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  1. I don't think reading it out of order first of all will work very well. There will be times when the writer expects you to know something that has happened in a chapter you are supposed to have read but haven't. And at other times you will spoil tension by having read things you should not have.
  2. What is interesting about this situation is that the chapters have not been written entirely evenly or in order. Jaime has actually already been off page for almost 90 days from what we last saw compared to the wall or around 60-70 days for most other character locations. Whatever LSH is doing with him has so far not been public enough to attract attention to intersect with other character arcs. My pet guess is that they are travelling to the wall.
  3. The action of conceiving a bastard could be seen as dishonorable, but acknowledging him or her and taking responsibility could be seen as honorable. Overall I would say this is fairly neutral. Walder Frey is seen as dishonorable for having fluid allegiances rather than his treatment of his children imo.
  4. My guess is that Jon might become hand of the king (or queen) and then have a falling out and get dumped from the role. We don't know why Redwyne was considered such a bad hand and replaced but I have a feeling it was down to disagreement with the king. And of course Ryan Redwyne had brothers named Robert and Rickard, but I think there will be more to it than that.
  5. Some time ago I read a well written article claiming that Robb was a foreshadowed by a combination of the Young Dragon and Florian the Fool while Jon was a combination of Aemon the Dragonknight and Ryam Redwyne. There was a lot more to the article than the above snippet but it was well done and may give us some clues as to what is going to happen to Jon in regards to especially the Ryam Redwyne part of him. Edit - I don't believe it is important whether or not he has another name.
  6. Here is what Tywin himself says on the matter when asked by Tyrion. So basically Stannis was left alone for a time because a) Tywin couldn't launch a naval assault. b) He didn't consider Stannis a credible threat any longer. c) His attention was more focused on Robb who had defeated the Lannisters every time and was currently pillaging his homeland.
  7. Because we see inside Ned's thoughts, we see he not only believes in it himself, but being honourable is vitally important to him. And his sons who have been very much taught the same thing even if they do not appreciate just how hard it is to live that way. And because he believes it, it will be evident to those around him in hundreds of little ways every day. Every time he makes a decision or a ruling. Even his enemies acknowledge his honour.
  8. It was a tiny army against a massive army. The wildlings were caught by surprise, were not well equipped and Mels magic helped against the Wargs, but the wildlings had a massive army. They had many giants and mammoths who from their descriptions in other ways were a massive presence on the battlefield. Another thing in their favor was desperation. They knew about the Others and knew that breaking and retreating pretty much meant certain death, but they broke anyway. Stannis did not display any particular tactics here, other than surprise. His mounted charge went into the middle of a much greater infantry force, getting encircled, which is exactly what you don't want to be doing with a small cavalry force.
  9. The only part I had any real problem with was the quoted bit. It felt more convenient for the plot rather than a realistic battle given the disparity between the armies. In terms of Stannis staying on Dragonstone for so long I don't find that unrealistic. Tywin didn't have a navy he would need for that sort of amphibious assault and Stannis knew that. And he didn't have any good options. My biggest problem with the plot in ASOIAF was the real culprit behind the Bran assassination attempt. The mystery behind that was what drew me into the books in the first place and then to find out there was no great plotting but merely Joffery's petulance that was behind the whole thing felt very underwhelming. It also didn't feel like a convincing motive while the explanation of how he got the dagger, how he found the man were all stretches imo.
  10. Jon Arryn was the one who Littlefinger the finances of the realm and was apparently oblivious to him embezzling a staggering sum of money. You could argue it wasn't Roberts fault the crown was massively in debt, but rather Jon Arryns fault. Then the very same person conspired to have him poisoned. I would hardly describe him as a "Gary Stu".
  11. Looks like us in NZ have dodged a bullet again. The recent Sydney tourist who came over with the delta variant was in close proximity to more than 1000 people over a weekend but after a week of testing it seems the only person he infected was his partner. Touch wood. He had a single of the Astra vaccine so it is possible that reduced his level of infectiousness.
  12. This is what GRRM said about it... I really like the direction the story has taken so I agree with his eventual decision, Dance was my favorite and although I didn't like Feast at first I do think that was more down to the character split in those two stories. He really tired to go with his original idea but it just didn't work.
  13. Not convinced about that. Tyrion will quite possibly be looking to earn a place by her side and has already been playing games manipulating fAegon ruthlessly. Here are a series of excerpts from the Cyvasse game the two of them had where he plants the idea to strike Westeros without Daenerys into young griffs mind. This was one of my favorite scenes in all the books. And then when he has learned that it worked... It is very difficult to know exactly what Tyrion actually desires as he is in such a messed up state in Dance that he doesn't really know himself. But at this stage I think it is fairly safe to assume that he doesn't really care for young Griff at all. His main focus is on himself and convincing Daenerys that he is not Aegon would potentially give him a much stronger position at her side.
  14. and Robb did engage in trying to get his sisters back. You might argue he wasn't trying hard enough but after what happened to his father, it would be difficult to trust the Lannister's at all. He could never trade Jaime for Sansa for political if not strategic reasons, we have a proven example his men would throw their toys out and desert him.
  15. I have played a quite lot of Blood Bowl II and really like it. I think there is plenty of depth given the number different teams and the sheer randomness that can create so many completely unique games. It is only worth it for the multiplayer aspect and one of the big problems is that the main world wide league can be filled with completely caustic people who can be either completely vile or completely sullen. If you start winning there is a good chance your opponent will just go awol while leaving the game running, meaning you have to wait out each of their 2-3 minute turns. I only play in more invitational leagues now where people know each other a bit better and are MUCH friendlier. It can be a very frustrating game, It's D6 based and even with re-rolls plus multi dice weighting the odds you can get some really one side games. The whole game is about risk/reward judgments, you just have to accept that sometimes, no matter how well you play, you are going to lose. On blood bowl 3, I had a look at the table top rules and am a bit sceptical. The other problem is that the next video game will probably ship with only 10-12 of the teams with the others being added via dlc which is really annoying. I will probably just keep playing BB2 as long as there are still plenty of players.
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