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  1. Makk

    Future of House Westerling and House Spicer

    A fair amount of time passed since she left Riverrun and the dance epilogue. If the large lannister escort was attacked I think we would have heard about it in that epilogue. LSH is very rational imo, she may not like Jeyne, but she has bigger fish to fry, those who actually willfully plotted against her family. The only reason she would be interested in Jeyne is if she was actually pregnant, and the story hasn't gone down that path. I do think Jeyne will try to gain vengeance for Robb. She genuinely loved him and will do whatever she can to hurt those responsible for his death, her first actions will probably target her mother.
  2. I think Arthur Dayne was pretty much how he is portrayed to be. Both Ned and Jaime (and Baristan? I can't recall if he specifically thinks of him) think very highly of him. He died a tragic death rather than a heroic death (unless you think he was the halfhand) and honor by itself is painted as something that is far from perfect.
  3. Makk

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

    Someone like Asha who has basically said as such on page already.
  4. Makk

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    I think the the wildlings easily outnumber the nightwatch and I don't believe the nightwatch will just completely fall into line behind Bowan Marsh either. Particularly when they are outnumbered. So I don't think there will really be a coup at all. Hard to know what role Mel will play particularly if she believes Stannis is dead, she could do something completely ill-considered.
  5. Makk

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    It's not only the fact he is a bastard, but he also has an extreme personal moral/honour code. There are plenty of other bastards who simply don't have this issue, but he doesn't want a child to grow up going through the same issues, but probably worse since their father wouldn't be a lord, that he did.
  6. Makk

    Identity of Quaithe

    I question Quaiths motivations, but I'm not convinced she has a secret identity.
  7. Jojen did speak, and I think it is fair that it was probably the same location. Meera speaks prior to them running and threading their way and fallen stones into trees before going further in. Then Jojen spoke with no indication they traveled any further. "The godswood." Meera Reed ran after the direwolf, her shield and frog spear to hand. The rest of them trailed after, threading their way through smoke and fallen stones. The air was sweeter under the trees. A few pines along the edge of the wood had been scorched, but deeper in the damp soil and green wood had defeated the flames. "There is a power in living wood," said Jojen Reed, almost as if he knew what Bran was thinking, "a power strong as fire." On the edge of the black pool, beneath the shelter of the heart tree, Maester Luwin lay on his belly in the dirt. A trail of blood twisted back through damp leaves where he had crawled. Summer stood over him, and Bran thought he was dead at first, but when Meera touched his throat, the maester moaned. "Hodor?" Hodor said mournfully. "Hodor?" I don't think there is any discrepancy in the number of voices. As for the other things, we do know there was a mute man named Wex with the Ironborn from Theon's PoV. And somehow Manderly knows the basics of what went down at Winterfell. I don't see the point of why or how he would come up with the story of finding a mute Ironborn named Wex if he didn't actually do so. The way he survived (hiding in the trees for days) is just as plausible as any other given that he did survive outside for days. It is entirely possible Manderly hasn't told Davos the entire truth. I have no idea whether they went to Skagos, but I don't think there is any evidence it is a lie either. I'm not convinced he plans to pledge Stannis White Harbour's support, first and foremost I think he plans to offer it to Jon Snow (knows Robb's will) and let him decide.
  8. Makk

    Roose Bolton vs. Stannis Baratheon

    It was discussing the question of whether sending them both out was a good idea.
  9. Makk

