and going out hunting the girl is not mutually exclusive, he may have already done so, returned home empty handed and written the error in a fit of rage. What is very evident however is that even if he did go out hunting her, the chances of finding her is virtually nil. They have days and days of head start, guided by rangers from the wall under the instruction to hurry, with an army between them. The north is huge, and the weather and time would render the dogs completely ineffective. The Rangers will reach Winterfell or die in the snow. If Ramsay did hunt them, he is not going to find them. As for your comment about motivation, I couldn't disagree with you more. Ramsay is an angry, insecure, egotistical jerk. He is the only one with a motive, there is no cunning plan behind it, he is just venting and threatening and trying to establish a justification for attacking the wall in the future. If he causes chaos there so much the better. He does not expect Jon to come out to fight because he does not know about how many troops Jon has. Even with those troops Jon's decision seems half crazy. I find this very much believable and expected behavior for Ramsay. As for the others... Stannis. Does not know about Mance Rayder. Does not know about Jon's acquisition of Wildlings troops, and the Wall is far too far away for any assistance before the battle. He originally needed Jon to rally the North, yet if he takes Winterfell, that is probably little benefit as he will be able rally the north without him. Feigning his death comes at a high risk given what the news would do to his other supporters, but it is worth it to capture Winterfell and save his life and his entire army. It is not worth it to...do what exactly? What does he get out of making Jon believe he has been defeated? If Jon does come down to Winterfell from the wall, what has Stannis gained? What does Jon think when he finds Stannis alive? Also does Stannis even have any Ravens for Winterfell? If one had somehow lived through the cold, would he not have sent one out for assistance much, much earlier? Mance. Does not know about the arrival of Tormund and the bulk of the wildling troops. What does he think Jon will do? Again he is days and days march from Winterfell, he is not going to arrive anytime soon. If Mance is hiding out, why would he want to lie to and endanger his compatriots? And if Jon did somehow find him he would be extremely angry that Mance lied endangering . At best Mance or Stannis would expect Jon to send out another small quick moving search party, which doesn't really help them at all. As for the description of the letter itself, Jon is not an idiot (despite what some people here would claim), in fact very much the opposite. The writer has already described the spiky handwriting, he does not need to do so again. But Jon would have recognised if the writing was different, and that is something that the writer should have put down when Jon was wondering and discussing how much was true.
  2. Ramsay loves writing letters that boast and threaten. We have other examples of them to both Jon and Asha. And it would be foolish to assume he hasn't sent out a bunch of others to people we don't get povs for.
  3. A stretching speculative theory that has no possible impact (or evidence to support it) on the story. I feel his name might be important. Ned named him after Jon Arryn, his foster father, but it could have unintended consequences. If Jon Connington ever hears about the nature of his parents, I can see him wanting to believe Rhaeger named his son after Connington.
  4. I don't think there is any calculated motive behind the letter at all. It's the Westeros equivalent of an angry, impulsive, egotistical, and somewhat insecure ruler, throwing out a mixture of boasts and insults on twitter or a message board. The wall is far too far away for any of the motivations people regularly argue to make any sense. Furthermore neither Mance, Stannis, nor Ramsay know about Jon's numbers of wildlings at the wall. Jon wouldn't have been able to make the decision he made without these numbers. And Stannis would not know about Mance Rayder (unless he has already taken Winterfell and even then doubtful). There is a mystery in the Pink Letter. But that is because I believe Stannis has defeated the Freys, faked his death by having Manderlys and Karstarks men return to Winterfell with a fake story backed up by the fake Lightbringer (and maybe Asha if we need a POV). Ramsay believes Stannis is dead with Theon and Jeyne Poole fleeing to the wall. He writes the letter after torturing Mance and the spearwives, prior to leaving the castle intending to hunt down his bride, when in fact he is riding into an ambush from a very much alive Stannis.
  5. I think it was just a mild case of younger brother resentment. He wasn't entirely serious.
  6. Makk

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    I don't think there was a dragon but it is a really weird scene which I can't explain. I think it even less likely that it was merely flames and smoke and Summer being mistaken. Grrm meant something by the words. It's possible it is tied up to Bran and Summers link and Brans third eye. In some ways it reminds me of the scene on the pole boat when they sail past the same bridge twice. I also wonder if old Nan is tied up with it in some way.
  7. Makk

    Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister

    I think Jaime will be traded to the nights watch by Catelyn stark, to free Jon from his vows and become king in the north. Jaime will become the Lord commander but then the two will work closely together against the others. This why Tyrion will get involved, because of his brother as Daenerys clashes against the crown whom has the support of the nights watch. Tyrion will eventually become the betrayer for love, opting to support his brother against the dragon queen.
  8. Makk

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    If it was a dragon I doubt it just hatched because a hatchling would not have been described as "great". Nor be able to create a river of flame.
  9. Makk

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    Seal the gates and send Ravens begging for help. He will probably try to threaten the wildlings with the hostages. He is assuming that most of the nights watch will back him but I suspect he has vastly underestimated how popular Jon is. I don't think more than a handful will back him.
  10. Makk

    Least favorite theory?

    Probably Mance is Rhaeger or Arthur Dayne. I also strongly dislike anyone other than Ramsay writing the pink letter, although I am aware a lot of people have differing opinions on that one.
  11. Makk

    most tragic character

    Agree with most of these already mentioned. Also a shout out to Jon Connington. Exiled for making a (relatively) honorable decision. Had the prince he loved perish. Gained a position of power but tricked into abandoning it, taking further smears upon his honour, and giving the rest of his life to fight for a false cause. And now he is dying of Greyscale because he felt obliged to fish someone he disliked out of a poisoned river who is likely to plot against him in the future.
  12. Makk

    Lightbringer Quick and Dirty

    Or the dragons are lightbringer, khal drogo is nissa nissa, and Dany is azor ahai.
  13. Very much. I find it to be very subtle and well written with a completely different view of war and the resulting problems compared to what is commonly written about. I didn't really like Dany's chapters that much in books 1-3, but I loved them in Dance.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Jon's actions in terms of his intention to lead the wildlings down upon the Bolton's had nothing to do with prophecy or visions. It was because he received a letter from a sadistic psychopath that led him to believe Arya was somewhere out in the wilderness. Unless you mean he ignored the visions when he should have done something else?