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  1. and Robb did engage in trying to get his sisters back. You might argue he wasn't trying hard enough but after what happened to his father, it would be difficult to trust the Lannister's at all. He could never trade Jaime for Sansa for political if not strategic reasons, we have a proven example his men would throw their toys out and desert him.
  2. I have played a quite lot of Blood Bowl II and really like it. I think there is plenty of depth given the number different teams and the sheer randomness that can create so many completely unique games. It is only worth it for the multiplayer aspect and one of the big problems is that the main world wide league can be filled with completely caustic people who can be either completely vile or completely sullen. If you start winning there is a good chance your opponent will just go awol while leaving the game running, meaning you have to wait out each of their 2-3 minute turns. I only play in more invitational leagues now where people know each other a bit better and are MUCH friendlier. It can be a very frustrating game, It's D6 based and even with re-rolls plus multi dice weighting the odds you can get some really one side games. The whole game is about risk/reward judgments, you just have to accept that sometimes, no matter how well you play, you are going to lose. On blood bowl 3, I had a look at the table top rules and am a bit sceptical. The other problem is that the next video game will probably ship with only 10-12 of the teams with the others being added via dlc which is really annoying. I will probably just keep playing BB2 as long as there are still plenty of players.
  3. They almost certainly caught it from their job cleaning planes. They were cleaning them from high risk countries. All front line staff are supposed to be tested at least every two weeks, and in this case they they were clean on the 12th.
  4. In NZ we just had a fully vaccinated airport worker catch it. We've only had a couple of other cases from airport workers before the vaccine so it is a bit disappointing. We all knew it wasn't immunity but was kind of hoping that along with being careful it would protect the border staff a bit better than that.
  5. Generally correct, although I wouldn't put everything down to shipping. On cars, second hand at least, they are pretty cheap. A lot of 3 year old Japanese imports come in because the Japanese government protects it's industry with a 3 year tax, and since they drive on the left there are only so many places they can go. People consider Japan to be subsidising the NZ economy in this way. Food has always been expensive. Even in spite of exporting over 90% of the dairy products we produce things like milk and cheese are more expensive on the shelf than the equivalent product in the US or most other developed places around the world. This sort of indicates it is more down to small and relatively spread out size of the market rather than isolation from the rest of the world. The lack of market size hurts competition across a range of industries as well. Housing, was cheap once upon a time, but in the last 20 years has gone completely crazy, probably rising towards about 500-1000% over that period. This is basically because of inefficient regulations around land and construction. Our local councils which control consenting are shockingly bad. I, grudgingly, bought my first house halfway through that period thinking I had paid way too much but am so relieved about that now.
  6. The Arbor is probably less than 200 miles from Oldtown. It is much, much further from Slavers Bay, probably more than 5000 miles as the crow flies, through inclement waters and directly through the approaching Redwyne fleet. It took Victarion over 3 months to reach Slavers Bay, having lost multiple ships along the way. It would take a day or so to sail up the Sound and reach Oldtown. From a military point of view, if you were preparing for a naval assault on Oldtown, basing yourself around the Arbor is the only logical place to do it from. This passage strongly indicates they were waiting for either the Redwyne fleet that was assaulting Dragonstone to return or, more likely imo, the Hightowers to send their own ships out of the Whispering sound leaving Oldtown undefended. Here we see what Euron has at his disposal. He has 12 Ironborn ships, and a much larger collection of captured ships. Euron is dressed for battle. Here Euron is strapping priests and warlocks and his own unborn child to the outside of the ships just before they head off. We don't know exactly what these are for but it seems likely to be some sort of magical sacrifice. My guess, and this part is an educated guess, is that he intends to use the captured ships as a decoy to engage the Redwyne and High Tower ships, while his longships sail up the Sound and assault a now less defended Oldtown. Your own deduction that he now intends to leave for Slavers bay doesn't make any sense. 1) It is so much further away 2) There would have been no point in waiting in fact it added another much bigger fleet as an obstacle. 3) Why give Dragonbinder to his brother rather than keeping it under his own control? 4) Why leave at this point? Why get dressed up for battle and strap all these priests up to the ships who will be dead in a couple of days? There is some purpose to this and unless there is something completely out of left field (like opening up a magical portal to sail through) which is not GRRMs style, then this purpose is not to sail off to Slavers Bay. Edit Forgot to add that earlier in the chapter we hear that Euron is generally raiding and pillaging up the entire coastline of the Reach (but not the Westerlands). Although this serves to help Euron keep the Ironborn happy it also spreads the Reach's land based troops out rather than garrisoning them in the biggest city in the south.