    Roose Bolton vs. Stannis Baratheon

    The battle is more than just numbers, logistics and commanders. It's about politics. Roose's support stems from the Lannisters giving him power and him having more surviving troops than anyone else in the North (with the exception of White Harbour?). But his support is tenuous and no one else in the north likes the Frey's. If you send White Harbour out themselves, you risk the losing the already questionable loyalty of every other northman in the castle. And when White Harbour simply joins with Stannis, what happens then? His idea of sending them both out was in theory OK, but he misread just how bad the situation is. The Frey's can't join Stannis but White Harbour not only can, but are highly likely to. Roose probably thinks he can buy White Harbours loyalty by keeping Wyman a hostage, but Wyman just doesn't care about his own life and I'm pretty sure his men know that. He also thinks he has the loyalty of Barrowton and Karhold, but I suspect Lady Dustin is having second thoughts while the Karstarks are definitely against him. I think Roose has actually completely misread the situation and should lose. His best chance would be to pretend to send out the Frey's the next day, but then murder every non-Frey, non-Bolton in Winterfell. But he won't because he doesn't realise just how dire the situation is.
  10. I see what you are saying now. However note that Meera doesn't actually speak while in that location if he is counting voices. If he is talking about how many survived, Luwin didn't.
  11. I think he is going to get what he wants while sacking Oldtown but I don't think he is going to win the naval battle. I don't think he even cares about that or his men or ships other than it is a distraction to lure the Hightower ships out of the bay so he can gain entrance himself.
  12. How can Manderly know all that stuff if Wex wasn't in the tree? I'm not going to say Manderly told Davos the truth in every regard, but at least part of it was likely true or he had some other source. I never watch video's about this stuff, I don't think video is a good media to discuss literature.
  13. Makk

    What would you do in (F)Aegons shoes?

    Half a year is not a long time. Connington is completely aware of the military threat and the advantage that Dragons can give her. He mentions that Aegon must remain free to marry her. What he doesn't know however is that Aegon isn't really her brother, and he certainly doesn't know that Tyrion is probably aware of it. He will still be wary of her because that is his nature, but he isn't going to risk offending her by taking proactive actions which he probably needs to.
  14. Makk

    What would you do in (F)Aegons shoes?

    Generally listen to Jon Connington, Varys, and Illyrio. Don't let Elia Sand seduce you. Be very, very careful around Arianne Martell. Try to make common cause with the North and Riverlands and the Vale (needs to remove Littlefinger although he has no reason to know how important that is). Win the hearts of the common people and the faith. Split the Reach in half. Assuming his conquest in Westeros goes well, he has to pray that Daenerys doesn't listen to Tyrion (or that she never comes to Westeros) but this will likely be his downfall. As soon as possible he needs to consider sabotaging her ships and gaining more influence in Essoss. He can't actually fight her at sea because the Dragons will crush almost any size navy. Figure out how to kill Dragons if they do make it to Westeros. But of course the biggest threat may be Winter and the Others but again he has no way of knowing about that.
  15. Makk

    Lady Stoneheart-looking ahead.

    Pretty much this. The entire scene was a manipulation to get Brienne to do something that she normally wouldn't do. I wouldn't believe anything any of them said to Brienne. The real question is what they want with Jaime? I'm pretty sure they don't mean to kill him. My guess is that she means offer him a chance for redemption by swearing to take the black in exchange for Jon Snow being released from his vows. He was supposed to be a hostage exchange for Arya and Sansa but that never eventuated. The fact that Jon was killed and Catelyn can resurrect the dead is more than a handy coincidence. There are obviously a couple of points people tend to argue against when presented with this. The first is geography and how far away they are from the wall. What is interesting however is that the last we saw of that particular scene, according to the asoiaf timeline, occurred around 3 months before Jon was assassinated. So whatever they are up to has not been notable enough to make a scene that causes news to travel elsewhere. Jaime is still presumed missing in the epilogue (although that is not quite 3 months). They could actually arrive at the wall immediately after Jon was killed if GRRM wanted. The other thing people would argue is that Catelyn hates Jon. And she did. It's kind of the point though. GRRM likes to write characters so that they face really tough tests in the decisions they make. He was It's all the way through the entire series and he can be quoted as saying... So Catelyn is torn between following Robb's will and crowning Jon Snow, the boy she hated, as king in the north, or disregarding her firstborn sons dying wish and instead searching for her daughters she knows are alive. Tough call.