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  1. I'm not so sure Arriane is going to fall for fAegon. I think it is heavily foreshadowed that Elia gets in the way or causes some sort of trouble here and I also think Arriane will ultimately understand why Daenerys isn't to blame for Quentyns death when she gets the full story. Also Arrianes first thoughts of Lysono ... His eyes were a pale lilac, his hair a waterfall of white and gold. All the same, something about him made her skin crawl. Was this what Viserys looked like? she found herself wondering. If so perhaps it is a good thing he is dead. ...could well be similar to what she thinks of Aegon.
  2. What if Sweet Robin makes Harry the Heir a Rainbow knight? Is it like the kingsguard meaning he would not be allowed to marry Sansa/Alayne or be allowed to inherit?
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