  7. Have you read Aeron 1 from winds of winter? Linked at the top of this forum. Even the end of dance though has euron right there. I was only guessing how the battle was to be resolved. Not whether there is about to be a battle just outside Old Town.
  8. He is literally right there and about to attack oldtown (unless there has been a massive misdirection about his motivations). He was waiting for the fleet to move out of the harbor which is happening now the Redwyne fleet has arrived to join with them. I am assuming there is something magical in the citadel he is after. I don't believe he cares about his men at all other than helping him achieve whatever unknown goal he has. My guess is he is just going to use his fleet as a distraction so he can sneak a few ships in and sack the citadel.
  9. He never retook Riverrun, it never fell until he abandoned it later at Edmure's orders. The remaining men would have largely been the normal garrison plus as many as he could gather and feed before they became besieged. I can't really put a number on how many he could raise. I got the impression that those at the Red Wedding were largely those Robb was taking to win back the north, I would imagine a larger number would have been needed to actually defend the Riverlands from the Lannisters and allies. Some would no doubt return after/if they won back Moat Cailan.
  10. I doubt it. It would feel very underwhelming to me, especially given his more recent growth. I believe Stoneheart intends to honor Robbs last wish and crown Jon Snow as King in the North. Part of that is that she needs some way to make the nights watch release Jon from his vows. I believe she will make Jaime take the black in exchange for Jon's release. Coincidentally she likely also power to resurrect Jon which is handy given his current predicament. So I think his fate is to be the 1000th commander of the nights watch.
  11. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Comic_Con_San_Diego_CA_July_20_232/ There is a very old quote that predates the release of ADWD that vaguely says that. I wouldn't read too much into that though.
  12. It's a pretty cool idea. We do have the Spearwives pretty much admitting to the murders with the exception of Little (or was it big?) Walder though.
  13. I think one of the key points GRRM makes is that perhaps it shouldn't be. Things are not always black and white. In terms of this topic in general I think we can also give Arthur Dayne, Oswell Whent, and maybe Gerold Hightower the benefit of the doubt. We don't know exactly what happened nor their motivations for doing so, but they did seem to be defying Aerys in some way.
  14. We don't know what happened exactly. This is the only thing I can think of that would lead to the conclusion that Howland Reed "defeated" Arthur Dayne. But this could have meant a dozen different things.
  15. I think it is pretty clear Robb beat Joffery and Joffery didn't want any more of it. Jon at least has the potential to be much more deadly than Iron Emmett, who in turn is the best at Eastwatch. Normally it sounds pretty even but when Jon got angry and stopped thinking he absolutely destroyed Emmett, to the point where everyone watching believed he killed Qhorin Halfhand in an actual fight. You also have to look at the other people he fought. Qhorin Halfhand was always going to let Jon win the fight but he needed to make it seem realistic. Jon was also extremely reluctant to be fighting him in the first place. With Mance, he had defeated everyone who didn't yield to him north of the wall. This is a lot of very good fighters and who knows what effect the illusory magic had on the fight. And it was still close, even while losing Jon did manage to get Mance to the ground. All from a 15 year old against the best fighter north of the wall. I think it is very clear that GRRM has made Jon a very good swordsman. It is very difficult to judge the merits of the fighters up at the wall and beyond compared with those to the south. At the same time it is true that he didn't make the Starks out to be Gary Stu's. I don't think any of the Starks (since possibly Cregan) compare to Arthur Dayne or Jaime Lannister (with the possible exception of Jon).
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